What’s the deal with them? All my electronic ones always break on me (for whatever reason unknown) and I have been relegated to one that is of the M&M’s variety that I think my mom got at some raffle awhile back.

I love it though. It’s loud, it ticks, and it needs to be wound up (which is of course a thorn in my bum). The fact that I have to wind it up everyday is annoying, but at least it gives me something to do. It’s doing better than my Tamagotchi, ironically!

So what’s the deal with all this digital crap? It never works for me (of course like always) and it kinda made me wonder how people got up at the right time way back in the day. Sure they had wind up clocks for awhile, but even before that or for the people that couldn’t afford them? Roosters probably, but golly; what happens if they didn’t hear the bird give out it’s cry? I feel that I would have slept in and missed many classes in school if I had to rely on a male-chicken to wake me up every-morning.

Okay and what’s the deal with Gus? He’s being a weiner again and is turning more and more into a Brit (no offense to them). Just he is even talking like a Brit (which is mégaüber-scary) since I can never understand what the hell they are saying!

While on that topic of UK, I saw a film today called ‘Billy Elliot’ that was from the UK; and my god I need to find subtitles because I can’t understand what the hell the middle-to-low-class Britans from Durham are saying!! They sound half-Irish or something, and therefore I can’t understand a word what they say. It was good film about a little boy who wanted to become a ballet dancer (Hmmm!) but never-the-less it was heartwarming for some strange reason that I haven’t figured out!

On top of that, I need to park my butt in-front of my dad’s PC tomorrow while he is out (thank God) to burn bunch of DVDs of my films that I have been storing on that computer. If he only knew the crap that is on that computer, he would probably die of a heart-attack, oh well he will never know because he has his laptop.

Which also reminds, me he finally got a job, and it’s actuallk a half decent one too. He is manager of a new branch that is oppening up from a huge North American electric company! Well he’s old, but I’m sure he will manage, which will make my mom feel less stressed because then he can pay her back all the shit she has had to pay for for the last 5 years. Seems about right in my mind, and luckily this is all right before we are going through the ‘move’ stage.

All the outside patio stuff is done (finally after 5 years) and all we have to worry about is painting the troffs (my job) and doing little things inside the house like putitng in new carpet for the upstairs (minus my room) and fixing the tiling on the landing. All this damned work just so that we can downsize (FINALLY!) although my mother is quite upset about moving (moreso then the divorse) since it’s basically she said it’s “our” home, by which she means her’s an mine (ironically she left father-dearest out of that conversation – hehe :D)

So yeah, about those alarm clocks.. I gotta set mine to wake up bright and early to celebrate the fact that my father won’t be around all day for the first time in months. Whoohoo!