South Carolina

So I’m in South Carolina and I’m dying from the heat; but apart from that everything is going well. I’m going to write more stuff later in an entry about what I’ve done but really mostly we’ve hung out and gone to Charleston from Columbia and spent some time with our friends. But yeah; thats why I’m not online and I’m not commenting on anyone’s blogs; cause I have limited access to the internet!

I will do the best I can but right now I’m enjoying myself and going to the gym, and then going to see if I can tan; because I’m superficial and I want to be tanned so people want me… I know; I’m weird.


PS: Hi Honken!

More travel!

So I’m packing to get ready to go into Toronto to stay at a friends place before I hope on a Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit going to Columbia South Carolina. Yes that’s right folks I’m going on vacation again, but this time to a place where it’s hot and southern and has beaches and nice weather. Take that weird thunderstormy Canada.

I just hope that I wake up in time in the morning to get on the first metro going to Kipling and then the bus transfer. I figure 2.5 hours early at the airport is sufficient, but I guess we shall see. It’s going to be nice, I hope and Jean might even take me to Myrtle Beach! Wouldn’t that just be amazing; I’m actually salivating right now thinking about it.

And who gets to pick me up at the airport? Two hot chicks, that’s right; America be jealous cause I’m awesome haha. I really do hope that I make them jealous, but anyways some plans for the trip:

  • See state buildings
  • See government buildings
  • Work out at Jean’s gym
  • Go running everyday in the morning
  • Eat lots of salad and drink lots of water
  • Do a survey

What is this survey you wonder? Well when we are on the beach I’m going to walk around with a clipboard being a Swedish foreign exchange student doing a survey on American English pronouciations, since I’ll be a linguist. I think I’ll take the name Mathias, unless you have other suggestions? Hell I can be someone new everyday; give me suggestions!

What’s the purpose of this? To get close to goodlooking people of course; yes I’m pathetic, but highly entertained! There’s nothin’ betta dan catchin’ me a southern’r

I’m a little teapot

Jag är en litte tekanna
Kårt och bastant,
Det här är mitt handtag och det här ar min pip;
När jag ångar överallt, då roper jag,
Tippa mig över och häll mig ut.

This is a lovely song that I translated from English that is a nice children song, and I sung it for Robert, Jean, Lyndon, and James. I think they liked it, but it would have been better with video and the hand motions and such! It would be really cute and such.

And then I got some special present, which was a nice tour of a new apartment, but since I promised not to say anything about it; I won’t! Other than it’s very nice and I can’t wait to live in an apartment just like it.

Tennis training is T-minus eight hours with the person whom I heat more than anything, Brian my former tennis coach. Cris gave me a three lessons for my birthday, and this is number two; after the first which was me surprising Brian and him being rude. Anyways…

Meet Joe Black is on TV, and I think I missed the first 20 minutes, so I’m not sure what’s going on but I hope to be clued in becasue I hear that it’s quite a nice film. Oh well!

The tea pot spouts and is all boiled up!