queen elizabeth ii

Canada Day excitement

The national holiday if Canada fell on a Thursday this year. What does this mean for me? It means that I left work on Wednesday, knowing that I’d be back in on Friday after a day of sitting out in the sun and doing stuff.

Aurora Canada Day ParadeNewmarket Fireworks Celebration

Well it sucked, but at least the National Holiday, affectionately called Canada Day was a success. The weather was gorgeous, approx 20°C and clear skies all the time. I woke up early to get ready for a marching band performance, as pictured above. I spent the afternoon with Stephanie, Joshua, and Michael at a restaurant filling our bellies with food, and then with Michael’s family at a picnic prior to our pre-fireworks performance (again!)

The whole day was a success, and I even got to meet some nice people. One in particular is named Alex, whom lives in Unionville. It was a joy, truly. The painful part was getting up the next morning to go to work. But the upshot was that 90% of people took the day off, so it was a nice relaxing day!

Happy Birthday Adopted Country of Canada

Please also note that Queen Elizabeth II was present on Parlament Hill in Ottawa for Canada’s Birthday this year! YAY!

Campaign to sell Camilla; understatement of the century

Toronto Sun Article: Campaign to sell Camilla

Thoughts on the monarchy; prompted by this article that I found in the Toronto Sun (which I’d like to state is not a newspaper that I normally read). Selling Camilla; seems like a realistic move for the current Crown Prince Charles. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but as a sort-of-feeling Canadian I have a right to an opinion. I’m a huge fan of constitutionally monarchy, and when it comes to the House of Windsor, I’m lovin’ Queen Elizabeth II. She’s fantastic, and I dread the day that she dies and her son takes over. I can’t imagine coins having his face on them.

The bottom line is that the paper actually brings up a good point. The government, and taxpayers are paying $700’000 per day to keep them here and move them around on a tour. Why can’t they pay themselves? I don’t like Charles and I certainly don’t like Camilla.

The the Queen save our souls! The last thing we need is another x-number of years with a king and the masculine-ineptitude continued from history.