Melodifestivalen 2012: Andra Chansen: Nyköping

For a lack of better expression: what the fuck happened tonight? I am at a complete loss for words at the result of the Second Chance round, and I fail to see what happened. Nearly in every case the song that I like didn’t progress, and now I’m stuck listening to the two songs that I precisely didn’t want to ever hear again.

Dynazty – Land of Broken Dreams
❗ Personal Favourite

Despite my dislike for rock music, the melodic rock really works for me. I do have to say that the execution of this particular performance was without a doubt sub-standard. The singing was off and strained at times, and sadly it didn’t result in the voter’s public appeal in comparison to Top Cats (which boggles my mind). Even if they had progressed, I’d have wished their demise against Timoteij.

Top Cats – Baby Doll
=> Globen

The first thing I said when watching this song again, was wow those ears are really big! And then it started, the lead singer began to look better and better looking. It’s a sad day for me, who at some point actually thought he and some of the others were attractive. I wrote about this song before and I’m offended on several levels, but I guess it could have been worse! (Or..?) What struck me also about this performance was the English diction got poorer since the last time.

Andreas Johnson – Lovelight

Dubbed as the feel-good-chorus of the competition (really?) I don’t think this one had a chance in hell. I like Andreas, but all of his music sounds the same and has the same feeling, and for that reason I wasn’t really rooting for him at all. I like his voice, I like his humour, and I like him, but in this competition at this moment I’m glad that he fell.

Timoteij – Stormande hav
❗ Personal Favourite

To say one is disappointed about this not qualifying would be an understatement for me. This was by and large the only song out of the Second Chance round that I felt strongly about. It’s catchy, it’s pretty, it’s simple, and it’s ethno-pop with a pin whistle! Everything I ask for in an entry! Having beaten Andreas in the first quarterfinal I was shocked and appalled to learn they lost their ticket to Globen to Top Cats? Votership must have been down and the retirees must have voted because I’m lost confused.

Thorsten Flinck & Revolutionsorkestern – Jag reser mig igen
=> Globen

Barefoot and minus a lot of makeup form the Semifinals, Thorsten strode his way into the final for reasons that i fail to grasp. The song is depressing, the whole ensemble just made me confused an to make matters worse at the Eftersnack, he couldn’t even get the name of the interviewer right.. He had to ask at least three times after hearing the name “Nisse” and then barely acknowledged it. Beating out Lotta and Christer was a shock, but I get the impression that he’s a lot more full of himself than I give him credit for.

Lotta Engberg & Christer Sjögren – Don’t let me down
❗ Personal Favourite

As cheesy as it is, I actually like this song and it grew on me (thanks to the usage of violins). With great voices and great careers they bowed out to Thorsten Flinck who quite frankly didn’t deserve it in my opinion. Although the song was a bit strange, I did notice that the English pronunciation was indeed sub-standard.

Sean Banan – Sean den Förste Banan
❗ Personal Favourite

Despite it being a complete comedy entry and something so strange to most people’s eyes the song is disturbingly catchy and it’s no wonder that it beat out Youngblood. I’m not happy at all that it failed in the semifinal to go to Globen because quite honestly the final needed something a little “lighter” to deal with the serious songs. If only the comedy act could do better every year..

Youngblood – Youngblood

Boybands are always a tough call, and most of what I wanted to say was noted in the semi-final analysis. This song is not really something that one can toe-tap to, and it’s just a group of “wet dream” teenage guys likely looking to get laid. They are typical 5 guys each with it’s own cardboard cut-out “images” (even one with the underdeveloped bulging muscles). I’m happy it didn’t go anywhere, and it’s safe to say that they can all go back to school where they belong!

Melodifestivalen 2012: Deltävling N°3: Leksand

The SVT production crew travels to Leksand for the third semifinal in this year’s contest. I can say with quite honesty and frankness that this was by far the worst semifinal of the year, and “thanks” to personal family tragedy, my watching of this even was interrupted.

Youngblood – Youngblood
=> Andra Chansen


At the risk of sounding quite intolerant, I’m slightly disgusted by this entry on several levels. Firstly, self entitled songs based on the group name is tacky. Secondly, as much as I love boy bands, this prepubescent group of boys represents a mosaic that was clearly placed together to represent different social, and ethnic makeup. Further to this they all fit into categories as follows: Hispanic Ghetto, Black Gangster, Typical Preppy, Blonde Jock, and Nerd Gone Wild. The fact that they could be everyone’s wet dreams, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they really aren’t good singers (at least in this presentation) and they got by into Andra Chansen on pure looks, and weakness of other songs. Harsh but true.

Maria BenHajji – I mina drömmar

Leksand.02.Maria BenHajji

The webjoker of the year, pre-listened to by the Swedish public, and crashing and burning into dead last place. It’s difficult to find words to describe the beginning part of the song where skills in singing low are displayed, despite the fact that it’s all off key and difficult to figure out if it’s right or not. The song grew on me once she got up from the piano and proved that she could do only one thing at once, but in the end it really wasn’t convincing in any way shape or form.

Mattias Andréasson – Förlåt mig

Leksand.03.Mattias Andréassson

Arguably one of the expected winners of the evening, this one crashed and burned and I think it’s justified. It’s true that apart of E.M.D., Mattias was quite a heart-throb, and watching him on stage I thought the same thing “dreamboat” and then the camera started zooming in and I got a better look. I started thinking, wow, he’s good looking but I’m not feeling it. Perhaps it was the fact that when he says “förlåt mig” he sounds like a dying cat, or the fact that the song was R&B, but it was not my thing and didn’t do as well as expected. Maybe the pre-pubescent boy-band bedazzled all the teenybopper girls that want Mattias to get all wet and… well I will leave that to your imagination, but ladies (and gentleman) the sad fact is attractive people are nearly always taken.

Love Generation – Just A Little Bit
❗ Personal Favourite

Leksand.04.Love Generation

One of a few actual favourites this semi final, I was a bit disappointed by this song. The performance was divine, but the song didn’t convince me. Many people were saying that it was better than last year’s entry but I don’t agree. Perhaps I held the group up to a higher standard because I loved their previous two songs, but this one was catchy but didn’t really speak to me in any way. It just seemed like a bunch of songwriters got together and mashed a chart-topping song out, but didn’t really believe in what they were doing.

Carolina Wallin Pérez – Sanningen
❗ Personal Favourite

Leksand.05.Carolina Wallin Pérez

At first I was disgusted by this performance and seriousness of the artist. But then I started actually listening and I closed my eyes, and the song spoke to me. I’ve been a fan of Michael Clauss before in the competition, and perhaps it’s that piece of the puzzle that made me feel it. I just got into the groove and as long as I kept my eyes closed I was better off. Please send a memo around to everyone that one sided feather earrings were never in, aren’t in, and won’t ever be as long as I have anything to say about it.

Andreas Johnson – Lovelight
=> Second Chance

Leksand.06.Andreas Johnson

Typical Andreas music… that’s really all that I can say. After so many failed attempts at winning, he’s at it again and quite frankly I’m surprised he keeps coming back after not winning over and over again. The song is okay, but it’s just like the same stuff that he sings over, and over, and over, and over, and over. I just was having difficulties paying attention the whole time, and bam he ends up in the second chance round. Frankly though, it’s one of the better songs this week out of a blah selection.

Molly Sandén – Why Am I Crying?
=> Globen

Leksand.07.Molly Sandén

Someone professed their love of Molly to me. It only increased the dislike I have of her. I’m not particularly fond of her voice, I’m not particularly fond of the style of song, I’m not particularly fond of the execution and soul that she puts into her music, but other people eat it up. This said person announced that they felt sorry for Molly because in the final she wouldn’t stand a chance (just like the last time she did a ballad). This is true on multiple levels. I’m just really unconvinced when attractive people talk (or sing in this case) about their breakups or relationship issues. Without continuing on a rant, I feel no sympathy for them, and am disgusted that people like that are complaining about their woes, while the rest of the non-goodlooking people suffer and don’t get any attention at all.

Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li – Mirakel
=> Globen

Leksand.08.Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li

We knew that it would be the Björn Ranelid show, and if he didn’t go to the final it would have been an uproar, but my God do I wish I never had to see this person again. Sure he’s a great writer, but uttering poetry while a skanked up singer beats off a dance tune really doesn’t do it for me. Clearly a member of a solarium this entire entry screams fake. Fake singing, fake dancing, fake performing. It was a train-wreck on stage, and I was thankfully taken a way. Hearing the words “kärlken” and “mirakel” have henceforth lost their effect on me, and the “Jaaa, Jaas” that culminate the performance just make me shudder with disgust. For lack of better words, Go The Fuck Home!

Needless to say for the whole week I was in protest of the poor quality of songs for this semi final. I find it hard to believe that SVT didn’t receive some other ones that would have been better, but alas this is how the cookie crumbled. I was left feeling disappointed, hopeless, and disgusted in music. A sad day.