The beginning

To say that it’s truely the beginning is quite an exageration; but it is true in the context of the year, it’s the beginning. With plans up in the air, and flying back to New Brunswick on December 30th in hope for good things, nothing was concrete until the very last minute, and even then I wasn’t sure.

I came back to Sackville under the pretext of a party at my girl-friends’ house, as they are all from Amherst and were getting together with some of their friends. The storm that preceeded the day’s events hampered their plans slightly, since the Atlantic Canada had been hit by storm, after storm, after storm, after storm. In fact, to this day, the storms continue and snow continues to mount higher and higher, to a point that we are slightly trapped in our house.

So I was puttering around on the Eve of New Years with only a slight idea of what I was going to do. Markus was arriving into Sackville via bus, and I had sent him an e-mail days and days in advance to notify him of my plans. I wanted to see him before he went back to Victoria, I needed to talk to him, and I wanted to spend my New Years with him and his awesome friends. So at the time of about 22.30 I received notification that they had booked the Pub out for the evening, and that a small close-knit group of friends would be there.

I mustered all my strength and depreciated alcohol out for the evening and ran over to the pub, with an hour to spare until midnight, we chatted and had a riot of a time dancing with an empty pup. Tuned out to be scandelous as usual, but nobody was there to notice so it’s a-okay! After our count-down, and some time playing trivia and being dunkards, we went to Ducky’s.

This was preceeded with dancing in the streets, falling into snow-piles, laying in the middle of the roads, and general froliking between young people. I got to hang out with Lachlan for the time too, something I haven’t done in years. All in all, I was thankful that I got to spend my time with whom I wanted, and I even got to meet the famous Kyle Hill, our most recent Rhodes Scholar.

After literally laying around at Ducky’s, we came home as Markus was extrodinary tired, and had been falling alseep all night. The evening came to a close with the nippy wind blowing on our faces, and the huddling under blankets for warmth. When we woke up, it was far in the afternoon and we had more or less wasted a day; but it didn’t matter!

All in all it was a successful accomplishment of what I set out to do. I didn’t think I’d manage, but it all came together at the last moment. Go team!  

Happy 2008; all the best to everyone!

Weekly recap

I have been horirbly neglectful; but I have totally valid reasons for it, I swear! I had three finals, two presentations, and a recital last week, and after the week I just wanted to fall down and die. I also had choir rehersals, a choir performance on Saturday night, a practical blizard came through Sackville, and my life is a total mess.

The week just consisted of non-stressful anxiety attacks, whether it be from my horrible events in my social life, or because of the exams. I’ve become frigid for my revolutionary litterature class; I’ve never not cared so much about something in my life. I just as well might fail the class but it doesn’t bother me at all, because I’m sick of the teacher. Not only is she not professional, but I’ve lost complete interest in the course because I’m made to feel like a blump on a log.

It’s great for the confidence to have a professor constanly ignore you, say you’re stupid in a complex way, or not allow you to do anything. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I’m not allowed to smile, breathe, move, or make sudden gesures because it’s too “disruptive.” So then I just as well not breathe, and then we’d be set; right?

Failed the two finals for that course no doubt; because I just didn’t care! Other than that, to celebrate my ridness of that heinous prof, I went out on Friday with Greg and Jody, and went to Jack’s after the pub. It was really fun, and I was happy because we just sorta lounged around and then had a great time dancing and talking. Apparently I talk too much, but it was funny. We have photographic proofs, and videos too…

As you can notice, the themes of th evening were scandelous, and gossipy; thus altogether debauchery! It was just classic, and a good night-all around. The following day, Saturday night was fab as well, as I went to the pub with Craig and Hussian, and we had this lovely pink drink, and then more fuzzy peach drink, and in a flurry of everything my recent love interest arrived. It made me have an anxiety attack, especially when people started calling their name while I was right there… WTF mates?

So I danced, and my crush was either checking me out, Hussian out, or someone behind us, but it’s highly unlikely. I saw them talking to Marianne, and I was going to go steal his spot when she left, but it didn’t happen and thus Osky fails, yet again. Amber was really drunk, and she got some dirt, none of which was any good anyways, so I’m still caught in this limbo state of the unknown and it’s driving me crazy.

I’m having anxiety attacks this morning, but at least I wasn’t stupid enough to poke random people on Facebook that I don’t even know! God; what an idiot I can be!

Oh; but I did!

I did something very wrong tonight, on a Friday night that I meant to do loads of work and get some sleep. I went out with Hussian and Ben since they were bored, and frankly it made me happy. I discovered this awesome new drink that doesn’t even taste like alcohol; it’s called Blue Lagoon and it makes me very happy. Seeing as I am a very cheap drunk, sharing a pitcher with Hussian was a bad idea! Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

So I was out in full force with the stalking tonight; well not creepily, but hoping that I’d see my stalkees at the pub; oh and I did. I gleeped and squealed even and then ran around, forgot about it, was dancing and found that I was right next to my stalkee (number two). It’s a good sign, I swear! What makes it even better is that I didn’t get roughed up (too much this time), and I saw some people that I normally don’t see there. It made me really happy; so yeah!

Note to self, hearing the word “fabulous” incraeses statistics dramatically and thus I’m suffering from bad news bear. I don’t even know what it means, but it’s something that’s floating through my mind right now.

I must take the laundry out the dryer, and then hop into bed as it’s nearly three o’clock and I’m just a little bit giddy. It was a highly successful stalking night; and thus I’m made really happy. I need to break into the circle; but it’s too hard! I swear, I need more insiders and workin’ on it isn’t doin’ anything. :crazy:

Whatev’r shall I do?

No dice, just no dice!

So I went out with yee olde friends tonight and well let’s just say it wasn’t so great; probably because I wasn’t planning on going out.

We went over to da Yorkie’s house and we just had some social moments, and then staggered over to El Pubo. I write this after returning because I really do need some venting. I have several things to say. The first of which includes my amazing meeting with black eyeshadow that can be used as eye-liner but is less obvious! Who knew?

Thanks to Rosheen I became a pro in 30 seconds flat, and even did my own better than her. Yes, our awesome friendship has come to the point where we share tips on beauty; or lack-there-of in my case. In any case I just wasn’t feeling the pub tonight; whether it be the music or just anything else it wasn’t my thing. I saw seventeen year olds there too; uhm how?! Anyways.

I got my ass kicked, and I mean that both a literal and a figurative way. In other words people were so agressively bitchy tonight that I just was being roughed up left right and centre. At one point I just wanted to flail around and push people away; but I held it together by screaming out “BITCH” at the top of my lungs and staggering around, not even in a drunken way.

One drink tonight didn’t do it for me, but it’s just as well because it would’ve been worse. I saw someone give someone else a piggy back; I think they were eyeing me whilst I was at the coat check. You know how I get away from weird situations like that? I stare at the ceiling because quite frankly there ain’t nobody good enough to take me home; seriously.

Or something like that.

I really just want to curl up and watch a film with a friend; but in a completely non-subjective way I’m saying this: nobody else fits on my bed. I’m not fat, but my friends certainly aren’t skinny, so there isn’t really good methodolgy of sharing a movie watching area in ma boudoire! Anyways, for anyone that is being remarked by this; I’m taking applications as of… five years ago. Nuff said.

Other random rant: Crystal what the hell is with wearing heels to the pub (by the way; heels that I can wear 10x better than you), and then taking them off, hiding them behind the door and walking around in bare-feet? There are rules against that because of glass and such; and guess what? She got cut, and then I got ditched by 5 people and was left stranded around girls falling, men having erection problems, and creepy people harrassing me.

I will fend them off with… eyeliner, and blush; or something.

End rant, and goodnight, or whatever. My life is so struggling right now it’s depressing, or something! :yawn:

On stalkers… again

So I’ve been really slack lately but that’s because there are tons of exciting things going on. Tomorrow I’m waking up the earliest that I’ve woken up since May, 07.00. It should be illegal for people my age, but at any rate it’s because I’ll be working at the Open House that we are holding for prospective schools in the Martimes region, so my boss is a drama queen and all stressed out so it filters down onto us.

Last weekend was exciting as I went to the Pub with Rohseen and Crystal, and I had a little too much to drink, and subsequently made myself throw up to feel better about sleeping. The morning after was death and I’ve never had a head-ache as badly as I had that one right there. XX( As I always say, never again (at least until next Saturday!)

I wrote a mid-term on Monday and it went much better than I thought, but unfortunately the Stylistique mid-term came back and it was an unpleasant surprise; but I’m talking to the prof about it, the crazyness and unexpectedness of it.

So what’s all this about a stalker you wonder? Well here’s the skinny. On Saturday while I was chez mes amis, we had some letters being dropped off at the door as what we thought were pranks. I thought it was Hussian, so I responded to it with a snide pun, and we got letters for the next few days. It creeped out my friends and I enough that we called the RCMP, and yes there’s a stalker. We’ve more or less been under “lockdown” and I’m avoiding this house as much as possible in fears of bad things. :`(

What does this equal? More paranoia on my part, and sms’ from the RCMP on my mobile asking if I’m alright. At least they are looking out for me, I wish I could say the same about my roomates, who continue to neglect to lock the door and respect the safety of several people in the house. :**: Further to this comment, rude remarks, manipulation, and general immaturities are making living in such a place incredibly tedious. I really don’t know what to do, or how to feel, but I can’t be so discrete anymore about my discomfort, because without me doing anything it’s affecting other people.

My advice? Grow up. :-/

Rosheen and I went to the boy’s rugby match last week and I’ll be posting a video from it, for those who have never seen rugby. It was cool but in the rain, mostly because she was stalking one of the players who she thinks is out of her league. She needs to just jump on that horse (not literally), but she’s too shy. Work on that girl!


In other random news, I have the photos from homecoming finally so they are posted as following and above. This was during the game, as well as the “excitement” post-winning. It’s really not that exiciting, but I guess we can post this as being “non-habitual”, don’t hate me!


Apart from all this nothing exciting is going on, except for our Big Stop in Aulac trip which I’ll write about in a bit.