This year’s Melodifestivalen turned out to be frankly the best one that I’ve ever seen, but at the same time it was the most dissapointing; since my beloved didn’t win!

Andreas Johnsson – A little bit of love
Better luck the next time Andreas. Your song got old quick and sounds really fake for some reason; but you’re a good preformer, but surprisgly short.. anyways, it’s no doubt you say you won’t participte for a few years, dissapointment sadly gets to us all!

Sonja Aldén – För att du finns
Rock on sister; you have made your career as a single artist and you fucking rock. I love how you’re everyone’s favourite. It’s mostly because you have a great perosnality and you are humble and sweet, but your freaking voice rocks my socks. Why were you a background singer? At least you were a reliable one!

Anna Book – Samba sambero
There are no words for you; other than good job! You were happy and you didn’t score many points, but still, good for you, you succeeded in being more than a one hit wonder, just keep at it and I will think higher of you!

Sebastian – When the night comes falling
Your song is awesome and your outfit was awesome also. You look so much better in black and blue, and I don’t mean a bruise. Just next time maybe don’t wear an open shirt; or wax a little bit? But then we will all know you did it; oh well I guess it’s too late! Shame that your awesome songwriting and singing didn’t do better!

Marie Lindberg – Trying to recall
Crowd pleaser can we say? You shocked me by getting tons of votes from the public, but honestly it’s awesome that you came from nothing to finish so high in the rankings with a song written by yourself and preformed all alone. It’s just about something I could never do. Kudos to you!

Måns Zelmerlöw – Cara mia
Father of my children
Oh Måns, I’m still on the train and smitten hopeless by your performances and all aroundness. I still will somehow bear your children despite being humanly impossible, I will find a way; but until then please try not to lick your wounds too much; the rest of the world would love to help. Honestly I thought you were raped by the juries, as I cried the whole time, but you should have gotten the most votes publically. I would have voted a million times for you because, well you rock my socks? Anyways, apart from bearing your children; I hope to see you again in Melodifestivalen and win it bitch! Anyways, also being voted Sweden’s Sexiest Man by QX… Refer to semi-final performance regarding your ambiguity. Who cares, I’d even buy that magazine just to “read the articles.”

Tommy Nilsson – Jag tror på människan
Happy Belated Birthday to you. Shame that you scored nill points, but really this competition was too fierce for you. I must say though what you’ve got going on for you… Fireworks.. Fireworks baby! I like your song more and more that I listen to it, but sorry you just can’t compare with Måns.

Sanna Nielsson – Våger du våger jag
I love it, and you are so blonde and amazing but you mirror Carola too much. Please don’t become the queen of botox in her footsteps; you can do so much better just the way you are. You even come from Malmö and I can undestand you; 12 points!

Sarah Dawn Finer – I remember love
I like your song more and more everytime I hear it. The lyrics are amazing and you have a beautiful voice, even if you are sick with a cold. It makes me just want to to, remember love, or something! Anyways, yeah! Sorry, too smitten by Måns still!

The Ark – The Worrying Kind
Melodifestivalen Winner
Comments gallore for you. Okay so you’re popular and the juries loved you and the public loves you, but that doesn’t mean that I love you. That’s because I’m so much more awesome than a follower. Your song was great, I will admit it, but I just don’t like the ironic fact that someone that never wanted to participate in Melodifestivalen won. It’s just too much to blow my mind. Give it to someone who really wants it. The upside to this result is the fact that your amazingly cool song might actually do well in Eurovision. You’ve got resources beyond imagine, you’re a good preformer and your song is neutral and likely to appeal to many different places. What does this equal? At least 10 points from most non Eastern European countries! I don’t like the nudity, nor the silver heart; I’d rather see Måns in those clothes, but then I look at the accessories you have and that disturbs me. Well done and best of luck; don’t freak out.

My reflections are claer. Måns should have won in my opinion, but I couldn’t help but love I remember love, as well just for no particular reason. I want schlager to represent, and I thought Sweden was clear-cut country to send a schlager! Let’s hope for more. I still refuse to listen to any songs that qualified until all of the countries have chosen, but I hope there is schlager, I turely hope hope hope!