Back to Normandy

Whilst Chris worked, Cédric and I explored Lyon with his friends Lionel (whom I remember as the creepy one), and his room-mate Pascal who is physicist, like Markus! They even have similar personalities, it’s quite funny. He’s from Tours, which made me drool over his accent and usage of words, so hawt that accent, and we played Wii and such to pass the time. We went to a restaurant, got stared at for awhile, and then continued on our way without being robbed, raped, or bashed.

Sunday morning I woke up early, after a quite emotionally trying evening, teary eyed because I was leaving when I was so happy, and we went to Gare Part-Dieu to drop me off. Cédric and I always lack words and the ability to express ourselves in such situations, but I managed to hold back my emotions, and appear to be happy even though inside I was so sad and the way home I was just a plain wreck. I really appreciate the attention, kindness, and gratitude that my friends showed me over these holidays. I will never forget them, and soon we will meet again somewhere-or-another.

The trip back to Normandy, 1st class again, was 1) scary and 2) successful. The train conductor made me panic when asking if I’d make my connection (with 45 minutes change of station across the city). I made it fine with 30 minutes to go, and as pick-pockets were arrested on the train back to Caen, I arrived in the early afternoon, and walked from the train station through the brisk and freakishly cold and clear weather blanketed over Normandy. I arrived back to a cold, frozen and boarded up flat, but quickly became settled again before the work week began the following day.

Operation not being alone for the holidays, successful with stars!

Life as a tourguide

So my part time job as a student is to give tours to people who want to come to this university. I like it but it doesn’t pay well. So today I gave the weirdest tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot.

I arrive, and the people are waiting outside the door so I let them into the meeting room. To be honest, I expecting really odd people because of the programmes that they are in, but I introduced myself to the parents first, then there were a bunch of tours so I tired to guess who was who, and failed miserably. The first guy’s hand that I shook I said: “You’re Thomas?” And he goes “Uhh, no I’m Matt, I’m with Thomas’ family” so I appologize and meet Thomas who stares at me and holds my hand a little longer than comfortable and goes to sit down.

I introduced myself as a student and what I’m involved in, and asked them if they had any questions to start out, and some of the parents did so, and then we got started. So the tour went on, and as I told them about what was going on around campus they just became more and more touchy with me, which really weirded me out since I don’t like people touching me often.

So after I talk about the computer labs and stuff they ask about random stuff, and then got onto telling me their life stories, and about how Thomas and Matt had been boyfriends for 5 years. I didn’t really know what to say to that, since well.. I wasn’t expecting, it so I just nodded and kept talking about random stuff, but to be honest Matt didn’t strike me as someone who’d be Thomas’ boyfriend, because he just seems really normal I guess, where Thomas is very clearly flamboyant; they are like opposites.