melodifestivalen 2010

Ode to Hanna Lindblad

This is one of the sexiest displays of hawtness that I’ve ever seen before in my life. It makes me wants to be into Hanna Lindblad, who is hawt, a great singer, and an even better performer…

Sandviken.8-01.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-02.Hanna Lindblad

When I stat to imagine being Manipulated by someone, more specifically in this case a dominatrix named Hanna, I can’t help but think that it’s funny to start on the floor; very sexy.

Sandviken.8-03.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-04.Hanna Lindblad

When Hanna et al. all arrive onto their feet and are dancing, they execute the most amazing timing to each other with sync and with the music. Then we get a little emo when we are describing why we are manipulated…

Sandviken.8-05.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-06.Hanna Lindblad

Then we do deep lunges and share how strong our legs because we all know what’s coming on in the end…

Sandviken.8-07.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-08.Hanna Lindblad

What’s sexier than controlling to cross-dressing men who have long hair, and sexy heels on? I can’t think of much at least in the context of this performance, but then I’m proved wrong with Hanna showing her flexibility as a dominatrix!

Sandviken.8-09.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-10.Hanna Lindblad

Then we are getting a little self-conscious about it all and retreat back into our shells. I’m still shellshocked since the last chorus…

Sandviken.8-11.Hanna LindbladSandviken.8-12.Hanna Lindblad

When I see singers and dancers intertwine their arms like they did I think of Vishnu or Sheeba or some weird Eastern god with a million arms that are all there to control you like the dominatrix. So hawt!

Words can’t express how much this performance has; sexiness, domantrix, guys in drag, guys in heels, dancers in heels, sexy flexibility, creepy make-up, just all around sexiness. I have to say I was panting a little bit after seeing this spectacle…


Ode to Linda Pritchard

It has long been delayed, but I have to take a moment to thank and to recognize the wonder and hawtness that is Linda Pritchard in this year’s Melodifestivalen with her song You’re Making me Hot-Hot-Hot (which is by far one of the best songs that’s been produced ever!)

Örnsköldsvik.3-01.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-02.Linda Pritchard

We open the hawt song with a lovely intro, and the sexy red-head sportin’ her attitude filled strong voice. She bops around, dips like you wouldn’t believe, and all magically in tune with the dancers and the music!

Örnsköldsvik.3-03.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-04.Linda Pritchard

Then we move into the chorus where we are getting a little bit hotter, and then are stretching our vocal cords a little bit before moving into the holy freaking awesome reprise!

Örnsköldsvik.3-05.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-06.Linda Pritchard

Then she gives us even more sexy attitude then asks us to get hot with her.

Örnsköldsvik.3-07.Linda Pritchard

How can people not have liked this song; it was so clearly one of the better songs in the competition (not the best) but one of the best songs that I’ve heard produced in a really long time. More than that I’ve never heard of her before this; but then again it reminds me of what she tells us: to FREE YOUR MIND!

Melodifestivalen 2010 – Final

Six weeks since the first song walked out onto these stage, we have made it through four semi-finals, a second chance round, and now are housed in the great Globen. With sexy presenters, great songs, and a wide open competition (where I had no idea who would win!) I was so happy to see it (although delayed).

I orientally thought that Timoteij and/or Darin were going to be the winners, but as the show progressed it became more sweetly obvious what was going to happen.

Darin – You’re Out of My Life
❗ Personal Favourite


This was not one of my favourites originally but it really grew on me. From the Semi-Final to the Final, my love for this song simply grew and overtime I hear Darin sing “It hurts” I just feel a little bit of knives in my heart. He’s an accomplished singer, and he did well for himself. Though I still can’t get over the nose… just saying

Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag vill om du vågar
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.2.Pernilla Wahlgren

Can’t have a Mello show without schlager in the final and thankfully she delivers. Total flop with the juries and televoting, but the dancers have my vote. I’m still salivating and having dreams about them being my backup dancer in my daydreams about being Da Buzz.. (yes I’m strange, but you can’t deny I have good taste!)

Andreas Johnson – We Can Work it Out

Stockholm.3.Andreas Johnson

A song of Andreas that I’m not really a fan of, but he’s still a fantastic singer. The song is simple, he’s wearing green, and he’s wearing a lot of make-up which is especially noticeable since the closeups are very… well close. I still am disturbed about how he looks so much like the Joker from Batman (somewhere along the way). I’m just not inspired at all by this song… Sad

Timoteij – Kom
❗ Personal Favourite


I’ve said it in the comments for the Semi-Final, but anyone who knows me knows that I love this song. There are a few comments that are different than the semi-final: for instance the mics were very sensitive and you could hear the live “playing” of the instruments, and unfortunately they were all out of tune and sounded weird. Apart from that, they are hot, their song is awesome, and the drummers, among other things make me hot and put ants in my pants (or something)… I would vote for them, and the dancers of course!!

Peter Jöback – Hollow
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.5.Peter Jöback

As the apparent Peter Jöback look-alike, I have to empathize with this song. I think that our singing voices are even quite the same, which is strange. I love Peter Jöback, and I think that this song is so inspiring and well sung and powerful. It’s so powerful that I sing it in the shower and get all pruney. I just wish that he could have worn normal clothing and done something about the strange hairs. The lyrics for this song are also very easy to understand and are telling a story; that helps with me. I love this song, and I am so sad that nobody else felt my love!

Ola – Unstoppable


Listing to the ‘intro’ by Ola made me hate him even more, and I can’t get over it. His accent from the south, is barely understandable, and further to that with the haircut he looks like a shaved rat. The song is ‘ok’ but I feel that it’s so forced, and his English is so iffy that it makes the song less credible. Like I said, the song is decent and actually is quite catchy, but it’s poorly executed (in my opinion)!

Jessica Andersson – I Did it For Love
❗ Personal Favourite
Stockholm.7.Jessica Andersson

How could anyone not like this simple, powerful ballad?! With a beautiful woman singing a beautiful song, in a beautiful dress, and a beautiful situation it’s just a recipe for disaster. The problem is that Jessica is such a staple in the competition, she just doesn’t get the votes and gets lost in the shuffle. I really do love this song, and find myself humming it constantly.

Salem al Fakir – Keep On Walking

Stockholm.8.Salem al Fakir

This song really really really gets under my skin and I really don’t like it a lot. I don’t like his voice, I don’t like his ‘attitude’ and how he appears as a person (which seems quite stuck up and awkward). Good for him for making this far, and writing his own song; but what the fuck was up with that girl imitating him. I just really am irritated by this song and I hope that I don’t have to hear it often!

Anna Bergendahl – This is My Life
=> Winner
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.9.Anna Bergendahl

This song came out of nowhere to hit me in the face sine the Semi-Finals. When she comes out onto stages, I’m just as shocked as her with the lights in the crowd. Globen was gleaming with Anna, and then she starts singing the song and I find the hairs on my arm starting to stand on ends, and I get so far into this song. What a fantastic song to choose out of a great group of songs to represent Sweden. With a wide open competition she came from the middle to kick some ass. Will the song do well in Europe? I truly do think that this is a top 5 if not a top 10 song forsure! It’s so personal, it’s so emotional, it’s so everything!

Eric Saade – Manboy
❗ Personal Favourite

Stockholm.10.Eric Saade

Simply put this guy is every girl’s wet dream, although he seems to not have any control over his eyebrows or other facial expressions. He showers infront of the country, he’s cute as fuck, and he’s got a song talking about he’s a man but a boy. Sex on legs, but for me he’s not Måns Zelmerlöw, who I’m still holding out for, plus he’s too young! But God this song has me dancing down the street!

What a fantastic show, with fantastic inter-show with many huge stars with the Norway vs. Sweden, and then a dramatic wide-open competition! I can’t help but cheer on Sweden at Eurovision, though as originally planned, doesn’t look like I’ll be in Oslo! I hate my life in this respect!

Melodifestivalen 2010 – Andra Chansen: Örebro


So due to ‘social’ activities I didn’t see the live version, but then again the Andra Chansen round always ends up going the way it should. The two better songs made it through; and now are in the final.

Congratulations to Pernilla Wahlgren and Jessica Andersson for making it to Globen!!

Now what the hell is going to happen in Stockholm? Not a bloody clue, as it’s fierce competition!!

Melodifestivalen 2010 – Deltävling N°4: Linköping

So we come to the other evening, and since I was out I had to rely on the obsessive nature of other people (thank God for that); so on to the smashing show!

Sibel – Stop


So last year Sibel was this cute girl in a frilly pink dress. This year she’s turned into a strung out whore with too much makeup and a dress that looks like a present bow. The whole time that this song goes on, with the weird greeny-grey people in the background, I keep thinking that the words fit into my brain really well. Stop! Just stop! I’m sick of explinations, so just stop stop stop!! This song irritates me and I really can’t even bother to type out things about it that are horrible; please go back to being normal Sibel as you were much better.

Py Bäckman – Magisk stjärna

Linköping.2.Py Bäckman

The famous singer comes back with a very hippie look at music, and three minutes that I’ll never get back. I don’t find that stars are magical, but in any case. Generally speaking this isn’t the style of lounge music that I like, and then the fact that her singing voice and the way that she portrays the music makes me love the fact that I prefer really old music before synthesizers were made. She’s no doubt a good performer, but I didn’t feel it at all!

NEO – Human Frontier
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite


When upbeat popy song meets an awkward looking guy dressed up like Sherlock Holmes, my interest peaks. The fact that this song is really in falsetto for the majority of the chorus and bridge, makes me a little skeptical that this will go on very far. The ‘oddness’ reminds me of Magnus Uggla, but at the same time the tune is so catchy that it gets me bopping in my seat. I suppose also that the awkward looking singer makes the stage seem a little bit more like ‘what is going on’ but I like what I’m hearing. This will be a good choice for the second chance round, but in the final I feel that it would get lost a little bit in the shuffle.

Lovestoned – Thursdays
❗ Personal Favourite


Interseting choice by SVT to include this song à la Ace of Base, so clearly mixed with a modernish tune. There are four on stage, and I didn’t really know who was singing what and when, but the song is sort of making me go back and forth and get up and sway (but not dance). I need to feel like dancing, and not like swaying, but still I think it’s a half decent song (that would also get lost in the Final), so it’s just as well that the puck stopped there.

Anna Bergendahl – This Is My Life
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.5.Anna Bergendahl

I’m a little bit surprised by this song and how it was voted first. It’s an upbeat ballad by a pretty girl, but apart from the country feel I didn’t see what was so amazing about it. It’s good, I’ll give her that, and she really emotes it well, but I wish to have more to go off of and to feed into. The song pulled me into her vocal box, but at the same time I kept wondering ” get me out of here – its too emotional ” but it’s no Movin’ On! Good for Anna, but my favourites are saved for the best!

Pernilla Wahlgren – Jag vill om du vågar
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.6.Pernilla Wahlgren

There is something really attractive about a 40-something dancing around in a sparkly dress singing a nice upbeat song, with sexy dancers (btw I want the short-crew cut black haired one) especially since she’s a super awesome star from the past. She’s well known, she’s got a good song, it’s not great, but it’s gonna keep me interested. Focus more onto the men, please!!

Noll disciplin – Idiot

Linköping.7.Noll Disciplin

What the fuck is going on here? Some punk band on stage with people wearing horrible outfits. Go home song number two of the year. I don’t like this song in the least, I don’t like the style, and not even the presentation was half decent. I even dare say that the rapping in other semifinals was better (and not by much!) Go home and get diciplined!

Peter Jöback – Hollow
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Linköping.8.Peter Jöback

I will pre-prompt this review with the fact that I love Peter Jöback. I was told by my good friend Daniel that I’m so much like him, and that I even look a little bit like him, and after waiting about 6 years for him to make an appearance in Melodifestivalen, I’m so happy that I got to see it. Peter is fuckin’ sexy and I want him; flat out. This song makes me so happy and the ballad-like sound of his whiny voice makes me think of my own, and it makes me further believe that we are so much more alike than I could have imagined. Huge awesomness makes me want him more, and in the most amazing ways. The only thing that I couldn’t help but think, is that he sounds a little bit like Evan, but is sooo much better. Awesome execution, and awesomeness for the Final. He makes me hollow without him, and so I will confess how awesome this is. I will go out and make an assumption that he’s got a partner, but if not, then please someone hook me up with him, or at least make me the number 1 look alike fan and get me all being friends with him or something!!

So what a good night. I love Peter Jöback, and I love awesomeness. I’m on too much of a cloud to be able to comment further, but it was an all in all good show!