melodifestivalen 2008

Melodifestivalen 2009: Deltävling N°4: Malmö

I sat in my room, I was eating candy, connecting to the live SVT feed, and then by the end of the night I had laughed, screamed, and let out cries of pain and “whoohoos.” To my luck, the neighbours were having a party and thus the noises probably meshed in! A bit of a shocker night, but great never-the-less! I will refrain from Skåne jokes, or talking about Malmö and Denmark. 🙄

Agnes – Love Love Love
=> Globen


I’ve never been a fan of Agnes, and this song is okay. It’s a disco-hit that she starts off with a flattery shaky voice but then gets into it a lot better. I think it was funny that she got confetti stuck in her hair, but I don’t like her attitude at all. She’s a former Idol winner, and despite having grown up since then she’s clearly still immature. In fact, at the post-show interview she asked what the International Jury was. Obviously she doesn’t care about the competition if she doesn’t even know what it is. She comes off as a ditzy, naive, and immature girl. Too bad she can sing…

Star Pilots – Higher
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.02.Star Pilots

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Finsksvenskor! Simple as that. This song is one foot in the 90’s with a sexy Baywatch sort of feel, with a high singing man in the presence of real life pilots. They are sexy, they have a greatly uplifting song that got voted and bumped to Andra Chansen by Agnes. I would have chosen it to go instead and Agnes to Andra Chansen, but oh well. Blonde sexy Finns singing on stage with dancing pilots is just wow. Please Johan Fjellström, take your show to Helsinki and teach the Finns how to put on Eurovision semifinal!

Susanne Alfvengren – Du är älskad där du går

Malmö.03.Susanne Alfvengren

This song is a nice sweet little ballad but it got lost in the shuffle, as a lot of songs. There was no hype about it, and although sung beautifully and sweetly, it just didn’t have anything more to it. It’s a shame though that so much good stuff gets trampled over, but alas what can we do?

Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng – Killing Me Tenderly
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.04.Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng

A bit of a shock that this song didn’t go through and came 7th. I was thinking it was going to be top-4 or top-5 at least considering the popularity and success of both Anna and Maria. I guess Swedes don’t want to see an international pairing go to Eurovision, considering that Maria has gone, and Anna a few times for Estonia. Despite that, this song is a beautiful fun duet that shows their singing abilities. I’ll always be a fan of Anna, but tragic that it was dropped.

Thorleifs – Sweet Kissin’ In the Moonlight


There is something endearing about seeing a legend on stage, who’s put on weight and looks awkward in the camera when clapping his hands to go along with the song. I like the song, I’m not going to lie, but I don’t think it was really up for any chance considering the competition. It’s sort of the Christer Sjögren of last year, but with a little less cheese factor and cute dancers and a catchy tune that just makes me want to do the twist!

Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving On
=> Andra Chansen & International Jury’s Choice
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.06.Sarah Dawn Finer

Well well well, what do we have here SDF? This is a monsterous epic ballad, that was expected to be as such, but what a shocker being beaten to Andra Chansen by an Operatic-FunkDisco song? This song is truly epic, with rising hydraulic lifts, suns, and sexy Sarah Dawn Finer singing. It’s a great song that quite literally brought a tear to my eye before the second verse. It was just chillingly intense and sent shivers down my spine. My prediction is that it will breeze through Andra Chansen, and if I’m shocked then it’s the best of the International Jury’s Choices so it’s getting to Globen regardless. Shocker that it wasn’t voted though!

Next 3 – Esta noche

Malmö.07.Next 3

First go home song of the year. I was disgusted to hear this, and even to see it. They all look like ghetto teenagers gone wrong with horrible style. I don’t like how they look, how they dance (or lack of), and the rap isn’t floating my boat. This should have come 8th, as it was rubbish. I also took a bad screencap because they are bouncing around so much like annoying rappers do it’s impossible to get a good shot. Go home!

Malena Ernman – La voix
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite

Malmö.08.Malena Ernman

What a shocker, but a pleasant one for me, for Sweden, for her, and for Sarah Dawn Finer. She got beaten by an operatic-disco song! I think it’s fabulous, with the effects and simplicity of an opera singer singing something out of their realm and making it work. I think she was the most shocked of everything in the night. But really I think that it’s endearing that Sweden finally voted for a voice and a great singer, and not necessarily a star. Her opera career is already great, but it’s going to shoot up because now she’s versatile, and humble as a Cinderella. Congrats and all the best, but I think that it will finish in the middle of the pack in Globen, sort of lost in the star-studded shuffle.

What a great show, and a great finish for the semi-finals, count-down till Stockholm now, but before that we are going to Nörrköping to get through Andra Chansen. Despite this and the excitement of all 32 song being done now, I can start to think about what’s going to happen.

In greater news, Petra Mede is again a star and even can manage to be funny, stall, and get things done! Props to her, and her family.

This couldn’t have been better moment of shock for an artist. I think the only thing more shocking is Suzzie Tapper last year, but in a good way. She’s believing that nothing will go on, but she finds a ticket straight to Stockholm. Go opera, sista-diva!

Melodifestivalen 2008: Final

The day has come to chose our selection to go to Eurovision this year; will it be glamour-rock, schlager, folk-rock, hip-hop, or a ballad? All of these choices are good, and I must say that this is one of the strongest finals that I’ve seen in recent years. I would vote for nearly everyone, if I could!

Charlotte Perrelli – Hero
Winner; to Eurovision
Personal Favourite


The artist formerly known as Charlotte Nilsson is here, with a new name, a new song, and a brand spankin’ awesome chance to go to Eurovision. Not only is it a love for the juries, but in my humbly-awesome opinion it’s the best song there this year. It’s go lights, it’s got sparkles, it’s got voice, it’s got harmony, it’s got key changes, it’s got dancing, it’s just fantastic! I have ranted and raved about it, and even in Eurovision it has a chance! Heja Charlotte!

Sibel – That is where I’ll go


Well performed, but a mistake to come to Globen through Andra Chansen. She had no chance up against Sanna, and her song wasn’t frankly good enough either. She was completely forgotten by the juries and nearly forgotten by the televotes. Even her Idol-power couldn’t save her; but it’s just as well!

Rongedal – Just a minute
Personal Favourite


An excellent placing and performance for this number, one of the most fun of the competition. The juries and televoting were generous, but not enough to bring it into second place like I would have liked. Even still it’s a great radio-hit that will be on the radio for weeks and months to come! There ain’t nothin’ wrong with rockin’ down with ya twin broz!

Linda Bengtzing – Hur svårt kan de va


She’s one of my favourite Swedish artists, but just not in Melodifestivalen. She seems to over-do it, and she didn’t take my recomendations from the semi-final. The outfits were way weird, and she sitll looks like a punk meets pop disaster! At least she can sing and didn’t forget her words, though! Totally shafted by the public though, and even had the nerve to talk about it to the newspapers!

Christer Sjögren – I Love Europe


Unfortunately this song is catchy; cause it’s a damn shame that people actually voted for it. I guess the older population of Sweden banded together to take over and give him some points. I scoff at them, but really, doesn’t that back-up singer look a little bit like Carola? It’s creepy! Christer, you can love Europe from home, it’s better off that way, we already have neough joke acts in Eurovision this year! Kthx!

Amy Diamond – Thank You


This song just gets under my skin. She sound so much better in recording, but the whiny-undeveloped voice that is just seemingly straining all the time is just too much for me to handle. She did well for her first year and as a youngster, but thank goodness it didn’t place very high. That would just be disturbing, frankly!

Sanna Nielsen – Empty Room
Personal Favourite


Sanna has taken her spot as the new and better Carola in the hearts of Swedes. She is a great singer, and after countless times in Melodifestivalen she’s building momentum to take the whole thing! Her power-balad left a strong impact on the the voting results and nearly came out on top; only thirty or so votes between her and Charlotte. Great job Sanna, come on next year!

Nordman – I lågornas sken


This song is growing on me, mostly because it has a burning girl, a creepy man, and a nyckelharp! What could be better, well obviously schlager! The folk-ness of this song makes it more enjoyable for me, but I wish that Sarek could come back and take their place!

Frida feat. Headline – Upp och hoppa


Well she kept it together and performed, and even highlighted the absolute cuteness of Headline, aka Lariemar Krokvik. Even that’s a hawt name, golly! However, this song has grown on me, I actually find myself singing (minus accent from Skåne) along with it! That’s scary, since I’m too white to rap!

BWO – Lay your love on me
Personal Favourite


Another masterpeice from Alexander Bard, the attention whore. This year they weren’t so whiny about things, and the song was attractive, fun, and well polished like professional musicians. I have to wonder though how many times they will try before giving up like Andreas Johnson has threatened. Will they be emo, and just quit altogether just because nobody makes them win?

Maia Hirasawa – The Worrying Kind


Three cheers for the interval act by Maia Hirasawa and her little brass ensemble. The song is so hauntingly beautiful and simple musically, but her voice and tone make it even more interesting. I wonder where SVT found this girl, because she’s wonderful chioce for this competition. I just keep watching it over and over, singing along and wanting to transcribe it out in Sibelius with the brass part, because it’s just haughting!! Three cheers for SVT and Maia!

Well the winner, won, and the losers, lost, all is well that ends well this year. Next stop: Belgrade for two semi-finals (snore) and grand final! See you in a few months for the uptake of Eurovision!!

Melodifestivalen 2008: Deltävling N°5: Andra Chansen

Andra Chansen happened and it’s filled with crazy stuff that went on, and I’m about to review it so that we get our line up for Globen together.

E-Type & The Poodles – Line of Fire


I’m a bit taken aback how poorly this sounded today. Although it did sound better than the screaming that was going on in the semifinals, I’m glad that it didn’t make it through here. I just can’t get into it at all.

Sibel – This is Where I’ll Go



She sings well, with a strong voice, but this song is terribly awkward. I don’t get it, and she still didn’t change her god-damned dress! She looks so awkward on stage, and the song is just a little too over the top to do anything for me. She kicked some butt tonight, but still, I would have preferred to see Ola in Globen instead of her.

Ola – Love in Stereo


In all honesty I’m not a big fan of Ola, but I think this song is heaps better than Sibel’s, which is a shame since he didn’t make it through. The boy is very appearance conscious, and still sort of acts arrogant the whole time. I just don’t like how he’s perceived. The song was sung better each time, just it lacked a whole lot of flare that makes me scream out in awesomeness. Better luck next year, Ola.

Caracola – Smiling in Love
Personal Favourite


It’s only fitting that my favourites never make it, but it’s not surprising. This time around the song was sung with flare, and a lot more fun. They are quite talented, but I thought that they would change their outfits a bit. The fact that they didn’t make me a tad bit sad!!

Johnson & Häggkvist – One Love


Left in the first round, it seems that Androla has been dumped, and everything backfired. Her skirt was cute, Andreas looked as he normally does, but the song was actually better sung tonight. She wasn’t wailing as usual, and it sounded some-what music, however, the past few weeks of negative press was bound to catch up with them. Nobody likes someone who’s over-confident, and emo about losing, or being bumped to Andra Chansen, so you loose. Fierce, bitches!

Nordman – I Lågornas sken


I’m not surprised that they took out Androla, but I am surprised that they beat Suzzie; sad sad day. The song was better, they were excited, but really people? I can’t wait to see the voting results in numbers to see what the heck went on here!

Thérèse Andersson – When You Need Me


It appears that operatic pop has been left in the lightning and dark this year, sorry girl. The song was lovely, and your little doggie is cute, but I must say that when Suzzie defeated you, you mouthing “fan” was incredibly obvious! I love it; but at the same time you took it well; how professional, unlike Androla who were shocked and rude!

Suzzie Tapper – Visst finns mirakel
Personal Favourite


Suzzie, I love you. I love your singing, I love your attitude, I love your song, plain and simple. You were so close to taking everyone else out, but you came out a bit short. I would have loved to see you in the final, but alas your song will remain with me forever. You seem so surprised each time you make it on, and sort of neutral about it, but I did notice that with each performance you became more into it and seemed a lot more happy; even smiling in the final reprise! Don’t ever change; I love your voice, and your maturity in the situation!!

So next week is the big day; I’m excited, but super-busy and all. We shall see what’s going to be going on, but I hope that some positive things will come out of the final, ergo Hero! Otherwise I’ll be sad, or perhaps I’m just being irrational right now. 🙂

My Hero…

Since it’s such a fantastically amazing song I had to make some other observations about my favourite song Hero sung by Charlotte Perrelli this year at Melodifestivalen. It was fab, and all can be found in my previous review of the semi-final; but here are some other comments about the best part of the song.

Right after the bridge we have a reprise of the chorus, and the most amzing Swedish camera workings, ever! It screams Melodifestivalen, with the walking to the side while the camera is panning off with it; it’s just so simple but so effective. So what leads up to this sequence of events?


Found in the above screencaps is the to-the-beat point up, point side and then….


Like the fabulous dancer and singer she and they are, the point down followed by the pan to the side whilst singing the chorus. Absolutely amazing; frankly. Have a good laugh about it whilst I’m struggling in classes today; but seriously, this shit is the best, I swear.

So what do I think, as a random sidenote right now about the final? Hero all the way, Just a Minute to follow, rounded up by One Love. I am just reaction irrationally, but seriously. I listen to this song every night before bed, and ever morning whilst waking up, and then I’m singing it all day while in the conservatory of music driving everyone crazy.

It’s just too damned good to pass up!

Melodifestivalen 2008: Deltävling N°4: Karlskrona

Holy shit, mothafucker I don’t even know what to say? This is Melodifestivalen at it’s best!! Ranging from the band opening, to the amazingly eclectic music to follow, I have been speechless since watching the final eight songs of the year!

Niklas Strömstedt – För många ord om kärlek


This is a song that I think started out awkward and finished awkward. Something didn’t look right about it, and the weirdness throughout just made me feel like it was too strange. I’m not fond of the song, but it makes sense that it came last; sadly.

Calaisa – If I Could
Personal Favourite


This song hurt my ears the first time I heard it, but each time that I review it, it sounds better to me. It’s country, something that Swedish signers aren’t good at, but it’s done quite well. The fake instrument playing bothers me though; it’s so obvious that the fiddle isn’t being used, as she’s not even putting the bow to the strings while it’s sounding in the music. It irritates me enough to mention it, but I still like this song. The vocals are quite nice also; and girlbandy-without being too weird!

Daniel Mitsogiannis – Pame
Personal Favourite


Henrik Wikström, I love you, I swear. The songs that you spit out are fabulous, and one day I hope that you read my odes to you and your songs; because there is another one coming up, I can assure you. Our little peter pan, did well here. The song is happy, fun and has a lot going on visually. I’m resisting the temptation to do as Aftonbladet and post pictures of the obvious bulging in his pants, which clearly outlines his, and all the dancer’s penises, but it’s got to be said. Those pants were too tight, or he should have tied things down, because there are some things that aren’t good for family viewing. Otherwise this performance is A+ song with an A+ performance.

Linda Bengtzing – Hur svårt kan det va?
Personal Favourite


Linda will always be a personal favourite of mine. Her music is so strange, but I love it and thus I buy her CDs, all the way from Sweden! She sings this great song with gust, power, flare, and confidence that is just brimming over even more than Carola’s attitude sometimes! I do have some quims with it; what the fuck are you wearing? It’s hideous, and the kilt / skirt thing on the guy is just distracting. Remove it please and make them all look less ghetto. It will bode better on your image; because you appear to be trying to be this rockish-girl gone Avril Lavigne or something that got mixed up with something… Scottish?

Nordman – I lågornas sken
Andra Chansen


This guy has always creeped me out; it’s just weird. The song is a bit folkish, with nyckleharpa and everything, but no group with such instrument can compare to the alltime great Sarek!! Ola Hertzberg will be my hero forever; for various reasons! In any case, the fire is a bit much, the dancers are over-the-top, but the song is catchy, which makes me sad. It’s not meriting a preferance star, but it basically stole Pame’s spot; poohie!

Sibel – That’s Where I’ll Go
Andra Chansen


Another Idol coming out strong, but God what were you thinking allowing yourself to sing a ballad, in that dress? It’s so awkward looking it makes me cringe. The image of you, a mildly attractive girl who can sing to boot, just isn’t right. It would be better with something more simple. However, Ola will kick her butt so it doesn’t matter. There isn’t enough room for more than one ballad in this years final, at least I hope. However, I wouldn’t mind if Suzzie Tapper makes it through; she’s my lovaaa!

Fronda – Ingen mår så bra som jag


Michael Claus what were you thinking? My god, I actually liked your music until I heard this annoying song. Frankly, Fronda looks like a mole who can’t keep his eyes open, and he’s screaming, jumping around telling us that none of us can feel as good as good as him. Not a good combo, at least not in my books. I managed to get a screencap where your eyes are actually open though; take it as the only compliment I give to you.

Charlotte Perrelli – Hero
Personal Favourite


I just need to take a moment to breathe. Okej, I’m ready. I freaking love this song more than anything in life right now. Go all the way Charlotte, holy shit! This song just clicks with me in every way and I love it. Although she looks like a monster on stage with the make-up (tone it down girl), the professionalism and amazingness oozes from this perforance. Frederik Kempe and Bobby Ljungren you rock my socks. The chorus, the verses, the bridge, it’s all just fabulous and it screams Melodifestivalen. The way that the walking from side to side is, and panning with the cameras just oozes SVT greatness. Please God let this song win, because not only can it win, but it can also actually do well in Eurovision. Let the schlagerfest begin, whoohooo!!