I couldn’t help but take a moment to highight some really funny articles that I read on my way to work. On the bus, if I’m lucky, there is someone that left a METRO, or 24 Hours, which are free commuter magazines. Seeing that I spent 2 hours plus in transit, something to read is imperative. Sadly I live outside the boundries of “urban area,” and can’t get my news until I get to Malton, which I consider to be a suburb of Pakistan and Bangladesh, possibly of India too (when I get the results in I’ll let you know!) Anyways, there are some funny things I read, specifically things that they take from craigslist, regarding “missed connections.”

To the friendly stranger who gave me a tissue for my bloody nose: Thanks again! I didn’t thank you enough for giving me the tissue to clean myself up after having go punched in the subway. Anyways, I thought you were really helpful as I was awaiting the police! I wasn’t sure if you were into guys at all, but if you are, I’d like to return the friendly gesture by buying you a drink. If not, you have my utmost appreciation. This happend around 11p.m. or so, St George station”

“Sorry I missed you…” 24 Hours (Toronto, ON) 21 Jun 2009: 6.

What are my cmments? Bwhaha! A guy got punched in the subway, so obviously he was a flaming homosexual being a drama queen. He’s throwing himself at some random person who helped him, thus pathetic, and then can’t even conjugate words correctly so it’s embarrassing for him even more, and then even tries to make it seem like it’s no big deal if the random guy isn’t gay! Just a laugh and a half, is all!!