So I’ve discovered that I really only have energy to do things on certain days, for example; yesterday I came home and I was right to work being a diligent little worker-bee, but today I come home and I just want to crash a million different places because I’m so exhausted from everything, despite having done next to nothing today other than going to class.

I went to Bridge Street Café today with Ginette, and had some hot chocholate which was nice, but disgustingly overdone compared to normal standards for me, so I was quite disturbed by the condition that it was in with all the whipped cream and such. Ginette was flirting with the bar-guy-thingie, but it wasn’t working as he much seemed more interested in me. 8| This always seems to be the case, and I don’t know whether to be disturbed or just plain thankful?

In any case I went to Stylistique today and I could do everything but be right. I just about made a mistake for every single question I answered, and even to a point when Dr. Boehringer completely didn’t listen to me when I read something out. I was a little bit disturbed and offended that she just seemed to “black out” but alas, I just kept quiet for the rest of the lesson; better off that way than making myself seem like a fool, or at least even more of a fool.

Tonight is Ugly Betty, and Grey’s Anatomy night, so I’m heading over chez Rosheen, Alyson, Molly, Brittney, Crystal, and Ann for the big TV-stuff. My only night of TV must be cherished as it’s the best show’s on telivision, but I’m horribly hungry and don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I figure that starvation is next to godliness, or something. :crazy:

Crazy sentance of the day: Menetät terveytesi lähitulevaisuudessa, jos ryyppäät niin paljon

That’s right biatches, you heard it; and from me first, which makes it that much more awesome. In other news, today was the first day of the year that I didn’t see my stalker, aka octapus boy so I’m absolutely extatic in all possible ways. I don’t know what to do with myself but raise my arms in triumph, so I will; believe me! XX(