So what does Osky have to do with an afernoon off and nothing to do on a Friday evening? Well go out of course. Us Strasbourgeois people decided to get together and have some sangria last night, which was clearly a good idea because I missed that awesomly fruity stuff. In any case, I showed up at 22.00 thinking that I was late, but I was the first one so I was naturally a freak.

We went to Duckies after some heated conversations about Strasbourg and such so it was awesome. It’s a lot bigger of a bar than I thought but wanna know the best part? I walked out of it without smelling like shit for the first time ever! Even though I won’t cause that’s gross, I could potentially recycle those clothing from last night. Cool eh?

Anyways, went to meal hall this morning and binged and met some people. I finally met Guri from Norway and we talked quickly as I was leaving which was nice finally but much more time is needed to really see how she’s doing. I ran into that other guy from Sweden the other night too, Chako, but I didn’t have time to talk to him so it was just small talk.

I’m avoiding Makealia in the music department, because she’s from Jönköping and therefore I won’t understand a word she’s saying. Apart from that yay go everything. Just watching Youtube videos today about the Denmark vs. Sweden UEFA Qualifying match. Ps: Heja Sverige! Denmark is sketchy with their sketchy fan attack on 02/06/2007. Sketchy, McSketch