Christmas Vacation N°8


With my vacation closing in to an end, I departed Copenhagen headed towards Malmö so that I could get a train to Växjö where I would stay with Johan, another friend. It turned out that I had to arrive in th evening since he works for SSU in Växjö, so I hopped on a train to Kalmar, the second largest city in Sweden. Despite being a large city it’s got quite a small train station and it doesn’t seem have much to do there. I only was there for 10 minutes before my train turned around to go back to Växjö, and I did all this because I could; with my rail pass.Otherwise I just would have been in Malmö forever, and bored out of my mind with nowhere to sit, as it rained. I got there in the evening and we walked in the rain back to his flat, and completely forgot about eating, so his flatmate Johanna decided to make a McDonalds trip in the middle of the night, which we did. We didn’t even have to pay since she worked there and had some sort of money. I was reulctant to eat that food, but I scarfed it down without any questions at all! When one is hungry, they are hungry. For the rest of the evening we watched Melodifestivalen and Eurovision DVDs to pass the time and have a good laugh.

We went to bed, and I got to sleep on a fold-out bed which I’ve always wanted to do! It was surprisingly uncomfortable but I lived and it was all okej in the end. We woke up and Johan went to work and left me the funky keys to his flat, and explained how to work them since it was all electronic light thingie-ma-bobs which was awesome. His apartment complex was new and they were all technologically advanced and had no keys! I spent the day in pjs and decided to go for a walk to explore the tiny little town of Växjö.


This was the main street to walk down to get downtown and it only took about 5 minutes, and for the first time in nearly 3 weeks I got to see the sun. It was a glorious thing to expeirence and I savoured every minute of it. I even had time to go shopping and get myself a Swedish Football Jersey and pair of shorts, and go to Småland’s Glass museum which was boring, but free. Ergo Yay! The city itself is so small and is situated right next to a lake, and the main road next to the train station was filled with people who I thought should had been in school, but who knows with crazy Sweden!

We went to eat and made some sort of odd dish that had hamburger, vegitables and patotes in it, which was quite good since Johan knows how to cook (thankfully). In any case he invited some of his friends over to watch videos in the evening so after a little while Jimmy and Sebastian turned up. Now the weird and awkward thing was that we are both mutal friends of Sebastian, who is a Finnish-Swede and therefore has an awesomely cute accent and way of speaking. Between my accent and his, Jimmy and Johan had a million laughs. We watched ‘The Producers’ which is an absolutely hillarious film with many inapprorpriate comments and themes, and is a musical, but I liked it never-the-less. Afterwards, Sebas and I talked for awhile since he was leaving early as he lived on the other side of the town near the university, and it was really nice to meet so many people from the forum as I could. He was quite pleasant, even more so than my host, and just nicer to be around since he wasn’t sort of socially awkard and always on his phone. I gave him my mobile number and we decided that he would show me around Finland some time when I go back possibly in May.

We went to bed, as the next day I would be departing for Stockholm to get my flight back to France. All is well that ends well, but not before binging on Julmust and chips and singing more Melodifestival songs, while Johanna departed to see her boyfriend in Jönköping.

Oh my god!

I have never been this happy in my entire life.. The semi final made me so happy that I want to cry, and in fact did!

Maybe I was building it up so muchc, but it was no dissapointment at all.

Before the show ends this is my pic for the 10 semi-finalists in no order: Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Bosnia-Herzegoniva, Turkey, Iceland, Albania

Certain songs that I didn’t like.. I think Kate Ryan singing Je T’adore was a huge botch and that she did it really poorly. I got the feeling that her and her background singers we way off the whole time.

I was interested to see how Carola would do her song, and honestly she did it very well! She sang it 100% better than the Melodifestivalen Final and Göteborg Semi-Final! It brought me to tears, which is really sad considering I hate her, but the way she did it just made the hair on the back of my neck stand on the edges!!

Sylvia Night of Iceland’s performance was really funny and good, since she sang well, but I was not very happy about them booing here at the beginning since even though she is a lot of controversy but still they shouldn’t have booed her. Even tATu deserved the booing, but not Silvia Night. She’s in your face, but she had a decent song and everything! They booed here at the end and it was very rude, considering she did a good show!

Other notes would be Finland and their absolustely amazing performance! I hate rock, but honestly I think was one of the best performances of the night. They are a huge crowd favourite, and so far in seeing the performances, Finland might be were I go next year 😉

I will write more after the results are shown 😉

Semi Tomorrow

Mads Vangsø
Mads being silly! 😀

Mads Vangsø
Mads being sweet! 😛

Oh my gosh! I am so giddy it is driving me insane! Eurovision Semi-Final is tomorrow and I’ve already told my dad to get out of the house from the time when it starts so that I have all the bandwidth to watch online! LOL

I will be having a Skype conference also with Robert so that we will yell each other during it.. We have become quite close acutally, weirdly, but thankfully nothing from before comes about anymore! Anyways..

Back to Eurovision, I am so giddy that I think I will wet myself at some point during the next 24hr! LOL I just hope that the online feed will work for me, otherwise I will cry and never be able to recover from myself.

So I also watched “Inför ESC 2006” in the four episodes today and I loved it, because it was so funny. The final installment was the best, and I think that Mads is really funny.. Especially when he gets upset and doesn’t know what to say.. It make me laugh very much 😉

And after Robb mentioned Thomas Lundin to me and I watched, I couldn’t help but giggle as well becasue well.. It’s Thomas Lundin with his silly Finnish accent 😉 I have nothing against it, no, but the pink jacket that he wore a few weeks ago was so… not-cool!

Okej since now I am the fashion police I will stop since I have no sense of fashion! 🙂

I just must laugh when they spoke on Greece’s entry, Anna Vissi, and honestly I didn’t pay much attention to it until that moment because they all made good points, except Mads 😉 And Nanne is just, funny I don’t know what to say about her. *sigh* Den var fantasktisk, Meat Loaf-feeling! haha Funny that she turns to the Dane and not the Icelander for support when she can’t hold her head up anymore (but I can understand why becasue Eirikur was creepy looking 8|8| .

So moral of the story is, SEMIFINAL IS TOMORROW AND I HAVE PARTY WITH ROBB FOR THEN AND SATURDAY EVENING. Wooot! It will be fun I think, because I will simply make fun of his voice as he makes fun of my Swedish 🙂 I will desperate help with the whole oral skills, because as Tobias knows, I’m not good with speaking :-/

God above of whom I don’t believe in, help me!

Rain rain go away

I have decided to take a moment of my ‘busy schedule’ to write a little bit on my blogg here. Not much new has been going on, I am just sorting some Eurovision songs, and I got all my stuff back from university, so I have to re-arrange my room to make it all fit.

My computer continues to bother me, as I need to start to find somewhere that I can buy the new Mac iBook when it comes out, since I will be going over to France and I need a nice small computer. I will start to look for stores today, but it probably won’t be released until next week anyways.

I got my tax return for about $700 so I will use most of it for the computer I think, and I really need to start to look into booking my flight to school. I figure that I will probably fly to Frankfurt and take a train to Strasbourg since it would be the cheapest, but it might be difficult because I have all my luggage. I also need to decide if I am going to go visit Gustaf before or during the school year. He has not told me if he will be in Linköping or London for the beginning of September, so I am still unsure of what I will do. London would be easiest because then I could just fly easily to France without a problem, but if I have to go to Stockholm and then Linköping, and then back to Germany, I don’t see it being so easy. *hopes that he will be in UK and not Sweden*

Other than that, tonight is the make-my-own-pizza-but-not-really-pizza night, so I take a pita bread piece, put some cheese and garlic sause on and then some toppings all, because I’m allergic to tomatoes. Yeah it sucks, but I manage since it’s what my mom cooks; therefore I must conform to the system :DD

Other than that, I am struggling since Eurovision happens next week!! I don’t know what to do! I don’t have TV that shows it, and I am not sure if they will be doing a life on-line feed again this year.. *hopes that they are* but I can’t find out! :-/ If I can’t see it, then I will start to cry and not know what to do with myself! I even skipped work last year just to watch it, so I am so willing to do anything just to watch it! Especially since I missed the semi-finals last year, which honestly was one of the most tragic moments of my life!

What do I do:?: