Apparently since Wednesday things haven’t been so exciting. And why would this be you ask; because I’ve fallen ill. I thought that I could escape it and keep myself healthy while here, but I suppose it was inevitable! Thursday morning I woke up and was feeling a slight scratch in the back of my throat, but I thought it was just some dryness since the air here is really dry, but as the day progressed I found my sinuses going crazy and then getting excessive nosebleeds. It turns out I have a cold, but of course this didn’t stop me from going out on Thursday night, the night of parties in France since everyone goes home for the weekend. So Nic and Sarah send me a texto saying that they are going to the Salamander at 23.00, so I think, fine fine I will suck it up and go have a good time just becasue I was bored and stressed from school a bit.

I got ready, and we all were late that day, but I was mostly just a bit irritated becasue my teachers aren’t being really clear about when something is ‘due’ and when it’s ‘due’ to be handed in. Apparently we are supposed to read their minds, regardless I managed to get everything handed in and nothing too crazy was happening. Right, so getting ready and then we were all late and we walk over to the Galia after visiting Zara and Matthieu who were going somewhere else. We said hellos and then left for the party, and of course as always Nic has his huge entourage with him. Whole bunch of Americans were there, lets see if I can remember their names. The were Sara from Rhode Island, Jessica from Syeracuse, Sarah from Maine, Lisa from God-only-knows-where, and then some random girl who I don’t even remember being around us that night. Anyways, we get to the disco and Ginette’s mom calls her mobile so she ditches us for awhile and we go in and it’s lame to the max. Apparently it was Economics night, and everyone there was weird, and it was mostly guys just sitting around, but the most disturbing thing was the fact that they were playing 80’s funk. When I say funk, I mean serious funk that it’s impossible to dance to, so after ‘attempting’ and clearly the rest of them not being drunk enough to continue they go and ask the DJ to change it and he says ‘I’m not allowed’ so we are all thinking ‘lame!’


Circus & Nic

After classes on Tuesday, which lasts forever we met this guy Nic from California who seemed interested to hang out with us, and after Ginette rode his bike home, and we were talking about how we were going to a theater presentation thing, he joined us. I think he might have even been fishing for an invitation, and then took the invitation as an invitation to a date, because when he showed up he was dressed to the nines and looked to kill. No matter, we all had fun, and the next day I had off so I went to the mall and did some other stuff. This Nic character seems to be popping up all the time, because we were walking back from the bookstore and he called my mobile asking if I wanted to go to the mall, which was eerie becasue I was going there anyways. So Beckie and I met up with him and we went over to the mall, and once again he was dressed like he had something to prove for some reason.

No matter, Beckie was being indecicive and annoying so I ditched her after she felt guilty, and I went to H&M with Nic to buy socks, only socks, and he insists they are from H&M. I didn’t ask, and then he went to buy his Speedo for swimming reasons (or something along those lines), and again I didn’t ask. He’s a bit odd, but he’s super nice and cool to have around. Then on top of that, he asks if I wanna go dancing to the Salamander that night, and I said sure cause I was bored senseless and I didn’t have any homework at all. So I called Ginette and she reluctantly agreeded, but I told her that I wasn’t going if she wasn’t because I didn’t want to get ditched, which I knew I would be.

So we were supposed to meet Nic outside our residence at 22.00 but Ginette was making plans to go to Greece, and I was being a loser and showering getting ready for going out, and as soon as I walk out of the shower Nic sends me an SMS telling me he’s downstairs waiting for me. I literally yell out ‘MERDE’ and run into my room to get dressed and ready. So I prepared myself, but I realized my jeans were having a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and for some reason I really wanted to look half decent, so I somehow managed to get it into control and then I ran downstairs to meet him. Ginette calls me and tells me she will be 45 mins, so I tell that to Nic and he rides around on Buddy Eli’s longboard for the next while and I tell him that I’ll ‘brb’ and run back upstairs to reapply all clothing and get it sorted. All in all, jeans are too big and too long and I need to shrink them. Apparently size 28 isn’t small enough, which in my opinion is sick, but oh welll. In any case, pins, belt, and a little bit of tape kept the outfit together for the evening and frankly I looked hot. Nice jeans, a nice new black shirt I bought, and I was totally hot. Anyways, I run back downstairs and feel sooo guilty for keeping him, but he seemed amused with his stuff, and then Ginette comes out and we get lost going to the disco.