Room Re-arrangement

Who knew that re-arranging the way the bed and desk is in a room would make such a difference!? I love it. I have my bed now at an angular thing that is diagonal from the window (first time my bed hasn’t been horizontal or vertical) so this is an exciting thing for me!

I moved the desk over to window also, just so that I would get some nice natural light in the evening / afternoon. It’just so lovely. However, the only problem is now I don’t know where to put all my pillows as they will fall off the bed really easily!

I will post a picture at a later time, since I still have some cleaning to do. Damn! I forgot that since Saturday was a hoiday all the workers here get an extra day off work, ergo today. Blah with the parentage wandering around during the day! Shoo go away!

State of confusion

So even the calm after the storm always ends up being quite confusing, and thus the situation of my life remains the same. I guess that after a good conversation with Tobias, I’m feel a tad better but I’m still quite upset about a lot of things going on in my life, and the worst part is that most of them I can’t really control.

Tomorrow I leave for my train at 16.15, and about 80% of this house has left for home already. I’ve had 4 people say goodbye to me formally, and maybe 1 unformally. I guess it really sucks for them (especially the upperclassmen) that don’t know that I won’t be returning next year. Everyone thinks that I’ll be back and kicking again next year here, living in Campbell Hall, but in fact I will be in Strasbourg; and me not telling anyone about it is my revenge of those who have been so rude to me and made me feel like shit. It’s about time that I take matters into my own hands, and do something about situations that I can control. If any of them get mad, then screw them because they don’t care enough to even ask, or even care at all and be nice like the ‘Hunton Spirit’ is supposed to be anyways.

Other than that juicy detail, I’ve packed everything but my rugs, which I need to do tonight because the movers come tomorrow morning at 09.00 to pick up the stuff, and then I will only have suitcases to deal with that go on with me on the train. 26hrs of relaxation and listening to Eurovision and Melodifestivalen songs from the last 4 years of each will be good for me, but the kicker is the fact that my parents are on the waiting side of the train. When I arrive, it’s the end, and I will have to go back to the pathetic life that I don’t have control over. Sigh, we shall see how long it takes for me to freak out at my parents, my guess is 1wk 4days and then a big fight will break out during dinertime, as it always does. Pitty that eh?

And in terms of the ‘other’ situation, I’m still avoiding it, and seeing how long it takes for certian people to do that which they promise to me (which is unlikely). Who knows? -I might get surprised, but I’m doubtful.

And just for the record, made some changes; hope some don’t mind


Okay so you know those things that you find under your bed that is like a clump of dust and hair and stuff? Well I found out this morning that they are called dustbunnies, and I really had no idea that they were so common! I am a very clean person, and let’s just say that even after Friday afternoon cleaning every single weekend, there are still remnants of all the stupid little bunnies!

So how did I discover them? I was moving my room around to put it back the way that it as given to me since I sign out next week, and when I moved the bed I just let out a scream and said ‘Ewww’ and ran to get the vaccum (who’s name is Henry!!)

I think that I don’t like the idea of dust-bunnies. because they are gross! I hope that even this short 5 day week for me will keep them away, and I won’t need to worry about them creeping up on me and eating me!!

Oh an on a personal note.. R; min vän :DD, du är mycket söt, så ändra inte aldrig någonsin! B)


So although my last exam is on the 21st of April, I decided to start to pack up all my stuff since I will have to take it all home, and then repack to go to France next September for the year.

I can’t believe how much crap I have in my room, dispite it being so small!

As you can see the boxes on the right hand side are all filled with clothing and random crap that I have accumulated over the last while.

In this picture we can see my desk, which is very messy in comparison than it always is.

My bed is the only thing left in tact, an tomorrow I will start to vaccum and dust everything, and maybe print off an assignment so I can get rid of the printer! Nothing exciting today, as I’ve done nothing!

Shout out to Steveo though, just because he’s cool!