Trashy, trashy Kehl

I knew that going to Era again would be quite the experience. And the experience it quitely was. We embarked on our journey to Alfred Weiss on Friday at about 21.00 and got there at about half-nine, because it’s so damned far away in the sketchiest part of Strasbourg. Funny enough I found out where the really gross places are, like where all the Eastern-European prostitutes are. And also where the gypsies live; oh Strasbourg how divers thou art.

We got to Era in our normal taxi stuff, and it was jumping, that is to say lots of trashy people that I really didn’t want to deal with. What is the cure for this you ask; 1€ drinks galoore. So I just downed them like crazy in hopes that I would become drunk enough to deal with the grossness of the German-French people. Nope. It was horrible, so we left early and everyone was pretty sober except Ginette, who is poor and got everyone to pay for all her stuff;  no comment.

All in all a night that was just a flop.

Saturday night was better, we went to Salamadre and I spent money on vodka-caramel; you’re my lover. I had an awesome time and met a bunch of really funny Germans. In the process I got Ginette in social problems by calling her on a lie; that’s her problem. She’s afraid of Europeans!

We went to Winterbourg, in Lorraine yesterday for a choir performance in this tiny little protestant church. It was quite lovely and everything; so I had a good time despie the horrible weather. We all carpooled and I spent the whole day with my choir, in other words all French people. They are all really nice, but with difficult names to remember, except Olivier, cause I love that name. Oh and Stéphanie, that’s easy! Anyways, they served us cake and these amazing little fruits from Lorraine’s history which I loved. They were citris prunes or something, but the excess of cake is what killed me. I was exhausted from coming home, and my voice hurt after singing for 1 full hour without break or water. Oh well, I need to train myself; I sang fairly well though! Yay go me.  

Week 2: February

What an excessively long week that just happens to come to an end thankfully. I got a cold on Tuesday evening thanks to someone who I have no idea, but I am not impressed. The good thing about this was that I only started to feel it Tuesday night before going to bed, and since I don’t have classes on Wednesday it turns out all really good. I layed in bed and rested for the entire time and developped a love for the show Ugly Betty. It’s so cheesy that it’s funny in a cute way that I can’t quite understand. I just can’t stop watching it, so much that I found the entire season and watched it all on Friday after class.

The worst part about being sick was that I really wanted to go to the Skating Extravaganza that Ginette organized. So I was feeling better and left the boring class early, so I went skating and it was a lots of fun. I love skating, but the blades are so dull that it’s just about impossible to do; so I feel sorry for anyone who can’t skate well. There was this really annoying guy with these weird skates that make tricks, and he kept trying to trip people so we were going to try to trip him since he’s an asswhole, but we didn’t manage to as he left before us.

In other exciting news there was a huge group of Welsh people there who couldn’t speak a word of French and thefore renting skates for them was a sturggle. We taught them numbers and the ladies behind the desk laughed at us. Whatever, I feel like a better person for doing it and so all is swell. Afterwards we went to WokThaï and ate some chicken and Saté with noodles. It was expensive but it was alright and a quick food before going to choir.

So I went to choir at the university and the people were a little less rude this time, but the songs made me so happy. They can’t sing English songs since it’s too difficult for pronounciation, but then the Old French song was difficult for me. It was called “Le Chant des Oyseaux” and yes I know the spelling is wrong, but it’s Old French so don’t complain! The song requires the tenors to have a very high range, but with a scratchy throat I was just plain struggling the whole time. It was fun though, and then I went to sleep. Sleep is so good and I love it more than anything.

I went shopping on Friday as well and I spent 13€ and my bag was full; and I don’t know how I managed it. I need refills on Orange Juice and milk, as well as eggs because I’ve developped a burning desire for omlettes. So what is an omlette anyways? For me it’s bacon, eggs, and cheese. It’s so basic, but so nice, but the ones I make are so greasy, but I don’t care because I need to put on weight anyways. However, having said that I need to make sure I look fine for Saturday night.

Elle is holding a bad-taste party, so I’m busting out the scandelous outfits and making sure I clash like no other. I will be the only one in theme I bet, but I don’t care because I probably wont be let into Salamandre anyways. We shall see, and on top of all this Melodifestivalen in Göteborg is tonight, and I won’t be seeing it until Sunday.

Ksenia’s Birthday

After being given a few days to recover from the crazy antics that Dan’s party brought, I started to realize how many freaking people were born in January and it’s getting kind of irritating, but never-the-less I love them all. We went out for Ksenia’s birthday on Saturday for some drinks, but the night ended dramatically and quickly when someone had to be taken home due to extreme-drunkenness, so after many phone calls and me being tired I just gave up the evening in a postive way instead of burning out and feeling like crap on Sunday. Can you believe that the glass of Pinot Blanc that I bought at this classy pub was only 1.70€ ? For once France wins in the cheap stuff area.

It’s important to note that everything was fine when we arrrived at Salamandre tonight, and I got to talk to a bunch of people and even get in on some gossip, sans Ginette for once! Ginette is awesome, but people need time away from each other and a night out without her was exaclty what I needed. On Monday also I can do that at Ricardo’s party.

The day after, that is still Thursday, we went skating and I went skating for nearly the first time. It was easy and I caught on quick even with the annoying toe-pick on the skates.It took me about 20 minutes to find skates that fit me though, but after I found them and little kids tried to kill us on the ice, we had a lovely time.

Classes are boring and homework is piling up but it doesn’t need to be done. Only the Synthèses and Compte-Rendues, which I whipped out in a few minutes, but all is swell. Emma went back to Scottland for the week, and Gemma goes back next Friday so it will be very lonely around but I’m sure I’ll manage. Birthday’s and ‘social gatherings’ are pending so all is great.