So it’s been awhie since I wrote anything, so I decided to throw something interesting into the mix. On Saturday I woke up late, as we went out for some drinks on Friday, and I found that it was hot, and I was bored and with nothing to do. So I called everyone’s mobiles, and of course nobody was home at all. When I say nobody, I mean nobody even had their mobiles on, so that made me a little upset at first for a little while. Then I realized that they are probably out doing things, and I am stuck here in my room by myself. The fact that most French people at this university go home for the weekends, doesn’t help the fact; so I am literally the only person left in my corridor (of about 12 people). It also seems that I am the only one that showers / uses the bathrooms, which creeps me out excessively.

So I lay around for the day mostly, and then lay some more, and then watch some Eurovision from 2005 and 2006 as they are the only forms of entertainment that I have (I decided not to bring my DVDs :'(). So I keep laying, and I didn’t call Ginette becasue I knew she was out with a family from Strasbourg that she met in Moncton or something, so I didn’t want to bother her. Then I went over to Charlotte’s room, and she’s studying for her LSAT so she’s always busy and can never find the time in the day to even eat. I asked her what was going on with people, and she told me that the girls were having a pot-luck stir-fry, and none of us were invited. That’s a bit rude, considering that we are here, and they knew that we were alone and isolated. I got over that really quickly, and then ran into Katelyn in the street and asked her what she was doing that night. She told me she was going out for drinks with the others, and then walked off, so I continued my little walk around the desolate city.