A few years ago a former roommate of mine brought it to my attention that Valentines Day, is actually named Singles Awareness Day, reference post here. After reading a few comments in blogs and forums I’ve come to the funny realization as a reflection from a few years ago. I used to think that it was a depressing day where people rub their relationships in your face, but really I see it differently now.

Since it’s a day of awareness, it simply is the fact that the day brings it more to light that you’re single. Is this really such a bad thing – no of course! It makes me wonder and think: I’m way better off being single, asexual, and totally awesome as I am, than in a relationship where I’m not happy or am confused.

I’ve gone through the entire day without feeling oppressed, pressured, irritated, or in any form negative about the fact that it’s a commercial holiday celebrating love between people. I actually think I’m kind of better off being single, but that’s besides the point. The point of course is that obviously I’ve grown since a few years ago and I don’t feel so “woe is me” in my situation. It may be realistically possible that I’ll be single for a very long time, possibly the rest of my life, but obviously in the span of two years, I’ve come to terms with that.

And for that, go me! I’m so freakin’ awesome that I’m going to crack my iTunes, and belt a power ballad which will remain nameless.