myrtle beach

South Carolina in a nutshell

I’m a lazy bitch, I know, don’t hate me because well I’m nearly a month behind in writing about South Carolina. I’ll try to condense it as best as I can; but as you all know I ramble (like hell)! So anyways, departing from Toronto to Detroit was awesome and the Detroit airport was so kick-ass you wouldn’t know it. Detroit in my eyes is like major ghetto, but it turned out to be the most modern airport I’ve ever been to! It’s 100% Northwest Airlines flights which is cool, but it’s huge and well fun. It has this cool place in between the terminals where you walk through a tunnel and it changes colours! Check out the video!

It made my day just to fiddle around all down there for my connections. With the Michagin-ians (sp?) and the southerners I was happily having fun listening to people and pretending to be talking on my mobile, don’t judge me. So I finally arrived in South Carolina, Columbia to be exact and was greated by Jeannette my longtime friend from GT, she’s so sweet and cute, and actually quite short.

We went back to her complex-family’s house and she hosted a pot luck that evening, less of the pot luck, more of the Jean and I cooking. Her friends are really friendly and nice and we got along great; talking and watching Eddie Izzard on some DVD (funny shit). Next day we were off to Charleston to do some sightseeing of the old capitol of the state. So what are some cool things about the south? Well there are deadly spiders, which I managed to take a photo of (creepy!), and there are lots of palmetto trees. No not palm trees, palmettos are just smaller ones.. Who knew?


We met up with one of Jeannette’s ex-boyfriend / father to her daughter / convict / runaway / child to the people she’s living with friend (drama, I know!). He was totally into her and Stacey (who I finally got to meet; damn she’s hawt as f*ck) and I joked about it all day. How else are we to pass time when older people are flirting so obviously, Marty, the guy, didn’t pay much attention to me because he’s too wrapped up in his own ego. Anyways, we had smoothies and I got carded (yay), and then we went to a ghost tour at an abandoned jail.

It was tame as tame could be, but I had to go to the bathroom and I had to end up using a leaf and finding a place, I know it’s gross. But it was so humid and hot that it was disgusting, we also go lost walking, and the cockroaches were like chasing us? It’s a sign, I know it. We finally got back to Columbia at wee hours of the night, and then to sleep we went. After all, I was dragging Jean to the gym the next day!

So we went to Gold’s Gym, apparently it’s famous in the USA?, and met all of the co-workers that she talked to. I immediately took a liking to Jason who is this new guy who is major-hick-ditzy-hunky type. He got some instructions to do something and with a blank look and a “huh” he just stood there, I laughed and eventually after careful explination in simple language he did what he was supposed to. What more can I ask for, it’s just adorable, I want one!

The gym was huge and had a cardio studio which shows movies in a dark room, so despite my desire to show off my hawt body, I was relegated to the dark room until I did stretching in public. I saw at least three old people ghasp at my flexibility, one girl looked like she was getting wet (euww), and I could have sworn that a guy popped a woody when walking by. I guess that’s what happens when I’m standing on my head with my legs spread wide, the imagination just flows. Bwhaha.


On happier note we planned our trip to downtown and the state capitol was well, boring. It wasn’t boring in a bad way, just state capitol way. Jean’s friend Eileen came along, and well the company of a short little Asian was great. The art gallery didn’t amuse me, but the state house did. It was awesome as we got to see the chambers and everything, go awesomeness! That’s the cool thing about Americans, they take their shizzle seriously, or something. The park was nice and I fed my Tamagotchi (yes they still exist) as we roasted in the sun, and then we headed back home. But I couldn’t get over the state house, the bathrooms were marble and actually clean! I did however get asked if I had grenades upon entering, I hate this whole right to bear arms shit.


Here you can see the entire capitol, small yeah no kidding. So we went home and did lazy things before going to the gym everyday until we went to Myrtle Beach (no shit man!). I got fit and made other people uncomfortable, it’s a gift I swear. We met up with Sherri the awesomely bubbly (so much like me) southerner friend of Jean who teaches the aerobics classes. She makes me so happy with her awesomeness and positive attitude, it’s just sad that she has major issues.


With fears of getting lost like she always does, April, Jean and I set out for Myrtle Beach cause well I wanted some beach lovin’. We got there and it was beautiful, our condo was so cute, and comfortable, and the beach was just a dream come true. I layed there and did nothing whilst Jean bitched about the sun giving her a rash. I guess I was the only greatful one. We all got into an “intellectual” debate about the ages of these two guys who were playing botchi ball with their families. They were the cutest family ever and I can only hope to have bodies like they all did. As a startling fact, most people there had gross bodies and weren’t worth looking at, thankfully I had a bandana to hide it from my eyes, woudln’t want my eyes bleeding now would we? ;D PS: Don’t hate me because I took a photo of the family, love me because they are hawt!


We went to the beach late at night and froliked. I lost the ring I bought in Charleston, but I found it in the sand (no way!) and I went for a walk and could feel a storm coming in. The ocean was so warm, but I was afraid a shark would eat me while my ankles were in the water. I’m a freak I know, but it’s okay. Apparently the po-lice (haha americans) let young people drink on the beach at night; wtf? We went to a Bi-Low which is always open, and I bought a shirt that would fit a 5 year old girl, I claimed that it would make a great supertight booty shirt (it will). I just need to remove the neck part and then it will fit over my head and I will be able to show off my hawt body. Go me. By the way, the stuff on the beach was really whory, so don’t judge me I was high on sugar, or something?


I forgot that we went to Camden, this historic war site, and it wasn’t anything exciting just old stuff so I don’t feel the need to write about it any more than I have to. Done! So the next day was a tax free day and I was off to the airport thanks to Jean, even though it was a 40 minute drive, wtf? From one side of the city to the other in 40 minutes and it’s not even that big of a city? Messed up I tell you. It was empty and nothing was going on, so it was a relaxing way home. The flight was delayed at one point, but I’ll leave you with some awesome airport photos, since I know Henrik loves them. (De är allt för dig min vän 🙂 )


The Detroit airport even has a monorail thing cause it’s so big, isn’t that awesome? See what I mean about NWA being everywhere, it’s like they are taking over the world. Creeeepy. I will try to get photos of Pearson International in Toronto when I fly out to Moncton next week.

Question to the Swedes, should I go ahead and get a SAS Eurobonus membership if I’m going to be using Star Alliance flights all the time, and moving to Sweden? Yes, no? Let me know, lova ya’!

More travel!

So I’m packing to get ready to go into Toronto to stay at a friends place before I hope on a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit going to Columbia South Carolina. Yes that’s right folks I’m going on vacation again, but this time to a place where it’s hot and southern and has beaches and nice weather. Take that weird thunderstormy Canada.

I just hope that I wake up in time in the morning to get on the first metro going to Kipling and then the bus transfer. I figure 2.5 hours early at the airport is sufficient, but I guess we shall see. It’s going to be nice, I hope and Jean might even take me to Myrtle Beach! Wouldn’t that just be amazing; I’m actually salivating right now thinking about it.

And who gets to pick me up at the airport? Two hot chicks, that’s right; America be jealous cause I’m awesome haha. I really do hope that I make them jealous, but anyways some plans for the trip:

  • See state buildings
  • See government buildings
  • Work out at Jean’s gym
  • Go running everyday in the morning
  • Eat lots of salad and drink lots of water
  • Do a survey

What is this survey you wonder? Well when we are on the beach I’m going to walk around with a clipboard being a Swedish foreign exchange student doing a survey on American English pronouciations, since I’ll be a linguist. I think I’ll take the name Mathias, unless you have other suggestions? Hell I can be someone new everyday; give me suggestions!

What’s the purpose of this? To get close to goodlooking people of course; yes I’m pathetic, but highly entertained! There’s nothin’ betta dan catchin’ me a southern’r


So during the time that I am supposed to be halfway to USA I thought that I would explain why I am so independant sometimes. This ‘situation’ is a perfect example of why I am this way.

It’s horrible of me to say the following things, but I think it’s damn time that I be a little bit selfish, espeically after looking forward to my first vacation in 11 years, and first time to the beach. I know that Jim (my ride) is having ‘personal issues,’ that is to say his mother is not doing so well healthily, but even after having planned this for him 1 year in advance, he delays our departure by 12 hrs so that he can be with his mother.

I talked with Jean, and we both can’t understand why he couldn’t have just called his brother to come help, since he knew ahead of time that he would be out of the country.

So what is the result of the delay? I am delayed, Dan is delayed, Parker is delayed, and Jean is freaking out becasue she is afraid that we won’t be able to make it because Jim will bail, and he’s the only way for us to get there. This is the exact reason why I do everything myself, becasue if I rely on anyone else for anything it’s always a dissapointment for me in the end.

Not just this situation, but in school, or in life, or just anything. People never do things they say they will for me, so I just have learned to figure it out myself so at least something will get done. It’s so selfish of me to say all this stuff, but honestly now, 11 years and no vacation? I think it’s pretty fair of me to judge other people at this point after giving them the benefit of the result for my whole life.

Why do I even try anymore? What’s the point for me to even try things or learn to trust others, when all that anyone has ever done for me is fail for me?

5 Days ‘Till Beach

Wow the time has gone so quickly and there is only five more days until I leave to the USA for a beach vacation-weekend! Since I don’t want to forget anything, I am going to talk a little bit about it and make a To-Do list for myself to remind me of what I need to do!

I have never been to this part of the USA, since I had only ever been to Ohio and New Hampshire, so I don’t know what to expect really. I also haven’t been to the ocean at all, so I don’t know what to expect in terms of the beach and the water and such. It’s fairly far south, so it might be really hot (but I’m not quite sure what kind; hot and dry or moist and humid?) I will do some reasearch and hope to God that it doesn’t rain, because that would make me cry!

Okej, so here we go with the To-Do

To-Do List:
1) Get Haircut
2) Pack clothing (See To Bring List)
3) Go to bank to get US Funds
4) Talk to Jim about when I will arrive at his house and when we leave
5) Personal grooming
6) Get present for Jean
7) Figure out how I’m going to tan without burning to a crisp

To-Bring List:
1) Pillow
2) Bag / Blanket
3) Sunscreen
4) Towel / swim-shorts
5) Tanning shorts
6) Disco clothes
7) Toothbrush / toothpaste / shampoo / soap / etc.
8) Book(s) to read
9) Music (somehow)
10) Digi-Camera
11) Water bottle
12) Passport(s)

So if I forgot anything I will just add it to the list, so that I won’t forget it before Friday when we leave! B) *hops around* This is so exciting, and I can’t wait!

In other news today, I have a ban concert tonight for the opening of a new school, so I best be practicing my instrument sometime today, since I have like 5 hours to familiarize myself with the tunes, which are sometimes very difficult.

I was in the yard yesterday working very much, so I am quite tired today, but it’s hotter and I am too lazy to go outside, so sadly because I am not there, my parents are working slowly and no being very proactive. If I’m there yelling at them to keep going and telling them what to do, they work much better..

As someone told me one day: “Crack that whip osky!!” :yes:

Myrtle Beach!

Oh my golly geepers mother of all flaming suns that burn far above!

I am going on a road trip in…. 16 days! And whereto? The most amazing beach spot in non-Florida United States *eww I know* but it’s Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

I am going with some people that I met, and well they seem nice enough, and I just want to travel anyways, and get a tan.. Oh my, if I could get a tan this year before going to France I would feel amazing, and maybe even a little good looking for once!

And besides, the people I am going with will be very complimentary I guess, becasue well most of them are a lil older and like to drool over people with bodies like me :DD

Anyways, bottom line is that I’m going somewhere the first weekend in June and I’m super excited, becasue it’s really cheap too!! And especially since the exchange rate is amazing 😀