Have you ever read the Missed Connections site of Craigslist? Well if you haven’t then you should because you will often encounter really interesting things that will either make you cry, laugh, or make you cry from laughing. You might even oddly find something written about yourself. As proof of the hilarity of some of the entries behold a random one I pulled from a few days ago:


Charming isn’t it? If I think back at all the missed connections I’ve had, the bus drivers that I’ve had daily conversations with, the people that I bump into at the supermarket and have a conversation with, the girls that I talk to shopping and who bitch about their boyfriends to me, etc. It’s fascinating the amount of connections that we make, without ever really realizing it.

Where am I going with this? Well I was recently contacted anonymously by someone that I used to chat with. More specifically it was someone whom I had affection for, and in trying to seemingly reconnect they reached out, but provided dodgy contact information for me to reach them. Needless to say upon composing an e-mail to them with their supplied information, and pressing the send button all excitedly, the response I got back immediately was the tragic…

Email undeliverable

Needless to say when you receive an e-mail response like this, it’s highly unfavourable, but I guess given the high levels of excitement that I experienced prior to that receipt, I guess I deserve such teased behaviour by the anonymous internet. As I shake fist at the universe ( :## ), I was inspired by Craigslist to make my own Missed Connection.

To you, odious sender of e-mail recently, it was very sad that you provided an invalid e-mail address in commenting, and should you be worried about privacy on the internet, e-mails on this blog are not posted publicly and can only be seen by me. I request amicably that you try again but this time use a correct reply-back email address, or contact me via other mediums!. :wave: