Deceiving weather

It’s officially been spring for a long time but the weather has been less than exciting, but evermore unpredictable. We had snow flurries last week a few days after a heat wave a few weeks ago, so really I don’t know what to expect.

Deceiving weather...

So as I look at this picture and the view outside I wonder, do I wear shorts, or do I bundle up because the weather can be very deceiving…

Canadian Weather Fiascos

For the last two weeks the Greater Toronto Area has been under (on two different days) a weather advisory regarding snowfall and storm conditions. Given the mild temperatures that we have had (which must be a record); schools ended up closing last Friday for no apparent reason. The snow never came.

The same happened today when they warned of freezing rain and poor driving conditions. The storm that never came, again. As much as winter has been a fascio this year with little to no snow, Toronto weather appears to be… at best a total spaz.

The deathtrap

I live in Sackville, which I affectionatly call the deathtrap. What brings me to such an adjective such as this? Well it starts with the fact that Environment Canada had storm warnings up since yesterday afternoon, and when we wake up this morning at 07.00 there have been no plows or any sort of snow-cleaning up around the town. Not even on campus.

Thus by the time I left my house at 10.30 there still had been not a single plow on campus. This means that there were 4 other classes that had just as trecherous conditions. Several of my friends were even stuck in Amherst and Moncton because of the poor conditions. All in all it’s horrible.

What makes it worse is that towards the end of the day, the entire campus froze over since there has been no clean-up. That’s right, there is ice, and then it started to rain, so it was like ice pellets to the face.

I actually think my face is bleeding…

Ergo; not impressed.  

Like night and da… Snow.. WTF?!


As much as I love the changes of seasons, I’m confused beyond words can express. I go to sleep one day with image one, shown above, and I wake up the next morning with image two. Winter has clearly arrived with our first snowfall here in Sackville, NB and I don’t know how to feel about it.

I cleaned the back door so that we are using it as entrance/exit to keep the house clean, plus it just works out better this way for our shoes and such. It didn’t take as long as I thought, but just moving all the things so that it would work was a struggle. It’s an addition to the house that isn’t heated so the shoes might be cold sometimes, but at least it’s a place ot keep stuff from being dirty!

But the snow? What’s up with that? Anyways, I’m not sour about it, but I don’t have proper shoes to go out into the snow so I don’t know what to do or what to think! Gahh!

As a side note, work is going well and I’m getting stuff done (finally) at a slow and steady rate, but at least something is getting done and it makes me happy!