2010-03-27 21.38.25

So I participated. We went down to our breaker in the basement and turned off everything. As it turns out, we didn’t use one single Watt during the full hour. We went for a walk around our community to see who (if any) participated, and it seems that we were the only ones visibly doing it. You can see in the above image our house (or rather you can’t see) because we’re powered down!

2010-03-27 21.14.49

We took a route through the old part of the town, and in front of the former mayor’s house, seen above. Although you can’t see it, it was as bright as during the day. Very disappointing. I guess we will have to wait for the results to see how the rest of the country did. I guess the hicks in my town (majority of the 85,000 people) didn’t get the memo, but it also seems that not many did as publicity for the even has been pretty confined to a short blurb on the radio on Friday.