So I’ve just watched a really funny and lovely film called The Curiousity of Chance, and I loved it. It’s different, it’s funny, it’s dramatic, and it even has glitter. And through watching this film I’ve become a new fan of the actor, Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze, who plays “Hank Hudson” in the film. Unfortunately very little information can be found on the actor, except for some stage productions that he was in, but I presume he’s Flemsih, and if not Flemish than Dutch. I’m a lingust and can tell where a name comes from. “Nieuw” gives the Dutch aspect away, and as well as “Pieter” but the rest remains ambigious.

Being the creepster, yet classy, person I am. I did a google search for him, and low-and-behold I came across his Facebook profile; isn’t that hillarious? Anyways, I’m a true weirdo because I sent a fan-letter to him via Facebook. I don’t expect it to be read or responded to, but I still think it’s really nice and funny! The photo montage will follow at the end of this post, from the film, should any of you want to see whom I’m talking about.

Pieter Van NieuwenhuyzePieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Who can resist the dorkyness of it all? With a cute dutch accent, and a clueles aura, the character of Hank Hudson is embrased by the main character Chance Marquis, an excentric American student at an international high school in Belgium near Antwerp. As a transfer student, the hell begins.
Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Whilst doing things that the characters aren’t supposed to be doing, they stumble across a drag show; that’s right, here comes the glitter! And they go into the dressing room, it’s so great. Drama drama drama. But then, what happens, but the cluelessness is taken over by beautiful green eyes, and the fact that photos are leaked to the public of Chance in drag. This is all because Hank has a crush on the boyfriend of the football captin who’s been making Chance’s life a living hell.

Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyze

Finally Twila, and company want to find out what happend to Chance, who’s been hiding out because of the leaked photos. They think he’s dead, and with her sarcastic tone, that often reminds me of myself, the film ends in a splurge of good tunes at the battle of the high school bands. I love the cheesyness! All ends well as everything ends as it should, and they have to “bone up on their Barry Manilow” for a gig that they have coming. Go team!

It just may happen that the star himself passes by this blog, and if so, then hello Pieter Please do leave a comment, as I’d love to have some record of contact with famous people!