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Melodifestivalen 2011: Andra Chansen: Sundsvall

With the highly anticipated matches of the second chance round, needless to say I was highly disappointed and shocked. Here’s why:

Sundsvall.00.01 ScoreboardQuarterfinal 1: Jenny Silver vs. Love Generation
Sundsvall.00.02 Jenny Silver & Love Generation

In by far the most contested battles of the evening, my favourite Jenny Silver lost out to Love Generation and not by much. Both songs are fantastic and it’s sad to see the classic ABBA influenced schlager go up against the dance-pop contestant. Either way I would be happy for them to go onto the final, but the road never ends up being as straightforward.

Quarterfinal 2: Loreen vs. Sara Varga
Sundsvall.00.03 Loreen & Sara Varga

Unsurprisingly Sara won this contest probably quite handily. Loreen’s song is good but it’s highly introverted that it’s almost awkward. Sara herself seems quite introverted and unsure of herself, but the song is a feel good favourite, and it’s no surprise that it beat out it’s competition.

Quarterfinal 3: The Moniker vs. Linda Pritchard
Sundsvall.00.04 The Moniker & Linda Pritchard

I am shocked beyond belief at the Swedish voting this evening. The absolutely epic ballad (no matter how better she sang before) still should have outplayed the corny happy-go-lucky song of The Moniker. I like both songs, but the power and versatility of Linda’s song puts goosebumps down my spine. Absolutely robbed in my opinion.

Quarterfinal 4: Shirley’s Angels vs. Pernilla Andersson
Sundsvall.00.05 Shirley's Angels & Pernilla Andersson

The raging homosexual in me cries out for this loss. The awesomely popular Shirley Clamp and her sexy ceorigoraphs were no match for Pernilla and her guitar. I like both the songs, but I feel like Shirley’s Angels fits Melodifestivalen a little bit more. Perhaps given the amount of English songs in the final, the Swedes needed to push something more Svensk through.

Semifinal 1: Love Generation vs. Sara Varga
Sundsvall.00.06 Love Generation & Sara Varga

This is the feel good favourite win of the year I think. The fact that Sara could fend off the popular dance song is amazing and I’m glad that the Swedish public was able to choose the better song. No matter how much it sounds like I prefer the latter, I absolutely love the former!

Semifinal 2: The Moniker vs. Pernilla Andersson
Sundsvall.00.07.The Moniker & Pernilla Andersson

As surprised as the rest of us, The Moniker becomes the second finalist tonight. It’s good, and seemingly popular, but if that’s the case, why didn’t it go directly through Globen instead of taking out the other good songs in the second chance round? :crazy:

So despite the phone number fiasco of the wrong numbers showing and SVT announcing that it didn’t affect the voting (right…! 8|), the results could have been worse. One good song gets through and likely will flop in the final for lack of excitement, and the other is okayish and will probably end up being in the top 5. Only one more week!

Melodifestivalen 2011: Deltävling N°4: Malmö

Traveling to the southern suburb of Copenhagen, Malmö (I’m joking – well only half joking – I love you Malmö!) is the location of the final semi final of this year’s competition, highlighting the final eight songs of the thirty two.

Melody Club – The Hunter
Malmö.01.Melody Club

What can I really say about this? You’d think that a fairly well established band that tops the charts would be able to put something decent together but I really and truly don’t understand this piece. The English singing is absolutely horrendous and the text is nearly incomprehensible, plus I have to look at a main singer that looks like he’s having an epileptic shock every few minutes, while he keeps his mouth so widely open that he’d catch flies in it if it was outdoors in the summer. The song itself sounds like a glamour-rock number, but I don’t understand the chess setting on stage. The whole thing is incoherent and lacks fluidity, and reminds of a 3 minute long spas attack!

Julia Alvgard – Better or Worse
Malmö.02.Julia Alvgard

I can see on some levels how this song could have qualified from the web-joker final, but it really lacks a lot of what I consider to be important things to qualify. It’s deacon vocally, though not catchy at all. It doesn’t really display strengths of the singer, or has anything catchy about it. It’s ernest, but withholding so it’s difficult to judge really what the intent of the whole thing is. It simply doesn’t have enough of the “stuff” to make it really do anything major for me.

Lasse Stefanz – En blick och nånting händer
Malmö.03.Lasse Stefanz

I am probably going to be barking up the wrong tree in this one, but wow. I’ve read many reviews about people liking this song and thinking it’s awesome and one of their favourites, but it leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. Perhaps it’s the fact that I [u]loathe[/u] fat people. I close my eyes and the song makes me think of the great Arvingarna, but when I open them I don’t see an attractive boyband, but rather a group of old men doing a dansband song, which is cheesy and blah. Yeah I’m being incredibly superficial, but how am I supposed to feel when someone is singing and I can see their face-fat rolling around on screen? The whole thing for me was just a big mess, and I’m flabbergasted that Swedish people voted this to the second-voting round? Are you freaking kidding me?!

Linda Pritchard – Alive
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.04.Linda Pritchard

Wow; just plain wow. I liked Linda Pritchard last year and though she was robbed, and when I say robbed I mean like robbed to the greatest extent. This year she made it better, and although “You’re Making Me Hot Hot Hot!” remains my personal life-anthem (yes for real!), this is by far the best ballad that I’ve heard in a really long time. On the theme of ballads, this one outranks by a long shot my old favourite from this year (Simon Forsberg’s “Tid att andas”). This is ballsy to say the least; standing alone on stage singing a painfully and goose-bump causing song, a dress that clearly makes her look beautiful, a voice to send chills down your spine, and the clear disbelief of her qualification. Sweden has been really judgemental recently about the ballads, but thankfully the best one of the year has a chance.

Anders Fernette – Run
Malmö.05.Anders Fernette

Despite being a past winner of Fame Factory and releasing singles on a regular basis since around 2000 the song really leaves a lot to give. The song will clearly do well on the radio I think, but it’s not to my entire liking. The way he looks on stage makes me think of Joachim Bergström’s awkward choreography in 2004: a straight guy that can’t dance, ultimately (and doesn’t even try!). The best part about this song is the arial dancers and one note of the chorus, which is a little different tuning wise each time. The final commentary I have about this number is that the douche-bag aurora surrounds this guy a lot. It’s something that I can’t quite put my finger on: maybe the skin, the hair, the clothes? He appears to me, like one of those people I’d never want to encounter. Thankfully for me it crashed and burned in eighth place. Guess it’s maybe the ego?

Linda Bengtzing – E det fel på mej
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.06.Linda Bengtzing

Linda is back and she’s got quite a punch this year. She turns back the clock to her older schlager hit songs and it clearly does her justice. Dressed looking like a canary in yellow, with ridiculously large boots (which I think would have been better to just wear yellow heels), she rocks the screen and wants it beyond belief. Having been disappointed in past years for various reasons: not doing well, forgotten the lyrics to her song, and doing an awkward song, she managed to learn from her experience and pack some punch. I’ve never seen someone want it so bad, and guess what? She outright won her ticket to Stockholm; congrats and best of luck, Linda!

Nicke Borg – Leaving Home
=> Globen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.07.Nicke Borg

There is an elephant in the room and nobody’s talking about it. Despite being the one in the group that clearly doesn’t fit in it appears that Nicke Borg embraced his own sleaze rock genre and really presented a good song. The vocals are too raspy for me, too whiny, and yet I find myself drawn to this: no wonder people voted for it. The visuals are a bit much: tattoos aren’t my thing and being covered in them is intimidating, a guy that clearly needs a stylist to look good, and a simple song with a microphone, but it got the job done. I think towards the second verse I started thinking to myself: “My God, this could actually win?like the whole thing” and although it’s a bit outlandish to say that now, I think it’s totally within the realm of possibility. Disbelief from himself, and knowing nothing to say, I think it’s clear that the boyfriends of all the girls watching Melodifestivalen this year voted, and it’s clear for whom they voted!

Love Generation – Dance Alone
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Malmö.08.Love Generation

Holy shit, this stuff is FIERCE! I had no idea what to expect, but damn the final number of the competition packed a punch. This song is everything I could ever want in a song: fantastic vocals, amazing choreography, amazing lighting, the best outfits of the year, beautiful women, and a song with amazingly catchy tune and lyrics, and even the added bonus of a great message: dance alone. It makes me want to dance alone quite literally, and provides the beats for it. This song will be all over the radio, without a doubt, and the fact that it’s in Andra Chansen and not in the final is depressing. What makes it worse, is that Love Generation set themselves up for a direct hit in Andra Chansen with my other favourite: Jenny Silver. Cruel how the world works out isn’t it?

It was a wish-wash night, but I think it was a fantastic show in comparison to some other ones I’ve seen. It had some clear radio hits, and clear winners; but will one of them emerge as the overall champion? Only time will tell.

Ode to Linda Pritchard

It has long been delayed, but I have to take a moment to thank and to recognize the wonder and hawtness that is Linda Pritchard in this year’s Melodifestivalen with her song You’re Making me Hot-Hot-Hot (which is by far one of the best songs that’s been produced ever!)

Örnsköldsvik.3-01.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-02.Linda Pritchard

We open the hawt song with a lovely intro, and the sexy red-head sportin’ her attitude filled strong voice. She bops around, dips like you wouldn’t believe, and all magically in tune with the dancers and the music!

Örnsköldsvik.3-03.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-04.Linda Pritchard

Then we move into the chorus where we are getting a little bit hotter, and then are stretching our vocal cords a little bit before moving into the holy freaking awesome reprise!

Örnsköldsvik.3-05.Linda PritchardÖrnsköldsvik.3-06.Linda Pritchard

Then she gives us even more sexy attitude then asks us to get hot with her.

Örnsköldsvik.3-07.Linda Pritchard

How can people not have liked this song; it was so clearly one of the better songs in the competition (not the best) but one of the best songs that I’ve heard produced in a really long time. More than that I’ve never heard of her before this; but then again it reminds me of what she tells us: to FREE YOUR MIND!

Melodifestivalen 2010 – Deltävling N°1: Örnsköldsvik

Goooooood afternoon euroblog fans and welcome to the 2010 edition of Melodifestivalen; first deltävling from Örnsköldsvik hosted by the edgy Christine Meltzer, the empowering model Dolph Lundgren, and the man who still hasn’t realized that I will bare his children, Måns Zelmerlöw.

What could beat starting the schlagerfestival without some divas on stage; most notably Charlotte Perrelli, Sonja Aldén, and Nanne Grönvall with a tribute to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding out of a Hero.” My Finnish friends think that they raped it, but I think that it was highly entertaining and very fitting. I will never grow tired of Sonja Aldéns voice, quite frankly.

Ola – Unstoppable
=> Final

So what is surprising about this entry, first off the block? Well it’s weird that Ola is always drawn to go first or last. In any case, my first though weins towards the fact that his new haircut makes him look like he’s a shaved rat. I’m not joking, it’s really quite tragic because he’s quite attractive; though his song is a popish that is oddly catchy though if I continue to hear “oh oh oh” it makes me want to barf. Though with Ola on stage all by himself it makes it for quite boring to watch. It goes to the Final, but I would have thought it should go towards the Andra Chansen.

Jenny Silver – A Place to Stay
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.2.Jenny Silver

The funkiness of this song makes me so happy. Minimalist, funky tune that is all vocals. It displays the great skills that Jenny has, being a singer, and having the focus squared on her the entire time makes for an interesting analysis. First off, the things on her hips were distracting and very ugly; the metal arm I didn’t understand, the mix of silvers and red hair was a quite distracting thing. On the choreography props to that, as her arms and legs are so disciplined in order to understand and interpret what was going on. I don’t think that Eurovision wanted to be ready for the funkiness and minimalism.

Linda Pritchard – You’re Making me Hot-Hot-Hot
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.3.Linda Pritchard

Can we say Shakira à la Madonna, à la bitchin I love this shit so much that I had it on repeat whilst in the shower. The divans makes me want to cry; and the polished nature of this performance devastates the mind that this didn’t qualify in any form. The dancing is hypnotic, and so fantastic that it mask me want to get up and dance. She’s a good and an even more entertaining performer; it just pains me to see a song so hawt not advance. This song will be in my playlist until the end of time and I will be shaken’ my hips like that for years to come!

Pain of Salvation – Road Salt
=> Andra Chansen
Örnsköldsvik.4.Pain of Salvation

When I heard the name Pain of Salvation I thought of some hard rocker God-bible-thumping group that would just make me confused. Instead we get an emo song that everyone seems to like but I struggled to get into. It is minimalist in the music type; but seeing a dirty man up close doesn’t really do it for me in any ways. I think it’s a good song, but it doesn’t stand out at all for me in any way. Booo for taking Linda’s Spot!

Anders Ekborg – The Saviour
Örnsköldsvik.5.Anders Ekborg

Anders is an attractive older man who sings a very operatic style; but I have to agree with most critics about this in the fact that it’s too pretentious and ‘out there’ for the Swedish public to be able to get. The fact that the chorus line seems to be in Italian makes me sort of confused as to what is going on, and the song really only gets going until after the verse, chorus. It didn’t help his case that the dancers that got up into the camera weren’t attractive at all. This song didn’t go anywhere, for good reason I think?

Jessica Andersson – I Did it For Love
=> Andra Chansen
❗ Personal Favourite
Örnsköldsvik.6.Jessica Andersson

Jessica has always been a favourite of mine and this song just makes it even greater. En heftig kvinna självklart!! I keep thinking that this song is going to break out into country chords, but it’s quite upbeat despite having a very deep dark message. Jessica has thrown away the skanky Kalla Natter clothing and has a very elegant dress without arms. Though I dare say that the fabric around her neck could be used as better arms. This song is a strong contender thus far, and it’s no surprise that it went on into a round farther. I still don’t think that anything can top Vindarna Vänder Oss! Hej Jessica!!

Frisprårkan – Singel

There is disputing that this guy is? singel and will remain so (or at least should). To be fair, the song is ok for rap-standards but it’s just not for me at all. His outfit is a mix between 70s preppy, but lacks the ‘finish’ and has an undershirt hanging out. The only saviour for this entire song is the fact that the dancers can dance and look good. The farthest this will go is as a single, and a one-hit-wonder, if even that. Just a shame that it couldn’t have been further salvaged by him being half decent looking?

Salem Al Fakir – Keep On Walking
=> Final
Örnsköldsvik.8.Salem el Fakir

Salem, from a Syrian immigrant family that is musical; he really is quite charming with this song on piano and voice. I just think that his hair and his voice is so strange and whiney that despite the song being good, the execution is a little bit iffy. He’s into the song, which makes it much better, but I still don’t ‘feel it’ and I hope that going to the final, there will be other better songs so this can get caught in the middle. It wasn’t a favourite, but what can I do?

What a night, what a night.. It was filled with highs, lows, weirdness and the strange occurrences. I can’t say for certain if I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this year, because for me there wasn’t a huge lead up due to work, but also because the opening flight wasn’t so good. I think it was mediocre at best; and that’s sad for Melodifestivalen standards.

Next stop: Sandviken, one week left!