So I have been absent from the world for the last uhm.. Since Friday so nearly a week since my laptop seems to fail and I had a corrupt OS. Now, having said that, luckily I had apparently backed up most of my stuff to DVDs, but as it turns out when I went to put everything back (after major issues with the computer and MBR and shit) all my music is lost. Literally

UDF Error or something, which I don’t know what the hell that means, but I keep trying to rip the DVD with all the songs and such, and I keep getting empty files. This means all my Eurovision, all my Melodifestivalen, everything. The only silver lining is the directories are there still so I can at least go searching for it all.. But seriously, does anyone realize how difficult it will be to find all the music that I have collected over 5 years? How difficult it is to find all my Melodifestivalen songs back to 2001?

I think I cried while I slept, in hopes that it would work today, but alas it didnt.. And on top of everything else, I’m having my monthly-male-PMS thing so the fact that my HDD was partly corrupt and I didn’t have an OS to work with and then my partitions were deleted, I was pissed and that’s an understatement.

Honestly now, if anyone knows how to solve my DVD-data problem, please help me and save my life. For without my music, I am seriously going to end up in the hospital for depression attacks! :wave:

Oh and just for the record, I’m not going to London, because a certian somebody decided to go to some shit other thing that he doesn’t even want to go to. But surprise surprise, it’s with S so why the hell wouldn’t he go? Why is it that my supposed best friend can’t ever put me first, when he’s always N°1 on my list? I seriously need new friends, even net ones ¬¬

So again, my plans for a possible vacation were shot to hell.. GO FIGURE