Toronto Sun Article: Campaign to sell Camilla

Thoughts on the monarchy; prompted by this article that I found in the Toronto Sun (which I’d like to state is not a newspaper that I normally read). Selling Camilla; seems like a realistic move for the current Crown Prince Charles. I can’t believe that I’m saying this but as a sort-of-feeling Canadian I have a right to an opinion. I’m a huge fan of constitutionally monarchy, and when it comes to the House of Windsor, I’m lovin’ Queen Elizabeth II. She’s fantastic, and I dread the day that she dies and her son takes over. I can’t imagine coins having his face on them.

The bottom line is that the paper actually brings up a good point. The government, and taxpayers are paying $700’000 per day to keep them here and move them around on a tour. Why can’t they pay themselves? I don’t like Charles and I certainly don’t like Camilla.

The the Queen save our souls! The last thing we need is another x-number of years with a king and the masculine-ineptitude continued from history.