Okay so why is it that interaction with people just makes me more and more confused in so many ways that I don’t even know how to describe. If someone is being a weirdo to me, after knowing them for five years, and me being more open that I’ve ever been with anyone, and I just get ‘I dunno’ or something like that. How can I expect to feel like a human being who interacts with people, when people won’t even interact with me and be hoenst with me.

And so someone makes a decent observation of me tonight too:

21.31.53 ::Ian:: säger:
you are scared of people.. you dont trust anyone…you think people are out to get you
21.32.07 ::Ian:: säger:
you try best to keep yourself out of any danger

How is it that someone I’ve known for about 2 weeks able to make an observation like this, and someone that’s known me for 5 years not? I trust Gus with everything that he would ever ask, and yet when I ask a simple question he can’t be honest with me. I don’t know how to understand this, or why something stupid like this always happens to me.