mystery dancer

Ode to the mystery dancer, again!

What can I say, I’m simply smitten! The mystery dancer of Melodifestivalen 2011 made another appearance on Saturday evening, but this time only appearing in a couple of acts. It’s so sad to only see him appear a few times, but it’s something better than nothing. If you have no idea whom I’m talking about, please see this link (click here) and view photos below.

Linköping.00-01.Mystery DancerLinköping.00-02.Mystery Dancer

As shown above, his first appearance of the evening is with Sara Lumholt’s performance of “Enemy.” He struts his stuff in a seemingly blue flight-attendant outfit, and effectively conveys himself as a competent dancer. Quite honestly, I’ve noticed throughout the last few weeks, that he’s very dedicated and one of the few dancers that are fluid, and actually seem like they are into the dancing, as opposed to just performing as a part of the act!

Linköping.00-03.Mystery DancerLinköping.00-04.Mystery Dancer

Justly so, our mystery dancer makes another appearance in Eric Saade’s number “Popular.” Although he only shows up at the end, post-glass-breaking, and without white shoes like others (snob snob), he still busts a move to make the show complete. It wouldn’t have been right to have a wet dream like Eric Saade not dance with a wet dream like the mystery dancer! The second photo is actually a mistake guilty pleasure; as you can see there is a bit more skin showing than normal, but also what looks like a pseudo-crotch grab! haa!

Okay okay enough enough I won’t be creepy any more; but I have to announce that I have found out the name of this dancer, and will create another ode to him in the near future, revealing his awesomeness to the world.

Do dancers have agents? Do they have websites or fan pages dedicated to them? If not, I think my blog just became his…

Ode to Jenny Silver

This was a few weeks and a long time coming, but I can do nothing short of pay hommage to the great Jenny Silver. Last year she competed with a very strange, but interesting song, and this year she comes with what I’d like to quite frankly call… an anthem.

Luleå.03-01.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-02.Jenny Silver

With flashes throughout of ABBA, and lyrics that are fluid and inspiring, Jenny not only hits the high notes, but also graces us with the basso-alto notes that make such an impact on the sound of the song, that it actually shows the huge range that she can sing.

Luleå.03-03.Jenny SilverLuleå.03-04.Jenny Silver

The theme of blue is my favourite, and the fact that her microphone stand was glowing blue makes it that much better. The choreography is very simple yet effective. Everything improves about 100% when the dancers come out, and it features the famous mystery dancer (of whom I’ve spoken in several other posts, and will continue to do!).

This song is everything that I have my heart, and it’s such a shame that it doesn’t go directly to Globen. It deserves it, because it lights the fire within my soul like Linda Pritchard did last year. It’s an anthem, and it’s the anthem of my love, my heart and my world.

Go Jenny Silver, Go!

Ode to the mystery dancer

At the risk of becoming a stalker, I’ve spotted the sexy dancer again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please refer to the following post that explains everything. Now that I’ve cleared that up, behold the screenshots provided.

Göteborg.00-01.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-02.Mystery Dancer

Firstly, as shown above we notice the mystery dancer accompanying Christer Sjögren, who at this point is unimportant in comparison to the dancer. Both in standing, and about to be standing position, in uniform no less!

Göteborg.00-03.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-04.Mystery Dancer

Who better than to accompany and dance with a drag act, Babsan, than our lovely mystery dancer? Not only is he a perfect gentleman but he also surprises us with a later strip, then gyrating act. Despite being incredibly asexual as I am, this did have a slight tingling effect on me.

Göteborg.00-05.Mystery DancerGöteborg.00-06.Mystery Dancer

It gets even better, when our mystery dancer not only dances with Sanna Neilsen, but then gets twirly in the air. Like for realzies!

It’s so disturbing that I’m so clearly N°1 fan… 😀

An Ode to Dilba and Mystery Dancer


This song is awesome and the more that I listen to Luleå’s Semifinal from last weekend the more I adore this song and regret that it came in 8th place. Truth be told, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I quite like the sophistication of the song. With a soft yet powerful voice, this dance techno-ish song has a bit of everything. Especially good dancing with a theme of Tron.


It’s clear that Dilba is decent at singing, and is a somewhat comfortable performer. At the very least she looks at ease and like she’s having fun. It’s for this reason that she must be commended for the awesomeness that this song will become. I predict, along with many others that it will become a radio-hit and a popular song in Sweden.

Further to this, I’m obsessed with the dancer that I have circled in red above. He’s hot, and I want him. Simply put. He’s just oozing the appeal that I search so earnestly for.


The only thing that bothers me a bit, is the fact that Dilba always looks like she is leaning forward and therefore her breasts are on the verge of popping out (as seen above). The performance itself is pretty simple and the singing straighforward, and the dancing compliments it perfectly.

I love this song. Does anyone know who this dancer is or must I begin major stalking?