octapus boy

Thanksgiving and Mealhall

So like I said I would, I escaped the wrath of Thanksgiving by going to meal-hall for dinner and eating with Emily, my friend from Maine and Cheyenne, my Bermudian friend. We talked about racial problems and social services in different countries, which was quite an interesting talk, but apparently I say funny things and make people fall over. It’s not intentional; I sware! I’m really quite socially awkward.

Anyways, meal-hall food was… Questionable to say the least, but it was alright never-the-less. I ate lots, and felt like it was worth it totally. So I went home, a few hours later, to find (not surprisingly) that dinner hadn’t been served at the Red Light District and that the turkey was still cooking. It was quite hillarious before I left, Sebrina’s mom and Hussian’s mom were there trying to save the turkey which kept lighting the oven on fire. I just couldn’t help but laugh and reflect on the moment as one of those “I told you so” ones. It was nice in any case.

The food was pleantiful, so I ate some to decrease the amount left over. Mark was offended that Adriel dresses better than him and that I don’t compliment Mark enough. I’ll get right on that, despite Sebrina’s disagreement, quelle catastrophe! I left shortly after some small chat, and went to Chay’s to watch the movie Bug. Don’t bother, it’s fucked up and totally not worth the 1.5 hours that we spent going “Huh?” Something about schitzophrenia and aphids infesting the body; it’s not what we thought it would be at all. It probably had some allegorical meaning, like all films coming out of America, commenting on their pitfalls and such.

I walked home with a blanket, scarf, and it was so cold that I felt like I was dying. It was frigid beyond words, and me running still made it horribly difficult to breath. This makes me not impressed as soon I will need to start dressingly warlmly and sacrificing my amazingly awesome fashionable outfits. Oh well life goes on; but seroiusly. I need to go to Moncton like a feene to get shoes, pants, and shirts. It’s going to be a shizzle-show when I find out when Charlotte is available and we can go shopping. Credit card, here we come.

On an odd note, my stalker was at meal-hall which made me squeal, and then I had other people staring at me. This campus is so freakin’ sketchy sometimes, I’m not a freaking peice of meat available for everyone to drool over and lust after disgustingly. Sigh to the sky!

Octapus boy… wtf?

So I was browsing my normal blogs today and doing some searches and such and I ran across the blog of octapus boy from Sackvegas. You know… the one who was dancing around like an octapus (clearly) and amusing Sarah and I to a very great extent. In fact it’s kind of disturbing as to why I came across his blog. I’ve, since Sackvegas, seen him about a half dozen times on campus and I am surprised to have recognised him. Without the flailing around in a fun manner, it’s difficult to tell you know.

Anyways I thought it was funny and I had to write something about it. The tennis tournament begins tomorrow and I’ve got my skanky outfit ready. I hope that I’m not arresed by the RCMP of New Brunswick; as I’m sure they would be able to find reason.

No it’s really not that bad, at least I think so, but as usual I’m terribly biased.