Waking up early on Sundays sucks, because of the obviousness that there is nothing open, to do, or to see. If I had some DVDs in my room I would have watched them, but I coudln’t sleep because the God Forsaken Cathedral and churches were ringing their bells all morning: literally. It should be sacrelidge or something along those lines, but I guess it doesn’t matter becasue most French people are devoutly religious (at least a little bit), and the rest are students that are at home and therefore aren’t bothered by church bells ringing all bloody day.

So what did I do? I layed and existed for about 1 hour until I couldn’t take it anymore and I resigned myself to the fact that I had to do my homework and I might as well do it since all my bloody classes are on Monday & Tuesday. First was the grammar stuff, which was easy as anything since it’s just relative pronouns so I just have to fill in the blanks, but one of the exercises was completely pointless and I am going to ask my professor about it since I don’t understand the purpose or meaning of any of the sentances. A sentance like: “Vous trouvez cette jeune fille charmante dont la gaiété et la bonne heumeur vous séuisent” means as much to me as “Don’t drink your glass too quickly of which weight would be added to me for walking downtown.” The latter means absolutely nothing to me, but it’s the translation of one of the setnances. Note to self: question teacher about what the hell it means and why it’s so pointless.