carte de séjour

Back to normal… as normal as normal can be

So after the last few days of sleeping, classes, and more sleeping I suppose I’ve gotten back to a normal routine. The heating in my room does not function, what a surprise?! And on top of this I still haven’t gotten a request for heath appointment for my carte de séjour, so I’m still illegial. Go team illegial residence in Europe! I will go on Wednesday to the Prefecture to sort it out since it’s the only day where I have time. Apart from that, spending large sums of money on food to restock up, and getting settled has been good. Teachers are shocked to hear I was in a hurricane, and my French was a little rusty along (oddly) with my English, which had hardly been used in three weeks.

I’ve been informed that this Saturday, also known as tomorrow, Scott and Laura are having a conjoined birthday party celebration since their birthdays were on New Years, and obviously nobody could celebrate. It will also be a celebration party for most people who finished exams on Friday in the Erasmus programme. I’m an honourary Erasmus student so I qualify for all the awesome perks, like events! I will have to find golf attire, since they insist that there are tons of people in theme. This could be a struggle as I’m already struggling with clothings, but we shall see.

Also Charlotte took me out shopping during the huge sales here in Strasbourg to get some pairs of jeans since I’m struggling and I want something more ‘fitted.’ I found two really nice pairs which are a little small but they are great, and they actually fit and together only costed 40€ which is an amazing buy. 40% off each of them, and they make me look better too as opposed to dirty and boring! I am still in search of a ‘fitted’ top to make me hot, but the only thing that fit and wasn’t too large was 69€ and quite frankly I’m not forking out that much money for a bloody shirt. Maybe thirty, but that’s about it and it better be a nice damned shirt for that! The search goes on.

European Union

Got up early and met Ginette to go to the EU offices today on their open house day. Little did we know that the trams and busses were free today, but of course we bought our tickets BEFORE it all worked, so we were pissed. Oh well! We got there and went through security and saw tons of cool stuff! The opening is so open and I can totally imagine myself walking in and out of an office like that on a daily basis! The gift shop was much too expensive, so I avoided that, but we went upstairs and looked at some cool things, an then found the jackpot. The Council of Europe’s Room, just like the UN but not the Parliament! So we took pictures of us sitting in the desks and noticed how amazing it was.

We went upstairs and found the Council of Members room, so we went in there and took pictures of ourselves at our countrie’s desks which was amazing. Too bad that the building isn’t used more often, and only 4 times a year! Seems like such a waste for such a beautiful building. I tried to educate her about flags and country names as we took a rest (her feet hurt – duh), and then we saw those British people again! We didn’t want to move so we just waved and they ignored us, and then we saw Mathieu who was complaining that he got ditched, but then he left, and we walked around and it started to poar rain. We wanted to go to ‘Palais des Droits des Hommes’ but it was raining so we dashed for the bus stop and waited for an hour for the bus, after not getting on a couple (stupid me). Oh well, we got out and came back to residence again in the rain and decided to relax for the afternoon.

We found Charlotte who moved in, while on our quest to get food. My quiche I bought a few days ago wasn’t very good and I ate the crust; we couldn’t figure out how to work the ‘microwave thing’ or the stove with didn’t turn on! So after filling Charlotte in on some things, we parted ways and I am trying to get my ‘carte de séjour’ papers together in preperation for tomorrow. Our placement test is at 08.30 so we are metting at 07.50 to walk over, and after that (if it’s not done all at the same time) we do our carte de séjour. I want to set up my bank at BMP Paribas before the end of the week with Dr. Lee, as I don’t want to get sketched out by people pressuring me in French. Don’t know what I will do tonight, but I might sleep early, and I hope that I get a visit from someone (not likely).

On a side note. French people are weird. They look really nice from afar and look like they have no imperfections, but then when you get close to them they have bags under their eyes too and they are just like everyone else, just a lot more trendy. This makes me feel a lot better about myself, however I do need some new pants as the ones I have are too big, and I seemed to have lost weight (and will continue to do so). Also a girl next to me finally moved in, and she’s with another friend all the time. I think she’s Turkish, but all I know is that she smells really bad and a smell emenates from her room. Am I judging? Partly, but I won’t judge her character until I meet her, if at all.