Holiday week

This week is a holiday week, and I have several things that I could do, but some things that are more probable. I was offered to go to Prague tomorrow morning by car with a friend, and a girl who I don’t really like a whole much. That’s one option, but in all honesty I don’t want to be dropped in a foreign country where I have no base in language at all, and then expected to walk around the city for four days on my own. I really am not liking that plan.

Other choice is to go to Lyon and do some sigh seeing there. At least I would be with someone I somewhat know, and can show me things and such. It’s much cheaper I would imagine also. And besides, I can go to Prague after February when a British friend moves there 🙂

I’m also not impressed by the current Prague situation, since Crystal called me to tell me that she invited Nic to go in my spot. And now she’s pressuring me to give her an answer, and I refuse to until I have more information (but also because I want to piss Nic off). He’s being such an asswhole and it’s bothering me a lot. If he wanted to go in my place he could have just asked me, instead of asking her and doing it behind my back. He’s all high an mighty in his mind, but really he’s just annoying and childish. It’s him the one that doesn’t say Hi to me when I say Hi to him and such. Talk about rudeness!

The only reason that I am not being as nice as I am to other people is because he’s rude, and he totally used me. So instead of being walked over, he can go fuck a mongolian-goat and drop dead.

Right so, on a happier note, Lyon on Wednesday until Saturday? Yay, maybe I can learn something while there, and I would have a guide! 🙂 Which reminds me…

Turns out I’m not getting a desktop from Holland in fact, but good friend of mine is sending me a used laptop which is basically the same model of what I had. So he’s sending it on Wednesday, which is also his birthday. So this means by next weekend I would a computer back, that isn’t horrible like this one! Oh well, a computer is something at least! Go team me.

PS: After hours of labouring with stupid stuff, notice the cool Skype connection I have now on my blog! 😀 It’s right below my profile picture 🙂 Enjoy!

Technology, sigh

So I have been absent from the world for the last uhm.. Since Friday so nearly a week since my laptop seems to fail and I had a corrupt OS. Now, having said that, luckily I had apparently backed up most of my stuff to DVDs, but as it turns out when I went to put everything back (after major issues with the computer and MBR and shit) all my music is lost. Literally

UDF Error or something, which I don’t know what the hell that means, but I keep trying to rip the DVD with all the songs and such, and I keep getting empty files. This means all my Eurovision, all my Melodifestivalen, everything. The only silver lining is the directories are there still so I can at least go searching for it all.. But seriously, does anyone realize how difficult it will be to find all the music that I have collected over 5 years? How difficult it is to find all my Melodifestivalen songs back to 2001?

I think I cried while I slept, in hopes that it would work today, but alas it didnt.. And on top of everything else, I’m having my monthly-male-PMS thing so the fact that my HDD was partly corrupt and I didn’t have an OS to work with and then my partitions were deleted, I was pissed and that’s an understatement.

Honestly now, if anyone knows how to solve my DVD-data problem, please help me and save my life. For without my music, I am seriously going to end up in the hospital for depression attacks! :wave:

Oh and just for the record, I’m not going to London, because a certian somebody decided to go to some shit other thing that he doesn’t even want to go to. But surprise surprise, it’s with S so why the hell wouldn’t he go? Why is it that my supposed best friend can’t ever put me first, when he’s always N°1 on my list? I seriously need new friends, even net ones ¬¬

So again, my plans for a possible vacation were shot to hell.. GO FIGURE

Rain rain go away

I have decided to take a moment of my ‘busy schedule’ to write a little bit on my blogg here. Not much new has been going on, I am just sorting some Eurovision songs, and I got all my stuff back from university, so I have to re-arrange my room to make it all fit.

My computer continues to bother me, as I need to start to find somewhere that I can buy the new Mac iBook when it comes out, since I will be going over to France and I need a nice small computer. I will start to look for stores today, but it probably won’t be released until next week anyways.

I got my tax return for about $700 so I will use most of it for the computer I think, and I really need to start to look into booking my flight to school. I figure that I will probably fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Strasbourg since it would be the cheapest, but it might be difficult because I have all my luggage. I also need to decide if I am going to go visit Gustaf before or during the school year. He has not told me if he will be in Linköping or London for the beginning of September, so I am still unsure of what I will do. London would be easiest because then I could just fly easily to France without a problem, but if I have to go to Stockholm and then Linköping, and then back to Germany, I don’t see it being so easy. *hopes that he will be in UK and not Sweden*

Other than that, tonight is the make-my-own-pizza-but-not-really-pizza night, so I take a pita bread piece, put some cheese and garlic sause on and then some toppings all, because I’m allergic to tomatoes. Yeah it sucks, but I manage since it’s what my mom cooks; therefore I must conform to the system :DD

Other than that, I am struggling since Eurovision happens next week!! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have TV that shows it, and I am not sure if they will be doing a life on-line feed again this year.. *hopes that they are* but I can’t find out! :-/ If I can’t see it, then I will start to cry and not know what to do with myself! I even skipped work last year just to watch it, so I am so willing to do anything just to watch it! Especially since I missed the semi-finals last year, which honestly was one of the most tragic moments of my life!

What do I do:?: