hunton house

Hunton Frosh Party 2007

So Brent, Andrew and Co. hosted the frosh party for my alum house, Hunton House (bitchin’!) and it was alright. I didn’t know anyone of course because it was random people, and two years of frosh and upperclassmen that I’ve never met. Rumour has it that the house last year had a lot of nudity, a lot of horrible moments, but they ended up winning so many spirit competitions. Sounds awesome and everything; Go Hunton!

Anyways, I got ditched by the people I came with (go figure right?) and I met up with some people that I know. Clearly none of them are awesome enough to give a shit or anything. People just floated, and then ditched me, and floated, and ditched me but I’m not surprised at all.

I walked there with other upperclassmen, and I felt ancient and so over the whole party thing; weird since I never went through the party phase, and now I’m an adult that thinks everything is ridiculsly immature. I walked there in Heather’s heels because she was too slow and pained by them; I do it better than her, as expected. Why do I have fabulous legs? Why do I walk well in heals? Why is this disturbing?

Beats Me Biatches!

When I walked home I ran into Abden, and wow he remembered me. It was chilly but he walked by me and about twenty paces later he asked if I was okay, I replied yes since I was basically just cold and bitter about having to walk all the way home and being tired. Boo small town and windyness in the dead of night. I ended up sleeping in until about noon, how depressing. Mental note, never stay out late again; ding-a-ling!

I did some YouTube video responses today; how disturbing, now the world gets freaked out by me. Awesome yeah, no! Tomorrow is a holiday, I think? And then classes begin at 11.30 Tuesday for me, take that bitches; bwhahaha! Nancy Vogan will be a great way to wake up, it makes me smile and feel good about myself. I’m also a bit cross with random people, for lying to me and actively dis-including me in things. Okay so I’m not a girl, I’m not gay, and I’ve been away for a year; does that really mean that I should be completely ignored?


So there’s about 2’000$ of cash laying around our house and guess what; none of the doors lock because we live in the ghetto. Cue landlord for rent pick-up please! Also note to mother, I’m ordering cheques so I don’t have to carry large sums of cash. Also another note, I will take a picture of all the money. Who’s seen a 100$ bill before? I’ve never even seen a 50$ bill before; or at least the new super-faux-Aussie money that Canada produces. Pictures tomorrow! Go team.

State of confusion

So even the calm after the storm always ends up being quite confusing, and thus the situation of my life remains the same. I guess that after a good conversation with Tobias, I’m feel a tad better but I’m still quite upset about a lot of things going on in my life, and the worst part is that most of them I can’t really control.

Tomorrow I leave for my train at 16.15, and about 80% of this house has left for home already. I’ve had 4 people say goodbye to me formally, and maybe 1 unformally. I guess it really sucks for them (especially the upperclassmen) that don’t know that I won’t be returning next year. Everyone thinks that I’ll be back and kicking again next year here, living in Campbell Hall, but in fact I will be in Strasbourg; and me not telling anyone about it is my revenge of those who have been so rude to me and made me feel like shit. It’s about time that I take matters into my own hands, and do something about situations that I can control. If any of them get mad, then screw them because they don’t care enough to even ask, or even care at all and be nice like the ‘Hunton Spirit’ is supposed to be anyways.

Other than that juicy detail, I’ve packed everything but my rugs, which I need to do tonight because the movers come tomorrow morning at 09.00 to pick up the stuff, and then I will only have suitcases to deal with that go on with me on the train. 26hrs of relaxation and listening to Eurovision and Melodifestivalen songs from the last 4 years of each will be good for me, but the kicker is the fact that my parents are on the waiting side of the train. When I arrive, it’s the end, and I will have to go back to the pathetic life that I don’t have control over. Sigh, we shall see how long it takes for me to freak out at my parents, my guess is 1wk 4days and then a big fight will break out during dinertime, as it always does. Pitty that eh?

And in terms of the ‘other’ situation, I’m still avoiding it, and seeing how long it takes for certian people to do that which they promise to me (which is unlikely). Who knows? -I might get surprised, but I’m doubtful.

And just for the record, made some changes; hope some don’t mind


And I thought that the play that I went to see last night was dramatic! Wow last night totally beat it in the drama department by a lot!

So apart from being upset then being okay again, I got woken up at 03.30 by a loud yell of something like “Pat didn’t do it, Pat didn’t do it” and then a huge burst of glass that sounded to me at first, in my sleepy daze, like a microwave dropping on the floor and waking up. Now after 02.00, it’s supposed to be quiet and people get fined for being noisy, but I guess everyone got woken up because apparently the Dons and Monitors were outside chasing some american-football players that had thrown a piece of wood through our front window. How silly, so people were walking around all night, some of which I didn’t want to see, becasue of aforementioned reasons.

Anyways, after all the kafuffel, I went back to bed trying to sleep, but it took me until about 04.30 to finally do it because my mind was going everywhere thinking about the worst situations that could happen to me for some reason. So I had a thought about walking into the cafeteria and everyone staring at me and then laughing, and then me getting my food not knowing what was going on, still looking at me. So then I hear someone make comment or something, and then I dropped my tray while holding a cup of tea, and then I walk over to someone and give them dirty look and throw the hot water at them for telling others that which happend. And then I storm off and lock myself up in room forever, and leave and get new identity or something..

Sounds silly and over-dramatic, but I have quite the vivid imagination, and I’m so afrad of so many things, so scarying me or something is quite simple, and I panic quite well if under eanormus amounts of pressures.

:DD Funny like a bunny, oh well thankfully none will happen, but golly my mind goes crazy very easily, and it was the first night that I didn’t go to be bed at 22.00!! I was a lil upset that now I wont have energy to complete today!

Oh anger…

So right now is probably not the best time for me to be writing about my so called ‘life’ because I’m quite enraged. To be honest, I don’t get upset easily, but after tonight’s events, not only am I upset but I’m madder than I have ever been before (including at myself). How can people sink so low, that they are pressured into doing things that are morally, and just plain stupid.

House Executive ‘Initiation’ was tonight while I was at a French play, and quite frankly; I come home to a house in dismay, and people so sick that it would be mistaken for an American frat house (with girls living there). Three members of the executive next year were pressured into getting drunk for the first time to a point where two were sent to the hospital; and the worst part, is they dont even drink! They were pressured into it, as the old exec. cited ‘honour’ or ‘duty’. I have never heard more stupid stuff in my life!


Ascars, what are they you ask? Well I will tell you in such an elegant way, since it’s supposed to be an ‘elegant’ evening. Ascars is my universities’ version of the Oscars, so it’s where many band performances are and people get lots of awards like Student of the Year or somehing like that. Well I must say that I’m dissapointed that nobody from my house won anything, but then again I’m not suprised. Withing being bitter at all, I must say that our house executive has done a very poor job at integrating all the new students, and even throwing events that people come out to due to the fact that the social chairs only do events that they would like; how sad!

Anyways, ‘House of the Year’ went to Windsor, which is not suprising at all considering their executive is amazing and they have the most fun. It’s funny, because I debated to live there next year, but since I wanted a single room I came back here.. I don’t think I could have standed a double room again this year! Anyways, so everyone was dressed up and went to the largest hall for anything in the East Coast, Marjorie Young Bell Convocation Hall, which seats about 3’000 or so. The venue is really a wonderful place to see as the entrance is made in marble completely, with a fountain of some sort of mythical characters who are pracing and froliking around.

So everyone in semi-formal attire, naturally afterwards everyone got really really drunk or something, and were loud while I decided to keep quiet and do some work in my room. I have a presentation to do on Monday for music history, as well as some French grammar, and some assignments that will be due in 2 weeks (even after classes are done)! Oh well I can handle it, I think 8|

Oh and as a side note, why are people so loud, even when they aren’t playing music? Music I can handle, but yelling and screaming swear-words and such is un-necessary! I had half a brain to go out there and scold them in Swedish telling them to grow up or something; but I know they would have laughed and carried on anyways. And so I watched a movie about a place in the U.S.A. where they have these special turtles, and a whole bunch of the characters are all inter-related due to adoptions. It’s really quite a thought-provoking movie, but sad becasue at the end, the secondary character who has been wandering the U.S.A. since he was 17, died of HIV, and his adoption mother or birth mother never got to see him before it happend, since he denied medication. Really very sad, and kept me awake in bed for awhile before I fell alseep.

I consider myself an emphetic person, but honestly I could never deal with something like that I think, or even try to understand since I’ve never been in a position where I could die at any moment. Hmm, some things to ponder clearly!

Ahh so I’m off to go teach a 2hr lesson of yoga at the gym like always. Maybe the class will be less than 30 students today :roll:, yeah right I wish! I’ll write more later after I return some DVDs to the rental store in town.