Jinny Sims (NDP) Speech May 23, 2013

So on Thursday evening I was sitting at home, watching the new norm of midnight debates in the House of Commons and I came across this speech regarding Bill S-12 (Incorporation by Reference in Regulations Act) by NDP MP Jinny Sims.

What makes this so remarkable? Well for starters have a look at the video and given the tone, sarcasm, and complete randomness it made me literally laugh out loud. I was one of those “responsible Canadians” that was “glued to the TV set” and interested in this debate wondering “wondering what on earth members of Parliament are discussing tonight.” She was speaking right to me!

Quite literally I had no idea what they were discussing and I had a complete failure at figuring out what they were saying, but this speech just made me fall over laughing. Just listen to the tone, and the sarcasm that you’re not sure if it’s serious or not. No offense to Ms. Sims, but this is a brilliant speech that I believe to be a “filler” because it really didn’t speak much about the bill and was more random and fulfilled the debate time for the bill because they all just want to pass it through to committee.

Every time I watch it, I just laugh again and am so happy that for the past few months I can sit glued to the TV set and occasionally get a bitchin’ speech to rant and rave about. Simply put, this is a masterpiece speech and thank you to Ms. Jinny Sims for making my day!

A transcript and reference for the speech is found below.