I am officially in love with this song as it makes me feel so happy and have warm fuzzies inside. Renārs Kaupers did an absolutely amazing job in writing this song and performing it (as far as I have seen) except for his weird legs and huge eyes parts, it’s really endearing.

I think the lyrics speak to my heart for some reason, and just make me feel warm fuzzies inside.

Oh and if there are non-Eurovision fanatics reading, BrainStorm was a Latvian group from 2000 that sang My Star. I love it, I love it, I love it. I want to marry it.

Robb was nice enough to find a nice link to the video on YouTube, which was nice, but I would rather see the whole performance evening along with all of them since 2000 😉 *cough Tobias* :DD

Anyways 😀 I should be in bed as it’s 3.00 on the button, and I’m trying to alter my sleep habits so I’m more in my timezone and not Australia/New Zealand 😉

Random thought of the day, I forgot that it’s the national holiday on Saturday, and I also forgot that it was Thursday today, thinking it was Wednesday was quite embarrassing, oh well!

I will be doing a marching band performance (x2) on Saturday, so wish me luck to not fall flat on my face and ruin my instrument 😛 Bahh Canada Day… I would rather celebrate a more important holiday like Midsommartid :DD but people here are ignorant of other culture’s holidays.

Sigh, another reason why I’m trapped here!