I met a celebrity, Oscar Zia

Despite the fact that my friends don’t appreciate this fact, or particularly know who the celebrity is, I’m still proud to announce that I met a celebrity.

I was on a party cruise, Viking Line’s Cinderella to Mariehamn, and to my surprise a musical artist and dancer that I’ve seen on TV and Melodifestivalen was the featured artist. I naturally got excited at this surprise and I of course made a point to be there before, during and after the performance.

His name is Oscar Zia and he is well known in Sweden, but not by foreigners. He sang with a neat cover band, and after his performance he appeared on the dance floor with a few friends.

My colleague and friend Elin saw this, and based upon the fact that I earlier said that he’s so cute, thought it was incumbent upon her to insist that I kiss him. Of course that was a crazy idea, being a stranger and all, and more importantly a celebrity (knowing how much crazy attention celebrities sometimes get). I rejected her idea. She persisted.

The next thing I knew, she grabbed me by the arm. Suddenly I realised that she also grabbed his arm and turned him around and then suddenly pushed us both together. Face-to-face with a twenty-year old extremely attractive celebrity, I stood completely still and in the balance held the pregnant awkwardness. I said hello, and she screamed for us to take a photo.

To give you a sense of how hot this guy is, here is a photo.

Vilka är ”alla andra artister” som ska gå på denna toalett???

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And so we took a photo of us together, and I said thank you and moved on, embarrassed and shocked. Elin persisted and still thought I should kiss him, I laughed at her and said that she’s crazy.

And for the next 45 minutes or so (at least it felt like a long time), Oscar and his posse danced basically right next to me and the girls. My crazy dance moves seemed not to deter him or his group, and I was having difficulty believing that I was so close.

Elin persisted and kept telling me that I was sneaking peeks, and admittedly I did. I mean the guy is a 10, and I felt embarrassed. She seemed to be convinced that he was looking back, but I’m skeptical. Crazy dancing continued, and honestly I was most surprised that he didn’t run away like most people do when I’m dancing around them.

You may think, “What the hell is with this guy” or “What’s wrong with him”? Nothing, I just dance really expressively like it’s my last opportunity. It’s a bit intense, I suppose, much like me.

And so, upon reflecting on the evening who know’s what happened, or is going to happen. Maybe he was flirting with me and I didn’t realise it, maybe he thinks I’m a creepy fan (but I don’t think fan is the right word), maybe he thought I was flirting with him without me knowing, so many questions and only time will tell.

Or maybe it won’t…

Christmas Vacation N°8


With my vacation closing in to an end, I departed Copenhagen headed towards Malmö so that I could get a train to Växjö where I would stay with Johan, another friend. It turned out that I had to arrive in th evening since he works for SSU in Växjö, so I hopped on a train to Kalmar, the second largest city in Sweden. Despite being a large city it’s got quite a small train station and it doesn’t seem have much to do there. I only was there for 10 minutes before my train turned around to go back to Växjö, and I did all this because I could; with my rail pass.Otherwise I just would have been in Malmö forever, and bored out of my mind with nowhere to sit, as it rained. I got there in the evening and we walked in the rain back to his flat, and completely forgot about eating, so his flatmate Johanna decided to make a McDonalds trip in the middle of the night, which we did. We didn’t even have to pay since she worked there and had some sort of money. I was reulctant to eat that food, but I scarfed it down without any questions at all! When one is hungry, they are hungry. For the rest of the evening we watched Melodifestivalen and Eurovision DVDs to pass the time and have a good laugh.

We went to bed, and I got to sleep on a fold-out bed which I’ve always wanted to do! It was surprisingly uncomfortable but I lived and it was all okej in the end. We woke up and Johan went to work and left me the funky keys to his flat, and explained how to work them since it was all electronic light thingie-ma-bobs which was awesome. His apartment complex was new and they were all technologically advanced and had no keys! I spent the day in pjs and decided to go for a walk to explore the tiny little town of Växjö.


This was the main street to walk down to get downtown and it only took about 5 minutes, and for the first time in nearly 3 weeks I got to see the sun. It was a glorious thing to expeirence and I savoured every minute of it. I even had time to go shopping and get myself a Swedish Football Jersey and pair of shorts, and go to Småland’s Glass museum which was boring, but free. Ergo Yay! The city itself is so small and is situated right next to a lake, and the main road next to the train station was filled with people who I thought should had been in school, but who knows with crazy Sweden!

We went to eat and made some sort of odd dish that had hamburger, vegitables and patotes in it, which was quite good since Johan knows how to cook (thankfully). In any case he invited some of his friends over to watch videos in the evening so after a little while Jimmy and Sebastian turned up. Now the weird and awkward thing was that we are both mutal friends of Sebastian, who is a Finnish-Swede and therefore has an awesomely cute accent and way of speaking. Between my accent and his, Jimmy and Johan had a million laughs. We watched ‘The Producers’ which is an absolutely hillarious film with many inapprorpriate comments and themes, and is a musical, but I liked it never-the-less. Afterwards, Sebas and I talked for awhile since he was leaving early as he lived on the other side of the town near the university, and it was really nice to meet so many people from the forum as I could. He was quite pleasant, even more so than my host, and just nicer to be around since he wasn’t sort of socially awkard and always on his phone. I gave him my mobile number and we decided that he would show me around Finland some time when I go back possibly in May.

We went to bed, as the next day I would be departing for Stockholm to get my flight back to France. All is well that ends well, but not before binging on Julmust and chips and singing more Melodifestival songs, while Johanna departed to see her boyfriend in Jönköping.

Christmas Vacation N°3


This is just one of the most beautiful sun-sets you have ever seen isn’t it? Well you have to travel to the Artic Circle to see it, to be honest. This was taken when Robb and I went for a walk around town. It got quite cold so we ended up walking quite fast after going shopping. It was very nice to see the little parts of the town, even though it’s very small. I was just so thankfull to see snow, as I got my Christmas wish. The only thing I wanted for Christmas was to get snow, and I got it… and nearly cried when it happend too; that’s how happy I was at the time! But seriously, check out the colours, it reminds me so much of a really tacky-tie-dye shirt I saw awhile back that I wanted to buy (yes I’m tacky). Despite all this it was just wonderful, as I wanted to sit down and have a picnic, but it is obviously far too cold at the time to do that, and it was just poor judgement at the time. Instead we just froliked away to explore the rest of the town, and then return home for hot chocholate.


I couldn’t help but laugh when taking these photos. On the left you see the streets of Kalix, where I stayed with Robb, and the cars which demonstrate how similar Sweden and Canada are. The cars are different from the rest of Europe and are a bit bigger than on the continant, which is cool, because it made me feel more at home. On the right you see the ‘University’ *giggle* which clearly isn’t a university because the town is far too small and remote to have that, but I had to take a photo and giggle at it. So check it out, sillies!

This can pretty much sum up my 11 days in Norrbotten, and you can see how much fun I’m having. It’s the 21st century, and how many people do you know still pulling off the babysitter’s club sort of picture pose? None, that’s right, that’s why I rock! Go team us, team awesome as we decided. So after this, we had two more sleeps before I left for Finland. It was very hard to leave my bestest-best friend behind and continue on by myself. Besides that going to Finland, where I won’t understand anything. Finnish, Finns, and just the region is scary enough, but then not being able to understand what anyone is saying… can we say creepy!? Oh well, life goes on and such… Tick tock tick tock!

Next up, Finland!

Mid-Week Mental Breakdowns

Last few days have been a bit stressful only because of my stupid coursload which is horrible on Monday & Tuesday. On Monday classes were annoying as usual, but afterwards it was okay because I went out with Birahim my conversation partner and had a nice couple hours of talking completley in French. It was a struggle at first just because I wasn’t sure what to say but after a few minutes it turned out to be a-okay. He’s from Dakar, Senegal and he’s really polite, almost too polite. He let about 10 people go infront of us in line recharging our meal cards, which was polite but only slightly annoying but eventually we got all of that done and started to eat. We agreed that for the next few weeks we would meet for 1 hour and speak half in English half in French, and then after a little bit we will go to do 2 hours a week one of each language.

His French is very accented with a clear and distinct African dialect, but his grammar and comprehension is unbelievable and could even find ways to correct what I say. That’s the agreement, we will correct each other’s grammar in hopes to help each other learn more. I learned lots of words and new ways to say things but mostly it was just silly mistakes. I find that if I talk a little bit slower than I have been, it’s more easy to understand and everything that comes out is a little more comprehendable. If only I could get the people downstairs to understand when I say “R” so I can get my mail promptly.

Speaking of mail, does anyone think that I will be getting a package from Helsinki soon or, are we still waiting on that? 😉

Classes on Tuesday were fine, but I managed to get through 10 hours of them by eating lots of chocholate and bananas during class. I’m glad that we have an interesting teacher for Philosophy to end off the day, but especially I loved European Institutions as the people in the class are nice and he’s really easy to understand, being foreign himself. Our litterature professor is driving me crazy since she can’t seem to use simple words which any of us can understand; even Ginette the francophone had no idea what she was talking about at one point.

In terms of today, I decided to be a hermet and completely avoid everyone in every way shape and form simply because I was sick of them. I am feeling very used and unappreciated right now, especially regarding the Thanksgiving dinner situation. Everyone just expects me to do everything and then they never get back to me, or they use me to do other things, or only talk to me when they need something. Well obviously I notice, and I’m not going to stand for it anymore since I’m more important than that. So after completely not talking since about 19.00 last night, until about now I continue to avoid everyone, calls, sms’s and everything. Even people knocking at my door I am ignoring. Maybe it will send the message that I’m not exactly happy with the situation.

So why do I feel like this? Well it really just hit me while I was in philosophy while the sexy voice of the professor was going on about Descartes, I spaced out and then suddenly realized how much I was used or faked to. Why would people fake being nice to me, other than to use me for something! So I’m not going to stand for it anymore! Am I going to Lyon this weekend with Nic and Ginette? Probably not simply because I have a gut feeling that Nic is only being nice to me because he pitties me for being socially awkward and shy. Well fuck him, temporarily, especially for not even saying hi to me when I said hi to him. Clearly I’ve fucked up or something, and he’s so full of shit anyways. He’s always saying ‘Oh I hardly drink and go out’ and yet he’s been bragging about going out every night for the last few weeks. It’s easier just to be honest about it all, as obviously lying is a point of contention with me at this point, especially when I’m trying not to persue this friendship henceforth. I’m going Finnish on his and everyone else’s ass; cold and frigid. Deal with it, cause it’s not changing, and I’m remaining a hermit.

Also why am I pissed off? Well they booked Paris and Disneyland and all that rubbish, but obviously once again without me. It’s really starting to get to me and piss me off, especially the Greece, Turkey, Normandie things. So what can I say? Fuck them, and I’m doing my own shit, and if anyone asks to come with me it’s a big fat no, because I’m going to do just what they do to me; be uninclusive. Get over yourselves people, grow up and then you’ll see how the world works. I’m perfectly capiable of doing things independantly, so meh.

Speak of all this, I have holidays for a week in the last week of October, I’m debating whether to go to Helsinki, Budapest, or Berlin possibly. A nice friendly person has offered their kindness for staying for awhile, which I will consider, but also I was offered some days in Lyon which I could also consider. I think it might be more worthwhile to go elsewhere, but I have to look into travel plans and such, the only problem being getting to airports and such since Strasbourg Airport is small and not very international. If I go to Helsinki then I have to look at bus schedules to maybe make a visit to Rauma and spend some time exploring rural Finland with Tommy ;). Yes Robert, be jelous, oh so jelous!!

And on top of that I want to go somewhere the weekend of November 11th, so most likely Netherlands. I’m going to ask Johan if I can stay with him, since he’s cool, but there are other options for people there too. I can get their by train as well so it’s not such a big deal for me. I just want to get things a little bit more firm in the coming weeks just so I can brag to everyone that I’m going to better places and spending less money. Take that stupid Canadians who are rude! Okay okay I don’t have sour grapes, I’m just very irritated.

Apart from that I’m going to bed now since I’m exhausted, and tomorrow I am going to get my Carte 12/25 assuming that I get out of class at a reasonable hour. Conversation class also begins tomorrow *gags self* but it looks like I’m going anywhere this weekend so I won’t bother to plan anything. I can always get started on my ‘Synthèses’ so that I can hand them all in before the holidays to lovely Mme. Sauvagé.

À Demain!


I know know when, I don’t know how, but I’m going to Helsinki next year for Eurovision..

I decided it like 20 mins ago after screaming with Tommy and Robb!

Omg I’m dying and this is soooo amazing result that I’m happy about!

And this is the swede signing-off, see you in Helsinki next year!!