The title speaks louder than words. If I find other people checking me out at the gym; I think I’m either going to metaphorically shit a brick, or throw one at someone. I’m not an object, nor an attractive one, and I’m certainly not a piece of meat to be stared at, when I’m at the my weakest moments. And by weakest moments I mean the time that I’m getting changed. And besides, it’s not like I’m showing any more than 50% of my skin at any given time anyways.

The point is, take your eyes and avert them elsewhere as there are a lot better things to look at. This includes all people over the age of 50, and under the age of 21. None of which should be looking at me anyways; but then again those are the only demographics that I seem to attract (at least the ones that are dodgy and mostly pedophelic).

Anyways, you’ve been warned!