dominican republic

Cliché Canadians (as if there is anything but…)

I’ve seen some recent photos on Facebook from some of my former colleagues, and I just have to make some general comments about Canadians and their cliché traveling habits. The Dominican Republic, albeit probably pretty, is such a horribly cliché place to go. It’s Hispanic, and the only place that you can fly to without a passport these days; thus tons of Canadians go there. In addition to that it’s cheap, and that makes it, in my eyes, really the worst place to go. If I were them I’d want to go to St Nevis, or St Kits, Guadeloupe or Martinique. At least then you can feel important going through customs and immigration with a passport. Yes that’s right you small-town Canadians without passports, I said it!

If you’ve never gone through customs (US Border Crossing doesn’t count), then you’re lame and your lameness needs to be remedied very quickly. If you haven’t gotten you passports yet, you probably should otherwise you will be stuck in small-town Canada for the rest of your life. Wait, after having written that, you don’t even need to get a passport because chances are you won’t leave anywyas. Bwahaha! I am so mean.

Anyways, bottom line I’m sick of seeing the same boring “lets get drunk and learn Spanish words for beer” photos. Cliché and quite tacky, especially considering people clearly don’t know what the hell to wear when they go on holidays. Rainbow coloured moo-moos, Hawaiian shirts an the like are unaccepted methods of dressing oneself. Learn by watching fashion shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and you will learn monumental lessons that will serve you better in the future.

Also, pick a new hoildays destination.. Mexico doesn’t count. 🙂

República Dominicana

If there is anything more annoying that constantly hearing about how all people go to the Dominican Republic, it would surprise me greatly. This is a very touristy spot, especailly for Canadians, who don’t need a passport. It’s the only place that they can go without one, so naturally due to their incredible lazyness, they all go there.

What is so special about it really? It’s just a sunspot in the Carribean, that isn’t too exciting if you ask me. The countless times that people go, mostly numerous in the span of a few years, makes me think that Canadians are a lot more stupid than I thought. Maybe I’m just being biased, but seriously people, there are much better places to go? Why not go to Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Maartan, St. Kits, or Aruba for a little bit more culture instead of living in a compound to protect you from the poverty-stricken areas that border Haïti and plague the island in general.

I’m just saying…

In any case, if I have to hear people get excited about it a little bit more, I think I’m actually going to loose it, and shit is going to hit the fan; fo’ shizzle!