Last few weeks have been hell on Earth, literally! With 6 consecutive days reaching above 30°C during the day (and even the night), the humidx reading brings the temperature to a maximum of 45°C at one point. Canada is supposed to be moderate temperatures, but apparently it gets hotter in the summer, to my dismay.

So all winter I have been braving the heat using my little fan and the parent’s hadn’t turned on the AC, but when they heard of the heat wave, due to their old age and poor health they decided to turn it on for a week, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Anyways, crap did it get hot? I could only do my 10km runs 3 of the 7 days in fear tht I would pass out on the way and nobody would save me since the city was like ghost town. Soo hot, and no way to avoid it.

I went to the health office on Monday to make sure my coverage goes while I am in France, and they gave me a hard time the first time I went, so I went again yesteterday with MORE paperwork proving where I have been and such in the last 2 years, and this time I talked to someone else and not the South-African French woman who was giving me a hard time. The same woman was next to the person that helped me and she was happy that I was able to get my paperwork together. Anyways the point is I got to the health office from riding 5km on bike and I was all gross and sticky (luckily not sweaty) and I was just stunned by the documentation person I got help from.

We talked for about 1hr about all the things that I needed to have done, answering questions, and even a little bit of flirting (if anyone can imagine that B)) I normally wouldn’t know flirting unless it hit me in the face head-on or someone said something to me, but I’m pretty sure that it was! Anyways, probably 15 years older than I, but with a nice soft tone of voice and a friendly attitude. Maybe it’s the fact that I recently turned 20, that I am starting to notice more people, which really is a bad idea cause I tend to build things up and then they flop!

Heat wave over, windows open, I got a present in the mail from Jeannette. A really funny thing also, she decided to order for me the new ‘Body Groom’ thing that I saw online, and it arrived to and is pretty nifty! Not too expensive either, so I was quite happy but pissed that it’s not sold in Canada. Oh well, I am better because I am in Canada and have one that I shouldn’t :DD