Does anybody know the sound of dissapointments? I think that I have learned what it is… silence, complete and utter silence. So how does ‘silence’ relate to the recent occurances in ‘life’?

Technically, I should have been at the most famous beach in North America right now, but surprise surprise; I’m not. Who would have thought? Well I did, because I knew in the back of my mind that this would happen. How could something not? It was just too perfectly set up for something not to happen.

It would have been my first vacation in 11 years, but alas; apparenly I need to wait another 11 years to enjoy myself for once. So what exactly is the word to describe a feeling like this? At first someone could say dissapointment, but that just doesn’t describe it well enough. It’s more of devastated to the point where I haven’t spoken aloud for 48 hrs, left my room, eaten anything more than water, or done anything more than just lay around. Sounds pretty pathetic, but I guess this is what I have to prepare myself for: a life of just sitting around doing something.

On a happier note everyone else is there having a good time. Jim, the one who was supposed to drive, decided to go to Montréal for a little vacation of his own. Dan decided to go visit Parker in New York, and where does this leave me exactly?

Nowhere. My room, in otherwords, becasue dang-diddily, who’d ‘a thunk’ it thad I’d ge’ screw’d over! Excuse me while I go lay down again and consider ‘existing’