Deceiving weather

It’s officially been spring for a long time but the weather has been less than exciting, but evermore unpredictable. We had snow flurries last week a few days after a heat wave a few weeks ago, so really I don’t know what to expect.

Deceiving weather...

So as I look at this picture and the view outside I wonder, do I wear shorts, or do I bundle up because the weather can be very deceiving…

Canadian Weather Fiascos

For the last two weeks the Greater Toronto Area has been under (on two different days) a weather advisory regarding snowfall and storm conditions. Given the mild temperatures that we have had (which must be a record); schools ended up closing last Friday for no apparent reason. The snow never came.

The same happened today when they warned of freezing rain and poor driving conditions. The storm that never came, again. As much as winter has been a fascio this year with little to no snow, Toronto weather appears to be… at best a total spaz.

Iceland, the world, and volcanic ash

So this weeks news has been plagued by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull, and the subsequent travel chaos that the world is experiencing because of the massive ash-cloud. Lets take a minute to look at the facts and the global reaction.

People have no right to be upset with Iceland, nor any nation; natural disasters are exactly that… and uncontrollable

People need to stop being so critical of the fact that their Swiss Vacation from Sweden has to be cancelled, because quite frankly the flash flooding in Iceland and the way the Icelandic people are suffering is far greater than a vacation cancelled.

The closures have occurred for the greatest safety of passengers, and air-traffic.

A lot of negative media attention, and social networking has been going on blaming Iceland. It’s not their fault, nor their people’s fault; so stop blaming them and the country.

I find it also kind of fascinating that the world is taking such a huge stance on this. What about when a massacre is going on in Sudan? People notice the ‘issue’ and go about their day, but now that the volcanic ash has affected people’s travel it becomes a huge issue and it’s all Iceland’s fault.

Grow up people; you’re pissing me off. This experience once again helps humans to understand the humility and the grandeur of Earth and how we are all connected in a larger way that we often thing. For instance, weather is often identified by region and sometimes sub-categorised within regions or countries. Frankly stated, we all share in weather and how it affects us. Sure a few centigrade lower here and there, and higher elsewhere, but the way that climate, weather, and the natural balance affects us links us all together. The same Jet Stream that warms the Northern Scandinavian nations, is the same that warms the UK and Caribbean.

Take a step back and realize what you are saying, thinking, and accusing and why. You’ll find you have nobody to blame but yourselves for being so egotistic, selfish, and critical of something that can’t be blamed on any one place or nation.

And for the record, I’ve loved Iceland well before this disaster has gone on. I give this opportunity to wave from the city to my friend Hei∂ar, who I’ve known forever! :wave:

Infomercials at 03.00

I can’t believe that there is such horrible TV on at this hour. 03.00 and the only thing on is infomercials with cheesy people preaching good things about this machine by “Body By Jake” that is supposed to make your abs amazing.

The results are too dramatic, the machine costs too much, and the guy is nearly Richard Simmons but straight and prolly shorter and in better shape.

It all just kind of reminds me of my 10km run that I do everyday. I seem to be wearing less and less clothing while I do my run simply because it’s so damned hot. It got up to 42°C today, and I nearly died while running, but luckily I had water with me so I survived and then had a nice little chat meeting the new neighbours that moved in in October, that I hadn’t seen since now. John and Marie they are named, and they are a young married couple who are very nice and even invited me over for some wine, but unfortunately I was on my way over to the school for some sprinting practice.

Anyways, so yeah the all black running outfit needs to be rethunk, as it looks nice as a contrast to my skin, but it’s super hot. Oh well, I could always use the loss of calories anyways, so no changes! The shorts are pretty nice and tight too so there is no worries about the moving of my music player that fits in the pocket. And the t-shirt rolled up to beyond my shoulders, and then rolled up my tummy for good airing of the skin. It looks pretty cool to me, I think; very retro which is always in (in my opinion for running at least).

So John wants to learn to run, but when he heard I run 10km he nearly fainted, and said that I should go shorter distances every other day so that he can come too. I will rethink this maybe, as it would be a nice way to allow him to have some friends in the neighbourhood (even though we are moving in a few months). Oh well we will see what we do.

Next post will be about the top 2 most fun times I’ve ever had in my life!
1) Montréal Music Trip
2) Québec City Grad Trip

After the Heat Wave

Last few weeks have been hell on Earth, literally! With 6 consecutive days reaching above 30°C during the day (and even the night), the humidx reading brings the temperature to a maximum of 45°C at one point. Canada is supposed to be moderate temperatures, but apparently it gets hotter in the summer, to my dismay.

So all winter I have been braving the heat using my little fan and the parent’s hadn’t turned on the AC, but when they heard of the heat wave, due to their old age and poor health they decided to turn it on for a week, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Anyways, crap did it get hot? I could only do my 10km runs 3 of the 7 days in fear tht I would pass out on the way and nobody would save me since the city was like ghost town. Soo hot, and no way to avoid it.

I went to the health office on Monday to make sure my coverage goes while I am in France, and they gave me a hard time the first time I went, so I went again yesteterday with MORE paperwork proving where I have been and such in the last 2 years, and this time I talked to someone else and not the South-African French woman who was giving me a hard time. The same woman was next to the person that helped me and she was happy that I was able to get my paperwork together. Anyways the point is I got to the health office from riding 5km on bike and I was all gross and sticky (luckily not sweaty) and I was just stunned by the documentation person I got help from.

We talked for about 1hr about all the things that I needed to have done, answering questions, and even a little bit of flirting (if anyone can imagine that B)) I normally wouldn’t know flirting unless it hit me in the face head-on or someone said something to me, but I’m pretty sure that it was! Anyways, probably 15 years older than I, but with a nice soft tone of voice and a friendly attitude. Maybe it’s the fact that I recently turned 20, that I am starting to notice more people, which really is a bad idea cause I tend to build things up and then they flop!

Heat wave over, windows open, I got a present in the mail from Jeannette. A really funny thing also, she decided to order for me the new ‘Body Groom’ thing that I saw online, and it arrived to and is pretty nifty! Not too expensive either, so I was quite happy but pissed that it’s not sold in Canada. Oh well, I am better because I am in Canada and have one that I shouldn’t :DD