Ads for LGBT dating

Now that we are all social distancing with covid-19 and contacting each other via social media, I’ve noticed a few things that have changed in my ads on those apps. Every 6 hours or so I’m inundated with TAIMI-apps for a new social network for LGBTQAI+ community (or at least it includes all those groups if I’m not mistaken).

While I don’t see a problem with advertising in general I’m a bit taken aback by the ads. “Do you wanna talk to hot guys in your area?” “Wanna meet cute guys?” are just some examples, which now extend into transgendered people as well. My immediate reaction: uhh, what? Hear me out.

Do I want to meet hot guys in my area, sure. But if I’m not hot myself, doesn’t that just mean that I have a decreased chance of encountering these people? It’s well known that hot gravitates to hot, simply put. You’re going to get matches if you’re attractive, fit, and market yourself a certain way. Okay sure, if you wanna be a piece of meat, that’s your choice.

It’s the word choice in the add that really struck a chord with me. In many ways it’s counter-intuitive to its’ own purpose: it wants to be inclusive to its’ members in the LGBT community, but at the same time cater to the attractive and thirsty. I get it, they are catering to the majority.

Will I likely try TAIMI app to social network and meet people to date? Probably at some point I might check it out, but I will likely not stay as I’d be contributing to the middle average in terms of desirability. If a frustrated average gay screams, does the community that is ignoring them hear? I’d guess not.

Best of luck with your swipes, frivolous as they may feel.

Thomas Ulsrud: because he’s hot as fuck

Thomas Ulsrud
Photo courtesy of Bjarte Hetland/Wikimedia Commons

I’m coming out as a curling fan. I’ve followed curling for many years now, and I’ve even played it. I haven’t had the opportunity of playing it now, because I can’t afford belonging to a curling club as fees are too high, but any chance that it’s on TV I manage to squeeze into the action.

I’m also coming out as a huge fan of my home team: Sweden and the omnipresent reality of them winning championships, but also I’m coming out as a huge fan of Thomas Ulsrud.

Not only is he a fantastic competitive skip from Norway, but he’s incredibly charming, hilarious, and hot as fuck. For lack of better words, I’m smitten beyond belief not only by his talent, but also by him. Always in the thick of things, he makes me a proud fan.

I can only aspire to cross paths one day with him and Team Ulsrud (as unlikely as that may be), but I don’t know what I would do. I’d probably end up saying something embarrassing then falling flat on my face on pavement. Should he ever stumble upon this posting, he would understand how much of a fan I am, and I suggest that he leave a comment in order to inspire me as a curler!

I’m so much of a fan, that I’ll be purchasing some of his not-so-trendy, but simply outrageously-awesome trousers.

I’ll keep on sweepin’ in the meantime, pining over the one that’s left me smitten.