Over my last four years at Mt. Allison University I’ve taken a variety of courses, of all which has made me grow as a person, and of course as a student. I would like to now, reflect on each of these years, outlining what courses I took. It’s been a long road, but now it’s done!

First Year:

Classics 1641: Classical Mythology: The Hero’s Quest (Leslie Shumka)
Computer Science 1611: A Survey of Computer’s and it’s Applications (Art Miller)
French 1700: Intermediate French (Christina Ionescu)
History 1601: The New Nations in North America (Penny Bryden)
Music 1101: Materials of Music I (Ian Crutchley)
Music 1111: Materials of Music II (Ian Crutchley)
Physics 1001: Astronomy (Brian Hawkes)
Political Science 1000: Introduction to Political Science

Second Year:

French 2401: Langue et lectures (Christina Ionescu)
French 2501: Introduction à la Composition (Christina Ionescu)
French 2601: Introduction à l’Analyse Littéraire (Christina Ionescu)
German 2351: German Culture and History 1870 to the Present (Rainer Hempel)
Lingusitics 2001: Introduction to the Study of Language (Wendy Burnett)
Music 1201: Music History and Literature I (Elizabeth Wells)
Music 1211: Music History and Literature II (Gayle h. Martin)
Music 2101: Materials of Music III (Gary Tucker)
Music 2111: Materials of Music IV (Gary Tucker)
Music 3421: Introduction to Instrumental Conducting (Jana Starling)

Third Year (à Strasbourg):

L’Expression Écrite (Maryse Sauvaget)
L’Expression Orale (Alain Stumpert)
La Composition Orale (Alain Stumpert)
La Composition Orale (Rachel Théolade)
La Composition Écrite (Laure Clémens)
La Clarité Orale (Alain Stumpert)
La Déversité Lingusitique (Jean-Paul Meyer)
La Phonétique (Jean-Pierre Zerling)
L’Histoire du Monde (Jean-Philippe Grille)
Les Institutions Politiques Françaises (Marc Miesse)
Les Institutions Éuropéennes (Witold Raczka)
La Littérature du XIXè Siècle (Laurence Schmoll)
La Philosophie Française (Pierre Schoettel)

Fourth Year:

French 3411: La Révolution Française (Johanna Danciu)
French 3501: L’Époque de Romantisme (Valérie Narayana)
French 3601: Le Début du Vingtième Siècle (Mark Lee)
French 3811: Texte et Image (Christina Ionescu)
French 3851: La Représentation des Femmes à Travers des Siècles (Monika Boehringer)
French 3861: Les Portraits de la Littérature Québecoise (Kirsty Bell)
French 4001: Stylistique (Monika Boehringer)
French 4011: Techniques de la Traduction (Valérie Narayana)
Music 3301: Vocal Methods (Helen Pridmore)
Music 3311: Elementary Methods (Nancy Vogan)
Music 4311: Secondary Methods (Nancy Vogan)
Music 4669: Choral Society (Gayle h. Martin)