December ending

For those of whom actually read my blogg, you’d find that I updated a bunch of photos in various places and I’m doing past reviews of Eurovision entries that I now have the videos for. Watch out for all that awesomeness. Apart from that I had my exam on the 14th, and somehow managed to get all my papers in on time and get decent marks around. I have an essay to write over the hoildays because of a huge falling out I had with an unprofessional prof. No matter.

My dear friend Markus, with whom I stalked and hiked in Italy, joined me in Sackville and he cooked up a storm as promised! He is modest, but quite frankly he’s amazing at random cooking, it adds variety to my diet so I can’t complain in the least. We had nutella also, and words can’t explain the emotions that were flowing through me when I placed my finger into the mix…

Our bittersweet time together ended the following day, after we lounged around and did literally nothing for the entire morning/afternoon. He headed off to his friend Ellen’s who was visiting another friend (ironically a mutual friend of mine!). We decided that because it was the last day of exams we’d head out, him with his physics friends, and I with my… whoever I could get together! I got Emily, my American friend to come with me, since she wanted to meet him anyways. So we got there, and no doubt Markus was already really drunk and waking around half naked, it was hillarious.

The music was good, and I was dancing like a scandelous whore, but who cares since nobody was around! But then I got grabbed and there was a scandelous dance sequence that went on for about one hour. There was tension, oh yes tension, that’s not even a word strong enough for what was going on.

In any case, Markus and I agreeded that we’d meet at Bridge Street Café the next morning at 11.30 to rendez-vous with his family. That morning I struggled over to the café, and then sat there nursing a rice-cake for about 45 minutes wondering where Markus was. He arrived, and his family had been there staring at me the whole time wondering if I was the person they were looking for. The answer was yes. So he arrived and we had coffee and tea and such and a meet-and-greet, and then we were off to Nova Scotia, for the first time in my life!

Ample expression

I don’t often steal expressions from other people, nor use vulgar ones like the following but it suits me very well following an against univeristy rules final in-class evaluation. Since it’s larger than 20% it’s unable to be done in class in the final week of classes and thus illegal according to academic guidelines. I didn’t complain because I just don’t care; but the following expression works well…

 That exam raped me up the ass with a sand-paper condom and no lube; seriously.

Inappropriate, yes; funny to some, maybe; fitting to the situation, most definantly. The only other exam that I’ve ever bullshitted my way through more was Linguistics a few years ago; but this one was so precise that you had to know everything that it nearly made me panic.

Other cool academic things to note; my revolution prof got mad at me to today for being like a soldier and doing nothing like she constantly asks me. I guess I can’t win at all.

Now all I have to do is three essays, a bunch of concerts and recitals, and attempt to not have more anxiety attacks.

Someone invite yourself over to my place and bring a DVD you wanna watch; I’m open to suggestions and company!

Post Examinations

After having finished exams quite a few days ago, and louging around for most of the day I’d like to take a moment to express some things about TV shows in USA. Firstly, the series “Dante’s Cove” is cheesy and needs to be burned. Secondly, I cried after the season finalé of “Grey’s Anatomy” and as a result I’ve been running around the residence like a headless chicken and an emotional wreck. Thirdly, I saw the episode of “Ugly Betty” and I also was quite upsetted by this.

Why is it that American TV stations need to damage our souls and emotions in order to get hugely amazing ratings? As if we don’t have enough emotional things in our lives to worry about what’s going on in fictional characters that make us relate our own lives and view them differently. Shame on you, as I can’t really respond in any other way.

I need a life, and now that I have an unlimited amount of time I don’t know what I’m going to do. I might visit some random city in Alcase tomorrow but I’m undecided. Frankly I can’t be bothered to do anything since I’ve got no food and I don’t want to spend money on buying it. It’s a viscious circle that’s never-ending. Charlotte and Matthew are never in their rooms because they actually have social lives so I don’t know how to comment really about it. Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe it’s just me being over-dramatic.

I also feel that today is a rejection day as a general whole. I’m just getting that vibe, so I’m going to just ride it out and hope that my whale doesn’t reject me; it’s about the only thing that can’t actually reject me (unless it ends up on the floor whilst I’m sleeping). Having said that, it probably will happen and thus me becoming even more desperate. Seriously though, having looked back on the recent past; how much rejection can one person take before just giving up?

Dan and Siân’s Exam Party

Is it wrong of me to go out late on Monday night? I think not, well not recently after having such awesome times really. I knew ahead of time that it would be quite a show to see everyone being done exams and not having to worry about the concequences of anything. We headed from Alejandro’s room (the guy across the window who is always naked) to The Mosquito which was impossible to even enter, so we went straight to Java which was much nicer but impossible to see because of so much smoke. I can’t wait until French laws change and it’s illegial to smoke in bars, it will just make things so much nicer and won’t have to worry about smelling so poorly.

We arrived and immediately I got into an intellectual argument with Gustav and Ginette about inventions of Sweden and Canada. Gustav made me take his side since I spoke Swedish with him, and team Sweden beat team Canada’s ass, sorry all you Canadians. Sure the telephone was important, but the mobile phone was more important, and as well as the zipper, which was invented by a Swedish-Canadian immigrant.

When Dan saw me he couldn’t help but scream my name since I’m a legend and I was in his reality. He was stashed off in the corner barely able to stand up, but at any rate I was able to hold a conversation with him while Ginette defined her nationality while in termoil. I left at about 2am since I had an 8.30 class the next morning, but apparently Ginette and Becky stayed until 4am, which was a poor choice on their part. Now they are both sick and one is leaving for Turkey on Thursday. My warm bed was wonderful to feel after being out on a Monday night, mental note, Monday’s are awesome!

Where to begin?

So to put everything into a nutshell for the last 24 hours: I’ve had a mental and emotional breakdown, and as a result, I can’t sleep, and I have a language exam at 09.00 which is in 4 hours right now. So how did this all begin? Well of course, I am just being naïve little me, talking with my friends online and such, not having a life, because afterall, when have I ever had a life eh?