I can’t help but notice that when I look at my blog stats there are large discrpancies in regards to how many visits it gets, how many entries there are, and how many (or lack thereof) comments have been posted. So what drives you to click that comment button when you visit a blog?

Is it due to it’s length? Is it due to it’s contents? Does it depend on how easy it is to comment (credential-wise) and such? Do you only comment on people’s blogs whom you know?

I gander a guess here, wondering what it possibly could be, but given the lack of commenting that I’ve experienced over the years I can’t help but wonder?

Personally I comment on any blog that I have something to say on, whether it’s praising someone, or adding to a discussion. I’m not fussy about credentials, but it certainly helps when a blog is integrated with another one of my online profiles.

Share what you think, if you dare!