Faking it

"That's just the straight guy resistance to talking about your feelings... push through it!"

“That’s just the straight guy resistance to talking about your feelings… push through it!”

So I’ve been following this series lately, and as usual I’m super behind on anything cultural. This one got me laughing and equally emphatically distraught: Faking It. Leave it to American MTV to make up a series about two girls that pretend to be lesbians in order to get more popular at school. Of course, one’s really a lesbian and the other is faking it and starts an affair with the hottest guy in school who only likes her on the pretext that she’s a lesbian.

After a failed attempt at a threesome and one finding out that she’s really a lesbian and then sleeps with the same guy behind the best friend’s back, I can’t help but start to wonder how this thirty minute soapesque programme could jam more drama in than a regular one hour soap opera? Either way I’m hooked.

It’s got great lines and has ridiculously outlandish storylines and twists that give you whiplash, but it’s got half decent writers who have good one liners.

For instance one of my favourite quotes from the most recently seen episode:

“That’s just your straight guy resistance to talking about your feelings… push through it!”

I watched it about a million times to make sure I could us the same sort of enunciation and stress. I’m surprised I didn’t come up with the same line myself. Bitch, plz.

So it brings me to my point; people fake a lot and sometimes don’t even think twice about it. The characters in this pseudo-drama seem to have guilty consciouses, so I guess that says something about the future of humanity, at least a little bit. Despite their horrible life choices, at least there is a moral.

Fake it till you make it…  

Oh wait, that’s not the lesson… but it’s a good strategy in the interim.

Shit hit the fan, on Ugly Betty

Season Three has brought us many ups-and-downs, on the Ugly Betty show, so it’s no surprise that even after going bankrupt because Connor stole all of the funds of the Meade Publication Industry, funny shit goes down on the show. If you missed it, here’s a recap.


Ignacio Suarez family has gone a little poor and are being evicted, so Justin became the local panhandler, skipped school, and brought in $250. Wow America during a fanancial crisis. Then Whilemina and Daniel took the bus, trying to pay with credit, and a $50 that couldn’t be broken, all so that they could ask for a federal bail-out, which failed. The look on Whilemina’s face is one that I recreate every day, I’m not even joking!


In other developents, Betty’s love life is steaming up, with the apparently super rich boyfriend of a dorky sports assistant who is absient-minded and bloody damn cute and dorky as fuck. Betty if you don’t take him, I will. The line “Cause Betty, I’m like really into you” just made my heart melt and then I screamed and probably woke up my neighbours. Bwhaha! I guess by now they are used to my outbursts! I kind of got the impression that Matt (new lover) was a bit rich, as he started a tab at the cocktail bar, but I wonder how. Is he relted to Connor, or some Media Giant, or are his parents philanthropists?

Honesty, getting along, what?

Why can’t we all just get along I say? I swear today is the theme of weirdness and I’m going to write about it all. First of all I did a tour for some students that are from St. Andrew’s College. Saying that they were jocks would be an understatement, but it was weird. They were jumping off each other, giving each other piggy backs, hugging, so much affection that I became confused. Was it just me or did my wires get crossed during this? Anyways, it was a good way to get paid, and I got double time, so I’m happy.

Second thing that happend, I went to mealhall for a dinner date with Rania, and this guy sitting behind us made a huge scene because, well we don’t know why! He went to go sit down, and apparently because he’s too “cool” or whatever, he had to throw the chairs at least one metre away from him in order to have enough space to continue to sit down and eat with his mate across from him. What’s up with that?

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Thirdly, the autumn finale of Prison Break was on, and I nearly cried it was so intense. My thoughts on it? Well I’ve always wanted Whistler and Michael to become BFF (Best Friends Forever), because I feel chemistry between them, totally platonically of course; or something ) But despite the fact that they are working for different organisations and they nearly killed each other, they should be BFFs and it’s making me sick that they are now against each other. Can’t we all just get along and trust each other? Honesty is always the best policy, even if you are about to be raped in a jail in Panama named Sauna.

So much more can be said about that show; but alas, my point is that trust is over-rated and the show proves it. Whatever they show on TV has to be true, right?!


So I’ve discovered that I really only have energy to do things on certain days, for example; yesterday I came home and I was right to work being a diligent little worker-bee, but today I come home and I just want to crash a million different places because I’m so exhausted from everything, despite having done next to nothing today other than going to class.

I went to Bridge Street Café today with Ginette, and had some hot chocholate which was nice, but disgustingly overdone compared to normal standards for me, so I was quite disturbed by the condition that it was in with all the whipped cream and such. Ginette was flirting with the bar-guy-thingie, but it wasn’t working as he much seemed more interested in me. 8| This always seems to be the case, and I don’t know whether to be disturbed or just plain thankful?

In any case I went to Stylistique today and I could do everything but be right. I just about made a mistake for every single question I answered, and even to a point when Dr. Boehringer completely didn’t listen to me when I read something out. I was a little bit disturbed and offended that she just seemed to “black out” but alas, I just kept quiet for the rest of the lesson; better off that way than making myself seem like a fool, or at least even more of a fool.

Tonight is Ugly Betty, and Grey’s Anatomy night, so I’m heading over chez Rosheen, Alyson, Molly, Brittney, Crystal, and Ann for the big TV-stuff. My only night of TV must be cherished as it’s the best show’s on telivision, but I’m horribly hungry and don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I figure that starvation is next to godliness, or something. :crazy:

Crazy sentance of the day: Menetät terveytesi lähitulevaisuudessa, jos ryyppäät niin paljon

That’s right biatches, you heard it; and from me first, which makes it that much more awesome. In other news, today was the first day of the year that I didn’t see my stalker, aka octapus boy so I’m absolutely extatic in all possible ways. I don’t know what to do with myself but raise my arms in triumph, so I will; believe me! XX(

Sunny Day!

Oh the sunnyness and how it shines upon us all. Sadly for others, most are in the gym writing their wretched exams until their brains explode, where I wake up to the chirping of birds, and progress to slowly roll out of bed, head to the bathroom to brush my teeths, and then get dressed to take my tour stuff over to the office.

What a wonderfully beautiful day, and what do I do? I spend it inside studying or taking a nap, because I can’t be bothered to walk into town to get a baguette. I really am craving one, but my lazyness (and the fact that dinner is in 20mins) prevails.

Other than that, two assignments done today and handed in. Sadly since I heave no motivation to do anything, I didn’t edit my French one, but the history one was looked over about 10 times in the last 2 weeks, since it was a resubmission that the wench (who shall not be named due to possibilities of jinxing) gave me a poor grade on it, despite saying “You have very good writing style, but it could be better” and progresses to change words in my writing from ‘augmented’ to ‘increased’ or ‘circulated’ to ‘became widespread’. Honestly now, they are all synnonyms and have the same meaning; so what makes a difference if I put one or the other?


Anyways, it’s Monday night, that means no T.V. shows are on and I will be bored and will be driven to study by the many people that are stressing around my dorm! They just stress me out, and dudes, I can’t deal with that. I like to do exam stuff very calmly and not stress about them, because in 10 years will I be stressed about an exam I failed? Well maybe, but I’m hoping not, and besides; I won’t be failing the exam so it’s all pish-posh!

Oh and for the record, I just about had a freak attack today at cafeteria when I found out my Greek friend Ioni got tickets for ESC! I made an evil face at her then progressed to obsess over all the songs that I like for this year, her not knowing what to say because she’s been too busy ‘studying.’ So I obsess? But how could I not? Something about ESC makes me all jumpy and giggly, especially after watching Melodifestivalen Finalen about 10 times in the last week; by the way I love the voice of Pekka Heino! Randomness, I think so, interest level, very high!