Le français oskyois

Since my return from France I’ve adopted some awesome things that make me more special than all the other students at my university, and basically one of a very few people in the world as well. And what am I talking about? Prepare yourself if you are franophone, to be blown away and to be shocked with what you are about to hear!

This is my method of counting…

1    un
2    deux
3    trois
4    quatre
5    cinq
6    six
7    sept
8    huit
9    neuf
10    dix
11    onze
12    douze
13    treize
14    quatorze
15    quinze
16    seize
17    dix-sept
18    dix-huit
19    dix-neuf
20    vingt
21    vingt et un
22    vingt-deux
23    vingt-trois
24    vingt-quatre
25    vingt-cinq
26    vingt-six
27    vingt-sept
28    vingt-huit
29    vingt-neuf
30    trente
31    trente et un
32    trente-deux
33    trente-trois
34    trente-quatre
35    trente-cinq
36    trente-six
37    trente-sept
38    trente-huit
39    trente-neuf
40    quarante
41    quarante et un
42    quarante-deux
43    quarante-trois
44    quarante-quatre
45    quarante-cinq
46    quarante-six
47    quarante-sept
48    quarante-huit
49    quarante-neuf
50    cinquante
51    cinquante et un
52    cinquente-deux
53    cinquente-trois
54    cinquente-quatre
55    cinquente-cinque
56    cinquente-six
57    cinquente-sept
58    cinquente-huit
59    cinquente-neuf
60    soixante
61    soixante et un
62    soixante-deux
63    soixante-trois
64    soixante-quatre
65    soixante-cinq
66    soixante-six
67    soixante-sept
68    soixante-huit
69    soixante-neuf
70    septante
septante et un
72    septante-deux
73    septante-trois
74    septante-quatre
75    septante-cinq
76    septante-six
77    septante-sept
78    septante-huit
79    septante-neuf
80    octante
81    octante et un
82    octante-deux
83    octante-trois
84    octante-quatre
85    octante-cinq
86    octante-six
87    octante-sept
88    octante-huit
89    octante-neuf
90    nonante
91    nonante et un
92    nonante-deux
93    nonante-trois
94    nonante-quatre
95    nonante-cinq
96    nonante-six
97    nonante-sept
98    nonante-huit
99    nonante-neuf

100    cent

Notice well the francophones who now cringe to hear these archaïc words septante, octante, nonante which I’ve adapted and absolute love. It’s just further reason for me to want to learn Latin, and make my reason for this change even more valid. Bwhaha my insanity!

En cours … toujours

So sitting in French class is quite boring and I have frankly nothing to do. We are doing some sort of improvisation exercise where a bunch of students who can’t speak French are struggling to act out a scene with handicaped people. Our ‘leader’ Rachelle is quite the interesting character since she has little to not patience, and therefore she’s having difficulties dealing with the lack of fluency. If she wants to be a teacher she needs to tun off the evil eye and get with the programme quite frankly.

Also she demands complete and utter silence for all the time which is difficult to attain since nobody understands. Madoka, Jules and I all understand perfectly as well as the Spanish woman, Maria. Right now it’s a few people in line acting to try to get something for a tram badge, and it’s quite funny. Really I’m bored, but quite happy that our grammar class was moved ahead by an hour so we have some less time to waste and therefore don’t get out of class at 19.00 like always. It’s a great class with Laure, but quite frankly the time of the class was killer and we all hated it.

As the French would say, Bon Courage à moi! :>

Where to begin?

So to put everything into a nutshell for the last 24 hours: I’ve had a mental and emotional breakdown, and as a result, I can’t sleep, and I have a language exam at 09.00 which is in 4 hours right now. So how did this all begin? Well of course, I am just being naïve little me, talking with my friends online and such, not having a life, because afterall, when have I ever had a life eh?

Life as a tourguide

So my part time job as a student is to give tours to people who want to come to this university. I like it but it doesn’t pay well. So today I gave the weirdest tour I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot.

I arrive, and the people are waiting outside the door so I let them into the meeting room. To be honest, I expecting really odd people because of the programmes that they are in, but I introduced myself to the parents first, then there were a bunch of tours so I tired to guess who was who, and failed miserably. The first guy’s hand that I shook I said: “You’re Thomas?” And he goes “Uhh, no I’m Matt, I’m with Thomas’ family” so I appologize and meet Thomas who stares at me and holds my hand a little longer than comfortable and goes to sit down.

I introduced myself as a student and what I’m involved in, and asked them if they had any questions to start out, and some of the parents did so, and then we got started. So the tour went on, and as I told them about what was going on around campus they just became more and more touchy with me, which really weirded me out since I don’t like people touching me often.

So after I talk about the computer labs and stuff they ask about random stuff, and then got onto telling me their life stories, and about how Thomas and Matt had been boyfriends for 5 years. I didn’t really know what to say to that, since well.. I wasn’t expecting, it so I just nodded and kept talking about random stuff, but to be honest Matt didn’t strike me as someone who’d be Thomas’ boyfriend, because he just seems really normal I guess, where Thomas is very clearly flamboyant; they are like opposites.


Ascars, what are they you ask? Well I will tell you in such an elegant way, since it’s supposed to be an ‘elegant’ evening. Ascars is my universities’ version of the Oscars, so it’s where many band performances are and people get lots of awards like Student of the Year or somehing like that. Well I must say that I’m dissapointed that nobody from my house won anything, but then again I’m not suprised. Withing being bitter at all, I must say that our house executive has done a very poor job at integrating all the new students, and even throwing events that people come out to due to the fact that the social chairs only do events that they would like; how sad!

Anyways, ‘House of the Year’ went to Windsor, which is not suprising at all considering their executive is amazing and they have the most fun. It’s funny, because I debated to live there next year, but since I wanted a single room I came back here.. I don’t think I could have standed a double room again this year! Anyways, so everyone was dressed up and went to the largest hall for anything in the East Coast, Marjorie Young Bell Convocation Hall, which seats about 3’000 or so. The venue is really a wonderful place to see as the entrance is made in marble completely, with a fountain of some sort of mythical characters who are pracing and froliking around.

So everyone in semi-formal attire, naturally afterwards everyone got really really drunk or something, and were loud while I decided to keep quiet and do some work in my room. I have a presentation to do on Monday for music history, as well as some French grammar, and some assignments that will be due in 2 weeks (even after classes are done)! Oh well I can handle it, I think 8|

Oh and as a side note, why are people so loud, even when they aren’t playing music? Music I can handle, but yelling and screaming swear-words and such is un-necessary! I had half a brain to go out there and scold them in Swedish telling them to grow up or something; but I know they would have laughed and carried on anyways. And so I watched a movie about a place in the U.S.A. where they have these special turtles, and a whole bunch of the characters are all inter-related due to adoptions. It’s really quite a thought-provoking movie, but sad becasue at the end, the secondary character who has been wandering the U.S.A. since he was 17, died of HIV, and his adoption mother or birth mother never got to see him before it happend, since he denied medication. Really very sad, and kept me awake in bed for awhile before I fell alseep.

I consider myself an emphetic person, but honestly I could never deal with something like that I think, or even try to understand since I’ve never been in a position where I could die at any moment. Hmm, some things to ponder clearly!

Ahh so I’m off to go teach a 2hr lesson of yoga at the gym like always. Maybe the class will be less than 30 students today :roll:, yeah right I wish! I’ll write more later after I return some DVDs to the rental store in town.