ugly betty

Shit hit the fan, on Ugly Betty

Season Three has brought us many ups-and-downs, on the Ugly Betty show, so it’s no surprise that even after going bankrupt because Connor stole all of the funds of the Meade Publication Industry, funny shit goes down on the show. If you missed it, here’s a recap.


Ignacio Suarez family has gone a little poor and are being evicted, so Justin became the local panhandler, skipped school, and brought in $250. Wow America during a fanancial crisis. Then Whilemina and Daniel took the bus, trying to pay with credit, and a $50 that couldn’t be broken, all so that they could ask for a federal bail-out, which failed. The look on Whilemina’s face is one that I recreate every day, I’m not even joking!


In other developents, Betty’s love life is steaming up, with the apparently super rich boyfriend of a dorky sports assistant who is absient-minded and bloody damn cute and dorky as fuck. Betty if you don’t take him, I will. The line “Cause Betty, I’m like really into you” just made my heart melt and then I screamed and probably woke up my neighbours. Bwhaha! I guess by now they are used to my outbursts! I kind of got the impression that Matt (new lover) was a bit rich, as he started a tab at the cocktail bar, but I wonder how. Is he relted to Connor, or some Media Giant, or are his parents philanthropists?


So I’ve discovered that I really only have energy to do things on certain days, for example; yesterday I came home and I was right to work being a diligent little worker-bee, but today I come home and I just want to crash a million different places because I’m so exhausted from everything, despite having done next to nothing today other than going to class.

I went to Bridge Street Café today with Ginette, and had some hot chocholate which was nice, but disgustingly overdone compared to normal standards for me, so I was quite disturbed by the condition that it was in with all the whipped cream and such. Ginette was flirting with the bar-guy-thingie, but it wasn’t working as he much seemed more interested in me. 8| This always seems to be the case, and I don’t know whether to be disturbed or just plain thankful?

In any case I went to Stylistique today and I could do everything but be right. I just about made a mistake for every single question I answered, and even to a point when Dr. Boehringer completely didn’t listen to me when I read something out. I was a little bit disturbed and offended that she just seemed to “black out” but alas, I just kept quiet for the rest of the lesson; better off that way than making myself seem like a fool, or at least even more of a fool.

Tonight is Ugly Betty, and Grey’s Anatomy night, so I’m heading over chez Rosheen, Alyson, Molly, Brittney, Crystal, and Ann for the big TV-stuff. My only night of TV must be cherished as it’s the best show’s on telivision, but I’m horribly hungry and don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I figure that starvation is next to godliness, or something. :crazy:

Crazy sentance of the day: Menetät terveytesi lähitulevaisuudessa, jos ryyppäät niin paljon

That’s right biatches, you heard it; and from me first, which makes it that much more awesome. In other news, today was the first day of the year that I didn’t see my stalker, aka octapus boy so I’m absolutely extatic in all possible ways. I don’t know what to do with myself but raise my arms in triumph, so I will; believe me! XX(

Post Examinations

After having finished exams quite a few days ago, and louging around for most of the day I’d like to take a moment to express some things about TV shows in USA. Firstly, the series “Dante’s Cove” is cheesy and needs to be burned. Secondly, I cried after the season finalé of “Grey’s Anatomy” and as a result I’ve been running around the residence like a headless chicken and an emotional wreck. Thirdly, I saw the episode of “Ugly Betty” and I also was quite upsetted by this.

Why is it that American TV stations need to damage our souls and emotions in order to get hugely amazing ratings? As if we don’t have enough emotional things in our lives to worry about what’s going on in fictional characters that make us relate our own lives and view them differently. Shame on you, as I can’t really respond in any other way.

I need a life, and now that I have an unlimited amount of time I don’t know what I’m going to do. I might visit some random city in Alcase tomorrow but I’m undecided. Frankly I can’t be bothered to do anything since I’ve got no food and I don’t want to spend money on buying it. It’s a viscious circle that’s never-ending. Charlotte and Matthew are never in their rooms because they actually have social lives so I don’t know how to comment really about it. Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe it’s just me being over-dramatic.

I also feel that today is a rejection day as a general whole. I’m just getting that vibe, so I’m going to just ride it out and hope that my whale doesn’t reject me; it’s about the only thing that can’t actually reject me (unless it ends up on the floor whilst I’m sleeping). Having said that, it probably will happen and thus me becoming even more desperate. Seriously though, having looked back on the recent past; how much rejection can one person take before just giving up?