Prefecture… again

Oh how my distain for the Prefecture mounts minute-by-minute. I went in today to see if my paper-work was ready; “Nope sorry, we were waiting for you to tell us to start it”. Uhm okay, so now that I did, it’s going to take 5 weeks at minimum to fabricate my carte de séjour, does this mean… I’m not even going to start.

What bothers me even further is the fact that I sat for 1.5 hours waiting as the numbers slowly went by, and every single person around was either moved ahead of the line, illegially given papers, or something of low-merit, because they know someone who works at the Prefecture. So in total I saw 5 French Passports given to non-French nationals; ergo illegial, 3 Carte de séjours for Russian families who have no paperwork, several african-nationals trying to get illegially into the offices, one Russian woman crying because they denied her entry for no reason but the fact that she’s Russian, and then quickly changed and her paperwork given to her to avoid a kaffule; and finally the grand-one of them all… A Chinese girl being helped, moved ahead in line, and then denied any help because she’s “communist” and comes from a radical region of China.

Does this mean that I need to become rascist, and start crying to get some help in this country? If so, then get me out of here, I’m moving to Sweden or Germany where things are 1) efficient, 2) non-rascist, and 3) nicer.

What’s the end story of this? I got my paperwork renewed again for the third time, and I wait still for my perminant residence status. God, it would have just been easier to marry a French national…

Osky vs. Germany: v2.0

Another fight against Germany, but this time it was more of a Franco-Germanic alliace against me. I woke up early after going to sleep early (in the realm of 22.30 or so) but I decided to sleep in a bit longer and I ended up being much more tired than I originally was, so I was a bit upset about that. After rolling out of bed I SMSed Nic to see if he wanted to go see the Luxembourgoise Philharmonic Orchestra tonight, and he said sure, so I decided to go over to the Palais de Musique et de Congrès but alas they were closed and my feet hurt. I felt so waisted at this point since I walked the entire length of the city and was in a suburb, but I took the tram back to Observatoire so that I could go to Kehl to do some grocery shopping.

The bus there was alright, despite the French-Moroccan students that were hoarding around me while at the bus, and were speaking in some weird dialect of French that I couldn’t understand. It was gross too since they were putting their faces on the windows (how unsanitary), and apparently some schools go on during the weekends; but luckily not me.

So I get to Kehl in no time, and then I walk down the main street to the market, and go to a Woolworths to get some stuff. I bought a cheap toaster, hangers, and a laundry basket (finally!) and then had to struggle with communication with the cashier who didn’t understand what I was saying in English or French. Sigh; life goes on. After that I went to the discount grocery store where I buy groceries, and struggling to find yoghurt and such since everything is only in German and no translations at all. It’s really difficult to figure out what I needed and wanted, but everything is cheap so I don’t think I really cared.


After struggling to carry all the groceries back to the bus stop I got onto the crowded bus and realized that there was gonna be no way I get back to Observatoire without people bitching at me about my laundry basket, so I got to Point de Rhin which is in France and began walking home (also since the bus was to arrive in another 20 mins). So I get lost following the signs to Esplanade, but eventually recognize something and see the N°2 bus go in the opposite direction so I knew I was in the right path. Meanwhile all the temperature signs say it’s 32°C which amazed me, but not really cause I was fucking hot. Apart from that crazy French people are wearing pants and sweaters, what the..!


"Hard Pill" to swallow

Okay, flat out no description, film “Hard Pill” is really good and makes me sad because it reminds me so much about myself, weirdly.

I have watched 5 films in the last 24hrs and there are 3 more that are foreign that I’m searching for subtitles for. I really have not much to do and the weather is really nice.

What’s the answer to this delema? Go for a run! Yes that’s exactly correct, starting to day, I will spend at least 1hr on a run around town, and then another 30mins devoted to ‘strength training’, for example doing abdominal exercises, arms, and chest. What brings this on? Well I have discovered (after watching these depressing films) that my desires, wishes, and feelings are all just as valid as everyone else, so I am taking a newer outlook on life. I’ve got an alright body, just now I’m going to make it better, so that I become more desireable..

Yes it’s shallow, but honestly, do I care: no? I just want to do things to sort of change how things are going right now, and besides, what’s the big problem with being healthy? I’m not going to flaunt it or anything, but it won’t be difficult to do since I don’t need to loose any weight or anything. I will look forward to France, as I will arrive as this slender-athletic God, who all the while is very modest and kind. I wonder if there were any Greek Gods like that, or if they were all asswholes and were selfish and not modest.. Oh well, I will become one of the better kinds 😉

Oh and by the way, whooohoo for not getting any new crushes last few days. That makes me happy, and a lot less dramatic/pathetic as recent months where I just seem to get a crush on everyone! :DD

Band rehearsal is also tonight, wonderful since I was the only damn person in my section on Sunday’s Performance for some Vetrans association. I didn’t play poorly, but we were put on grass, which gobbled up all the sound we did have. So I will come in tonight super-confident with my playing abilities, because I learned most of my parts and they sound lovely. I just need to increase my range a few notes higher and then I will have complete range on the intstrument, and then can work on doing fingerings and combinations a littleb it faster.

Go team osky!

Rain rain go away

I have decided to take a moment of my ‘busy schedule’ to write a little bit on my blogg here. Not much new has been going on, I am just sorting some Eurovision songs, and I got all my stuff back from university, so I have to re-arrange my room to make it all fit.

My computer continues to bother me, as I need to start to find somewhere that I can buy the new Mac iBook when it comes out, since I will be going over to France and I need a nice small computer. I will start to look for stores today, but it probably won’t be released until next week anyways.

I got my tax return for about $700 so I will use most of it for the computer I think, and I really need to start to look into booking my flight to school. I figure that I will probably fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Strasbourg since it would be the cheapest, but it might be difficult because I have all my luggage. I also need to decide if I am going to go visit Gustaf before or during the school year. He has not told me if he will be in Linköping or London for the beginning of September, so I am still unsure of what I will do. London would be easiest because then I could just fly easily to France without a problem, but if I have to go to Stockholm and then Linköping, and then back to Germany, I don’t see it being so easy. *hopes that he will be in UK and not Sweden*

Other than that, tonight is the make-my-own-pizza-but-not-really-pizza night, so I take a pita bread piece, put some cheese and garlic sause on and then some toppings all, because I’m allergic to tomatoes. Yeah it sucks, but I manage since it’s what my mom cooks; therefore I must conform to the system :DD

Other than that, I am struggling since Eurovision happens next week!! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have TV that shows it, and I am not sure if they will be doing a life on-line feed again this year.. *hopes that they are* but I can’t find out! :-/ If I can’t see it, then I will start to cry and not know what to do with myself! I even skipped work last year just to watch it, so I am so willing to do anything just to watch it! Especially since I missed the semi-finals last year, which honestly was one of the most tragic moments of my life!

What do I do:?:

Update, employment

Firstly, fail to observe how bored I appear, and how unimpressed I am at this hour of the night…

Yes so that’s all so interesting, and for the record, no I’m not lazy-eyed, it’s just how the photo came-about. And by the way, the lime-green-bandana is just there for decoration to make me different from everyone else, because I feel that I need to differentiate myself for some odd reason.

So I looked into ‘jobs’ or such for going abroad this summer, but I found out that it takes 2-3 months to get a work permit, although I can visit and stay with someone or family for up to 3 months without visa (and not work, legally at least).

Honestly I just need to talk to someone about it, but since I’m the only one home all day with nothing to do, nobody is around and I’ve got nothing to do but read, read, and read about it, and discover more and more that I won’t be able to do it.

In addition to that, I called my old employer and he would like me to come back, but he doesn’t know about hours, because he has a meeting with the owner of the company on Tuesday-next and that will decide what will happen to the branch, which could leave me, and my mother without jobs there (and thus leaving the family with no father or mother jobs). I will keep looking around for others places, because I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but I really would like to work there again! And if not, I can possibly go to UVL headquarters, but that’s in Mississauga, and that’s a LONG treck to get there everyday.

I just need options, and to make a decision because time is running out, and I don’t know what to do because my options are limited!