WINDmobile SIM Card

I recently stopped over to a little kiosk in Toronto to pick up a SIM card for my new Nexus One phone… (not pictured at this point) which is of course available in Canada yet, but I managed to land it.

In any case, I picked my plan, got my no-contract unlimited deal, and my first month free. So far I’ve had no problems with my service at all, except for the lack of ‘home’ service in my town, which will eventually come they tell me this year.

Otherwise the unlimited 3G and wireless connections suffice for me. I find myself tweeting on Twitter more, responding quicker to emails and Facebook messages. Eventually I might even blog from my phone. It’s become invaluable, and it’s so great to have a Canadian phone number that is local (for the first time).

Just a shame that I don’t know anyone here that can call me, or that I can call…